Sunday, January 29, 2012

Why my leg burns...

I really am way too tired to blog, but since Nick already did a post, i had too as well.

Today was Sascha and Anki's last day here. It was also the first real snow day!
We got up relatively early, for a Sunday, got in the car, picked up Nick and headed for the flea market.
It's been so long since we'd been there last and damn! They'd gotten some good stuff! We bought a bunch of awesome things for home and shop, but i'll do a post with them, and our weekend with the Germans, later.
When our feet had reached near-frostbite status, we went back to the shop where something unlikely and super special happened: i got tattooed by Nick!

I can't say how many years we've been talking about this, or how many ideas i've gone through before this one, but the tattoo i ended up getting has been in the works for over a year.
I was supposed to get it last January, on the day we did our WotW tattoos, but we ran out of time.
And good thing we did, cause what we ended up doing today is just perfect!

Allan developed pictures in our new photo lab while Nick tattooed me, and we had a super nice day. And i'm happy to say that my nerves were within acceptable parameters. I think getting drawn in for two hours prior to getting tattooed helps calm a person down too!
Ok, enough talk, i'm watching Trek and eating chocolate and you probably just wanna see a picture anyway!

 Catching dream catchers?

The dream catcher was totally Nick's idea by the way! Isn't it awesome?
I love how we were both completely on the same page about all of this!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Antlers, antlers, antlers

Before therapy today, i sat down and did some writing. Some "just-for-me" writing, which i almost never do because i always have two blogs and two twitter accounts to update, and a million emails to answer too.
But it felt so good, i think i'm gonna try to do that at least once a week or so.
Not a diary, but just... writing.

Therapy was great, by the way.
I was in kind of a crappy mood earlier (ok, a really crappy mood), but now i feel energized and content.
It's just a theory, but i think my crappy mood, and a general feeling of depression i've had for a few days, may have been caused by all the drinking and junk food eating i did this weekend. Being off sugar and fatty stuff for weeks only to turn around and eat nothing but that for a few days can't be fun for the body. So i'm happy to report that i am back in healthy land again!
For dinner; wholegrain pitas stuffed with all kinds of veggies and quinoa and quorn chicken, and for snacks; nuts and raisins. Yeah, that's more like it.

I haven't taken a single picture today, not even for instagram, and wow, do you have any idea how rare that is for me? Anyway, we wouldn't want a post with no pictures, so here are some more from Friday's Burlesque Party Extravaganza!


And my long-ass ponytail!

Silly Mille after about two bottles of champagne


Hello Sofie!

I don't know what's going on here, but whatever it is, i approve

 My husband is cooler than your husband

No, really, he is

 Hunter and prey?

The first of many group phots

 Lucifer got to pose in a few of them too

How we really felt!

 I call this series "attack of the fancy forest creatures"!

I'll post a few more from the party another time when i have no current photos to post.
It's nice to have backups!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

One of those posts where i use the word "awesome" a little too much

I am pooped, you guys.
I can't even remember why i thought me blogging would be a good idea, since i can barely focus on watching my Trek!
But i'm gonna try and finish this before i nod off anyway.

Back in November when Sarah was here, i'd made a custom hat for her, and as payment, we decided to do a trade, fascinator for tattoo. I love trading, but who doesn't!?

((Oh man, i just zoned out there for a minute, Dax is totally hitting on Worf and let's not even start on the chief and major Kira!))

Anyway! Long story short, as i wrote on Sunday, Sarah was back for a few, short days, and on monday, the other first day of the new year, i got my first tattoo of 2012.
And it is awesome.
In fact, Sarah's whole visit has been awesome. Lots of good food, good times, massive amounts of Star Trek and even some antiquing, and that's basically the stuff awesome is made of!

((Damn, that episode was so good, i'm gonna watch it again with Allan right now!))

(1. Sarah and Lucifer having a moment... was this Sunday? I can't even photoshop pictures in order, i'm so tired 2. I tried not to let it ever happen, but it did, i finished it 3. Saturday night hangover junk food bonanza! 4. Tattoo time! 5. My pretty moth tattoo, about an hour later... isn't he fantastic? 6. Later that night, fun with nail polish! 7. Walking to the shop in the beautiful weather 8. A few of our antique finds: matching belts of total awesomeness!)

I don't know, but i think i might like this way of posting my instagram pictures; randomly whenever i feel like it, better than the weekly-turned-monthly approach.
Let's face it, i'm just not a "features" person!

And now, because i never posted a picture of it here on the blog, Sarah's hat!

And the other side...

... and one of Jacqueline wearing it... pretty! 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday sneak peek

Yesterday we were on the couch all day.
All day.
Some of us felt worse than others.
Me, i was one of the lucky ones. Just a little dizziness and a general feeling of having had way too much champagne.
Mille was on the couch with us until she felt well enough to get in a taxi, and later Sarah came and took her spot for Trek and junk food night.
Oh, sweet junk food, you were needed.

Today has been more productive. We've been cleaning all day because i read that that's what you're supposed to do before Chinese new years. I'm superstitious and i don't want to piss of no dragon with my dirty apartment!
It's nice now, ready for another night on the couch, hopefully with a few more people and some more good foods.

Oh, the sneak peek part!
Yes, we were fancy on Friday. Fancy i tell ya!
Here, see for yourself.

After fake hair, before fake lashes

 Me and chief yodels-at-boobs

Fluffy tails!

Three bottles of champagne before ever leaving the house is about two too many... if you were wondering

More pictures soon!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

On the subject of babies

Yesterday i had a bad day.
I was depressed.
Like, without the anxiety, which i haven't had much of this year, thank god, just depressed.
The can't-get-out-of-bed-cries-for-no-reason kind of depressed.
I don't feel like that often, but it is winter and it is dark and i am a sensitive girl, so when things don't go my way, i guess it's only natural that i get sad.

But i didn't start writing a blog post about being sad, because, well, that's no fun!
I started writing this because my day got better, and because i have something on my mind.

See, i went on a journey last night. A journey that took me and Lucifer outside the city, by public transportation, no less (which by the way is crazy expensive, but that's a rant i won't bore you with here) to my brothers house where we were to properly meet my new nephew!

Little Gilbert (again, such a badass name) was asleep when we got there, and stayed that way for hours, but that was fine; he was still cute to look at, and it gave Lucifer a chance to play with Carla, and me a chance to hang out with my family. But after we'd had dinner, they finally woke him up, and boy did he get even cuter!
He was farting and pooping (loud pooping!) and sneezing and crying and making faces and all those things i assume babies normally do, that i am only now finding interesting.
And i got to hold him; something i have been looking forward to ever since he arrived.

It's weird, all of a sudden finding a baby interesting (seriously, those tiny feet are just amazing and weird and amazing!), and i don't think many girls my age would be able to sit with one that she's that closely related to without wondering... is this for me? Do i see this in my future?

I don't usually write about anything that personal... i mean, of course i write about personal stuff all the time, but to me this is like a whole other level of personal, but i'm mentioning it anyway because i am sick of people asking.
No, i am sick of people thinking it's ok to ask.
"So, when are you two gonna have some babies" is a question i have been asked by countless friends, relatives, co-workers and, oddly enough, mostly complete strangers, pretty much since the day me and Allan got married, and i have resented it every time.
What makes people think that's an ok question to ask someone?
Do you also ask strangers about their salary, medical history, whether they have an embarrassing rash, what their favorite sexual position is, if they fight a lot with their partner, if they're scared of death?
Maybe, but i sure as hell don't and i've never been asked any of those questions by a stranger, so it can't be that common. But the baby one is.

I often wonder how i would feel if i was infertile and someone asked me, in that annoying playful tone of theirs, if it isn't about time we had some kids?
Cause they don't know, do they?
I could be. For all they know, we could have been trying for years with no luck, and they could ask me that, and i could die a little on the inside every time, and i would probably go home and cry and feel like an incomplete human being, just because some stranger doesn't grasp the concept of smalltalk.
It could very well be a touchy subject, and in some ways, in my marriage, it is.
One of us is deeply undecided and confused, and the other one would be happier if the subject of children never came up again, ever. So as you can maybe guess, that question has given us some awkward moments over the years. Moments we've then been forced to share with people we don't know.
Which is just great, right?
Yeah, everyone loves having an awkward private moment in public!

So, i guess what i'm trying to say, on behalf of myself and all my childless sisters* out there, is...
it's none of your fucking business!

I don't like it when people assume i'm gonna have kids, and i think it's equally offensive when they assume i'm not gonna have kids (maybe even more because, hey, nice of you to call me old, asshole!)
Maybe it's just the reckless assumption-making that's pissing me off?
But somehow i think not.
In conclusion; people need to mind their own business.

Ok, angry rant over, back to Gilbert!
He really was a sweet and mellow little dude, who by the way looks so much like my brother as a baby it's freaky, and i really hope i'll get to see him again soon.
Those little suckers change and grow so fast and i don't wanna miss it just because we don't like in the same city anymore.
And you guys, i am gonna buy so much crap for this guy in Japan!

Getting his diaper changed was no fun

Being held by grandma, on the other hand, was totally fine

Gilbert in various stages of consciousness... and Gilbert sneezing!

*This goes out to all the single girls too. Although i have been married since forever, i understand just how sucky it must feel to be asked why you're still not in a relationship, like that's anyones business.
But i know that sadly, this is kind of a common question too.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Don't you just hate it when...

I was playing around with the look of the blog, since i finally had the time for it (also, new year, new design, right?) when my photoshop started being a total jerk.
Even Allan, who's way more of a wiz than me, can't make it perform the simple tasks i need it to perform.
So yeah, if everything looks a little unfinished and like i did it in five minutes, it's because it is and i did!

Maybe in a few days i'll try again, but until then, please excuse the mess.

It's not that i've having, like, a super bad day.
I mean, i made soup, and soup day is always kind of great, and i found a fake ponytail for the party on Friday...
But today we found out that the last apartment that we looked at, and liked, was not given a green light by our man-in-the-know.*
It's better to know now, than to have ones rent jacked up in two years, but that doesn't really make me feel any better right now.
It's just... it was really pretty and i wanted to live there, and if i can't have a pretty apartment, at least my photoshop should work!!

You know what? I'm just gonna go to bed now.


*Meaning, a nice neighbor of my parents who's in real estate.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Catching up time

It's Sunday night and i'd say we've had a pretty amazing weekend.

On Friday i had to go home due to a mild case of food poisoning.* One minute i was fine, the next i was losing my lunch and breakfast in the staff toilet. I can't even remember the last time i threw up before this, so i was more surprised than anything!
I know this doesn't sound like an amazing start to the weekend, but to me it was. See, i don't think i've ever in my adult life had a bad food reaction that wasn't followed by a panic attack turning bad into worse, but you guys; this time i stopped it. Like, with the power of my mind, just talked myself right out of panicking.
I'm not saying i'm cured of anxiety, but this was a huge step for me, and because of that, i spent my night on the sofa with a weak stomach, but still feeling stronger than ever.

Saturday we had a sushi date! Yes, my husband invited me out, and apparently it had been too long since we'd been to Bento last, cause the whole family gave us a hard time for not coming by more often! I guess we have to go back there soon. I felt a little nervous before going, not knowing if i was gonna be able to eat normally or not, but the food was delicious and my stomach was better already.
After dinner we went by the movie theater to pick up popcorn and took them home on the couch for movie night. It's always funny to see how people stare at us when we come riding, two on one bike, and the person in front (me), is laughing and trying to eat the popcorn with no hands before they fly out of the bucket.
I live for these moments.

Today we went to the shop to get a lesson in photo developing from the photographer who sold us most of our equipment, and to meet up with our partners in burlesque partying, Mille and Sofie, for some costume planning. We're so excited to start using the photo room, and the fitting went great too, it was especially fun to see us all in the hats i've been making for the occasion!

Right now, it's Trek time on the couch.
I've had Thai food and ice cream already, so i don't think i can squeeze in anymore snacking before it's back to eating healthy again... well, maybe just a few peanuts.

 (1. I'm working my ass off, but unfortunately it's still there! 2. Ready for a date night in the first mismatched clothes that fell out of the closet 3. Handsome hubby at Bento 4. Riding to the shop in the sun!)

*Turns out, fake bacon is not leftover lunch material after all.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Good news, bad news, no news

We came to work early this morning to go see an apartment in the neighborhood.
It was one of those viewings that leaves you even more confused and undecided than you were before seeing it.
I loved it, but did i love it enough? It wasn't perfect, but is anything ever perfect?
The kitchen was so beautiful, but with a lot less cupboard space than we have now. There were more rooms, and bigger rooms, but the bedroom was kinda small. There was no balcony, but a pretty great backyard... confusing stuff.
I don't know, and i'm gonna need to think about this some more. Allan too.
And can i just say that i hate the fact that being so desperate to move as i am, makes it impossible for me to see things for what they really are? I just want this, and i want it now, and i am beyond sick of people telling me that "these things take the time they need to take, and before you know it the right place will just magically appear and be worth the wait"... thanks, but i am familiar with all the cliche's and i don't need to hear them again.
I have been very patient and i have been sensible. Now i'm over it, and i want the next chapter to begin already.

Enough angry ranting, it's probably just rain and a serious lack of caffeine making me cranky!

In more awesome news, my etsy shop is finally having a January sale!
Most items (except really new ones) are on sale, many at almost half price.
So please go check it out, and feel free to tweet or post a link or whatever if you wanna be extra sweet.

Etsy shop on the shop computer... no, it's not really that dark in here, but it's damn close

 This little dude is 40% off this month

I think another thing that really bothers me about this whole apartment hunting thing ( i guess i wasn't quite done ranting)  is how little i am going to get out of my money and efforts in this city.

Let me explain; every day i see pictures on my friends blogs and instagrams of the places they live. Some in warmer climates and some in cold ones like mine, but so many of them live in or around beauty. Lakes, mountains, forests, open spaces, clear skies. And that's just the ones who live close to the country. There are city dwellers too, of course, but even they have more spacious, more awesome apartments that cost less than half the price of mine, in far more interesting places than what i'm striving for. Which is just plain Nørrebro, Copenhagen.
Rent in Copenhagen is so, so high, and apartments in the city cost a fortune, and for what?
A better spot in a city i don't even love that much?
Some days i truly feel that the only reason i live here is because i happened to be born here, and just stuck around.
I'm telling you, if it wasn't for our wonderful and finally finished shop, i'm not sure i'd stick around much longer.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Two pages of good intentions

One of my 12 (+1) new years resolutions, i believe it's number one actually, was to continue one of the better habits i picked up in 2011: exercise.
The goal is to work out a minimum of four times a week.
It doesn't matter if it's 10 minutes of pilates or an hour of yoga, as long as i get something done besides the 20-30 minutes i already spend on my bike daily.
Not too unrealistic, but still challenging for a couch potato like me.
So far it's all happening in my living room with the help of my usual workout dvd's, but i am actually considering joining a gym, so i have somewhere to just run if i feel like it.*
I took a short break over new years, but starting January 3rd, i got back into it, and i've been doing good since then, and i'm actually feeling really proud of myself for once.

I decided, after writing down my resolutions, that in January, two of the four days should be Jillian Michaels days, and i've been sticking to that too, even though that woman kills me!
Her and her damn perky evil minions... grrr...
Anyway, the thing is, i'm not just doing the exercise thing because of anxiety and general well-being, although those are still the main reasons.
No, i also want to drop a few pounds (hopefully at least one before next Friday when i'll basically be wearing underwear in public). I wanna feel pretty, dammit, and i wanna be happy with my body before we're off to Japan where i can finally shop, something most of you know i rarely do in Copenhagen.
But i realized that if i wanted to lose weight, i'd have to change more than my workout routine, and so, as i mentioned in the previous post, i'm slowly changing my eating habits too.
And here's the great thing about this exercise crap; besides feeling good and having more energy, it motivates you to change things you maybe couldn't before. All of a sudden i don't really wanna eat so much junk food and that made changing the way i eat a lot easier.

Again, it's nothing too drastic, just cutting out some processed foods, sugar, and carbs like white bread and maybe potatoes (i haven't decided on potatoes and tomatoes yet, Sam!). And dairy too, i guess, which isn't a huge problem since i don't eat that much cheese to begin with. I cut out caffeine a while ago, thank god, cause quitting that and sugar at the same time would have been hell (for everyone)!
I wonder if changing my diet wouldn't have been a lot easier if i wasn't a vegetarian, but really, the only thing i'm really missing so far is chocolate and popcorn, and the occasional sandwich.
I'm sure it'll get worse, and i'm not gonna be super strict about this either.
I'll continue to practice my yearlong "anything-is-allowed-on-weekends" philosophy, but i hope that with the sugar gone on weekdays, i'll see some results anyway.

I already had one little victory today: i could fit my black leggings-jeans from Uniqlo that have always been a bit too tight for me. Total success. If fitting into really small skinny jeans isn't motivating, i don't know what is!

 Uhm, i sometimes forget that i have a good and a bad side now... oh well, jeans!

There was a lot more to the new years resolutions list than this, obviously since there where about 12 of them, but maybe i'll write about some of them some other time.
Now, i'm gonna get the blu-ray (is that even how you spell it? It looks wrong) warmed up, so i can be ready to start season three of DS9 as soon as Allan comes home!

*Cause you know i'll never become one of them, the Joggers of Copenhagen.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I'm planning on staying off some bread and other stuff for a while, so I'm glad we got to have a pizza night on Sunday before that. It had been way too long. Maybe I can get my hands on some crazy gluten-free-super-healthy-power-flour or something, so i can keep having pizza? Nah, it's the real deal or nothing at all.

 Good dough

 This got delivered to my door this morning, it's a late Christmas present from my sweet parents, and i am looking forward to trying it out*

*I may even make an exception to my own rules and read the manual for this one!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pinecones and pearls

I gotta say; cutting back on cigarettes and kicking his 40-minute-shower habit has turned Nick in to an exemplary house guest. He was actually supposed to move on to the next friendly couch today, but we're having so much fun, we decided to keep him for a couple more days!
Having the whole Conspiracy gang together again is SO much fun, and today we even had Chriss at the shop too. Lucky us!

Besides doing regular shop work, and hanging out lots, i have mostly been barricaded in the drawing room for the better part of the last few days. I've been so preoccupied with making those antler hats i mentioned in the last post, that i almost can't think of anything else. It's awesome!
And it's going so well i might actually finish them tomorrow, way before my deadline. I did mention that i needed them for the dress up party, right? Well, i do, but the party isn't until the 20th, so we still have plenty of time to work on the rest of our costumes.
Anyway, about the hats,  i can't figure out if i wanna put them on etsy or not? It seems a little pointless since no one buys my crazy stuff, and i don't wanna sell them cheap (those antlers took forever!).
In situations like this, i wish i had my own little shop just for crap like this, where i could at least exhibit them in a cool way. On the other hand, owning one shop is kind of more than enough...

This is what my desk has looked like for days (i'm almost looking forward to cleaning it up tomorrow)

Three almost finished pieces

Oh, and my new years break from exercising is over!
I am back on the workout-dvd wagon and i have the achy thighs and back to prove it.
Feels good, though, and i'm still quietly hoping i'll be able to drop a few belly pounds before the 20th.
Not that i'm vain, noooo, not me, but no one likes to flaunt their potbelly in public. Do they?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The New Years post

New Years.
For me is usually all about partying. I rarely party so new years for me has always been a great excuse to dance, drink cocktails and be a little crazy*.
But, and i'm sure i speak for a ton of people here; new years is almost never the party it's supposed to be. Sure, sometimes it's fun, sometimes even great fun, but most times it's hardly even worth the hangover.

This winter i haven't really felt like keeping up with any traditions. I found it hard to get into the Christmas spirit and i really didn't feel like i needed the added pressure of new years, not this year.
Also, we weren't invited to anything that really sounded fun until the last minute, and so instead we decided to just skip it. Skip new years.
Yeah, about that...
That's not exactly how it worked out. I may not have been in the mood for traditions, but i couldn't just ignore them altogether either!
So we pretty much did what we usually do... for the most part; we dressed up nice (like i could resist my annual opportunity to wear hats and heels? Please...), we made a great dinner, we had sparklers, champagne, cocktails, the whole thing.
But we stayed home. Martin came over for dinner, and Helle, Michael and the kids came by for a quick glass of wine before they had to put the little rascals to bed.
 And, much to everyones surprise, Martin ended up staying with us till three in the morning!
We talked, listened to records, danced to lost of awesome 80's albums and drank.
It was everything i always look for in a great new years eve, and i found it in my own living room.

Me and Allan ended up staying up till past six, playing Guitar Hero, which is so, so hard to do when you're a little drunk, but also so much more fun!

Oh, and my outfit!
I wore a vintage dress i've had forever, leopard shoes that i've had even longer, and a really special hat i made in December, that i can't believe i didn't post here...?
I made it at the same time as the antler pieces (that i also haven't posted much about here for some reason), and, for once, it's more of a hat than a fascinator.
And the special part, besides that i think it turned out so awesome, is that i finally got to use this pretty vintage netting with a pretty bow, that one of Allan's clients gave me once.
And this hat... you guys, this hat just sits so well on the head, even in shitty thin hair like mine.
I danced, and at one point during the night even banged my head, and that shit just stayed put.
Actually, putting it like that, i don't think i really wanna sell this!

Allan was sweet to take a million pictures of me before our guests arrived, and because i like them, and i rarely ever have real, non-iPhone  pictures on the blog anymore, i'm just gonna go ahead post a bunch of them!
Imagine how much better this look would be if i had a nice hairdo, though? Sadly, i lack the patience, skills and hair quality to do that.
Maybe i should work on that in 2012... or just buy more wigs!

... i obviously didn't know about this one until i transferred the photos today...

The new year on instagram
(1. it was cold when we walked the dog in the afternoon 2. fancy 70s table 3. Helle and Kingston 4. awesome dinner and Martin 5. resting my sore feet 6. midnight 7.moments before slipping into sweatpants... 8. or in Allan's case, even less than that!)

The next day was spent watching Trek, nursing mild hangovers and eating a ton of leftovers... and of course, lots of cuddles

 *I drink two or three times a year, and i've almost come to look forward to my January 1st hangover.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Sooo, first post of the year, eh?

Oh hi guys!
How's 2012 treating you so far?
I don't wanna come off as too crazy optimistic (but i'm totally gonna anyway), but doesn't it already feel like it's gonna be the best year ever?
I had a great new years eve, and a great January 1st, so i'm pretty stoked already, but apart from that, this year just has a vibe of some kind, doesn't it? It just feels good and different and better than the previous year, or something.

Anywho, i would love to write more about our awesome new years eve, and i'm gonna; in fact the pictures have been uploaded already, but i can't right now.
Why? Because our BFF just got here, that's why!
Yes, Nick just landed this afternoon, and he's gonna be with us the whole month.
How can January not be awesome?

(1. Nick gets us up to date on his life the past 6 months 2. Souvenir! We're gonna use him to save up for our next Hong Kong trip 3. Allan listens and Lucifer nods off 4. Happy year of the dragon... soon!)

Ok, gotta go make burgers with the guys!
Happy new year everyone!