Friday, November 18, 2011

What matters most

Sorry for the recent lack of posts.
I feel bad for not blogging when i've been doing so well with regular posting (at least i think i have), but this time, something real got in the way.

Lucifer has been limping more than usual for a while, so a couple of weeks ago i booked a checkup appointment with the specialist who operated on his knees two years ago.
The clinic was busy, and so were we, so the appointment was actually gonna be today, but as you've probably guessed, that's not how it went down.

Late Tuesday night we noticed Lucifer licking his left knee, which had swelled up to a considerably larger size, and when we looked closer, we saw a little blood.
I went and got a cotton ball and something to clean it with, but when i cleaned it, the cotton kind of got stuck on something. We couldn't exactly see anything, but it was clear to us that a small piece of metal was sticking out of his leg....
No wonder he's been pulling his leg up!
I won't say i completely panicked, but my worrying (and Allan's snoring) kept me up for most of the night.

The next morning we called the clinic to ask if they could see him before our appointment, but of course Wednesday was the day the doctor wasn't at the clinic.
The receptionist told Allan to just make sure that Lucifer wasn't licking the spot, and to call back first thing Thursday morning to see if they could fit us in then.
So Lucifer spent the day wearing a cute little band aid on his little knee, which luckily didn't seem to bother him at all. And since the alternative would have been the cone of shame, he got off easy!
He wasn't in any pain, as far as we could tell, but we were still pretty freaked.

Allan called the clinic at 8.15 the next morning like they'd told him to, and was a little surprised when they said to come in with Lucifer at 9. The clinic is not in Copenhagen and even though we hurried, we got there a little late.
But they were nice, and the doctor decided to go ahead and operate on Lucifer right away.
We had to leave him there, in a little cage, and go back to the apartment to get our stuff and get ready for work. Ugh. I hated leaving him without being able to explain that everything was gonna be ok.

It was a long afternoon, waiting for them to call, and when they finally did, Allan turbo-wrapped his client (sorry, Joseph!) and we hurried out the door.
When Lucifer was operated on the first time, his recovery was long and hard. He was in a lot of pain, and he wasn't allowed to jump or run for two months! If you've met Lucifer you'll know that all he ever does is run and jump, so it was a hard time for all of us.
So that's pretty much what we were expecting to go through, but when we got there, the doctor told us that he'd been able to pull the pin out of Lucifer's leg through the skin. So no actual surgery had been necessary!
So the only thing we have to do is make sure he doesn't go too crazy with the jumping for the first couple of days, and give him some antibiotics (something they had to prescribe cause they gave him a much needed teeth cleaning too) and that's it.
We were so stoked. And Lucifer, who'd been awake for a long time, was stoked to see us.
He was well enough for us to go back to the shop to work some more, and other than throwing up a bit (and a rare indoor poop situation) he seems to be doing so well.

So yeah, we had a rough couple of days there, but our boy is gonna be fine!

The anesthesia had made him a little groggy, so he spent most of the night sleeping

While i waited for the clinic to call, i finished this cross stitch embroidery that i  started a year ago in Tokyo (it's a dark green fabric, by the way, if you can't tell)

I can't even begin to describe how good it felt to get Lucifer back after that whole experience.
There's nothing more frustrating and heartbreaking than having a sick little creature who doesn't understand what's going on, and who depends on you for protection.
Also, i may love my dog more than normal people do, but at least Allan is just as bad as me!


  1. There is nothing worse than when your pup is unwell, because they can't tell you what hurts and you can't tell them it'll be okay!  My little dog was sick the other week and seeing her just laying there, even when the postman came (!) was so hard.  I hope he gets better soon.  

  2. Mamalife. Det er hårdt, mand.
    Godt han har det godt igen, den lille energiraket! 

  3. Oh no! Poor little Lucifer! Isn't it sad/cute when they're all groggy from drugs? D'awwwww I'm glad you're such a good dog momma that you noticed his knee was bleeding, he has tiny knees.

  4. I'm so glad he's feeling better and won't have such a slow recovery process.  It's the worst feeling when I know my furry children are in pain or aren't feeling 100%.

  5. I'm glad he is ok! I'm the same way about my pets. 

  6. Gosh, I remember when he had his surgery. You made him little steps for the sofa - I can't believe thats been two years already!

    Glad he's gonna be ok :)

  7. I agree, it's the worst.

  8. Jep. Han er heldigvis sig selv igen.

  9. It is, i'm kinda glad i wasn't there for it this time. He was pretty much himself when we picked him up and didn't really get tired until we came back to the shop.

  10. Yeah, last time was a nightmare. He loves jumping and running and he doesn't understand when he's not allowed.

  11. Thanks, i'm relieved too.

  12. Me neither, it went by so fast.

  13. "Cone of shame" hahaha ^^

    He did look OK though