Monday, March 5, 2012

Last day in Tokyo (a temporarily forgotten post)

It's a very strange experience for me, having so much blog material that i have to spread it out over several days! And so many drafts that i forget about some of them, including this one.
I'm just gonna enjoy it, cause it's probably not gonna last, and before long i'll be back to posting instagram pictures and ranting about how i can't seem to find a nice apartment.
For that, i apologize in advance!

It's Monday and for that reason alone i feel like the blog needs some serious prettiness, and for me, that usually means either Lucifer or Japan, so guess what, you get another Canon AE-1 Tokyo post!

Our last day in Tokyo was exactly like a last day in Tokyo should be.
We had time to go out for breakfast, hang at Ink Rat, get films developed, blog (yes, i even blogged) and walk around Shinjuku, Nakano and KĊenji for hours.
We picked up negatives and bought tons of film at Yodobashi Camera, used up the points on our point card at Tokyu Hands, had coffee and milk tea at Excelsior on Broadway, and still made it back home in time to pick up Hata and go out for a nice farewell dinner.* And the weather was just perfect.
There's almost nothing better than having a relaxed and sunny last day, you know?
We ended up going to bed much later than planned, and got almost no sleep, but we'd already packed and cleaned the apartment, so besides having to get up super early, there was nothing to stress about.

 Shinjuku west

Florist in the passage to the south side

Times Square in the sun

I feel like calling Fruits magazine...

Rilakkuma madness! 

Nakano Broadway

Pretty, pretty alleys of Tokyo

At Himono-ya, which just might be our new favorite izakaya

I do love the fake-old decor

Hata doesn't exactly look pleased, but he loved it too

 After dinner we met up with Crystal and went out for beer (for some) and tea (for me) at Yonchome Cafe

Spotted this blurry kitty on the way home

Next day at Narita, eating semi-disgusting airport food

 Always allowed, always encouraged 

I took my last color film (or Allan did) to another photo place closer to our house, and they said it'd take them until Thursday. I think Allan dropped them off on Friday, and so if it really ends up taking them that long, i am never using that place again. It's the problem with living in the digital age; not being used to waiting to see results. I want them back now, dammit!

*Rei left for Osaka earlier that day, so he didn't come with us


  1. Amazing pictures. Your post make me want to visit Japan even more. 

  2. What is Fruits Magazine? Regardless I love those platform Chuck Taylors, haha!

    Lovely photos :)

  3.  Thanks! I'm glad they do, it's well worth a visit.

  4. Fruits is the magazine that started the whole streetstyle phenomenon (as far as i know anyway, i remember them being first) of taking snaps of regular people with great style. Or funny, depending on taste i guess, but i love them too!

  5. I love the excitement of getting a film back, but that is just too long! Don't they realise we have needs?!

  6. Giulia Frederica DardaniMarch 5, 2012 at 7:48 PM

    aww pics!!i want to fly to japan now!! :)

  7. I love my Fruits magazines [hate how much they cost to import!]

    your photos are beautifully shot, my favourite is the alleyway, just something about the lighting of the sky and the bright signs. you're very talented miss!

  8. I'm really loving all of these Japan posts (as well as all the non-japan posts of course!).  The pictures are fab too!  Can't wait to see more from your next trip!  Apologies for the excessive use of exclamation marks but I've just had a rather large cup of coffeeeee (!!!!!)

  9. Such beautiful pictures!  You really captured Tokyo and I can't wait for my trip!

  10.  Thanks so much! I'm pretty happy with this film too. I hope my Copenhagen films won't be too boring compared to Tokyo!
    I love Fruits too, but i buy it in Japan. I don't even wanna think about how much it'd cost to get to Denmark!

  11.  Exactly! I actually have a place that does it same day, but i took it elsewhere because i'd shot a 1600 film on 800 and i wasn't sure my guy could work around that. next time i'll be less paranoid and take it to him!

  12.  Haha, exclamation marks are awesoooome!!!!!

  13.  You're going soon? Exciting!

  14. I love every single photo of Japan ever. It's always interesting. 

  15. amalie, i like the pictures! i also live in copenhagen and am trying to find a good, quick place to get my colour film developed...the lab in nannasgade is great, but i find them to be quite expensive. do you mind sharing your tip?

  16. Hi Julia, thanks!
    My friend suggested By's foto on Frederiksborggade and that's where i got these developed. I had them within a few hours, and the price for negatives and cd (no prints) was around 64 kr i think.