Friday, November 11, 2011

The ups and the downs

I've had a couple of good days this week. Like, really, really good ones.
Followed by a bad one.
It's to be expected, i know i still have a long way to go.
But at least now, when it hits me, i deal instead of panic.
It feels kinda good, while feeling super crappy, obviously.

Tomorrow we're going to the shop cause i need to finish a headpiece and we have a few shop renovations to take care of. The good kind, fortunately.
I was actually supposed to get tattooed, but that husband of mine keeps not drawing for it.
Maybe next weekend, if i'm lucky.

Walking Lucifer yesterday

 Where i've been all day today

Allan went to the movies, for the second night in a row.
I'm taking it easy, hanging on the couch with Lucifer and learning how to not feel guilty about that.


  1. Hvorfor er det, at man får dårlig samvittighed over de sjældne gange, man ikke laver en skid? Hmm, det må vi analysere på i morgen!

  2. hey, your hair looks really great this way!

  3. one bad day is better than two bad days, so it's a great start :) Hopefully soon it'll be a bad half day, followed by a bad hour, then no badness!

    such a gorgeous sunset!

  4. Meget mærkeligt.

  5. Thanks, i'm afraid it's accidental!

  6. Exactly, baby steps and then some day, hopefully, it'll be a thing of the past!

  7. I think you are definitely making progress. In the book I'm readying says "two step forward" "one step back" - its a dynamics of  the healing process :)

  8. that sunset is great!
    i've been there with the other stuff, don't worry, it will pass with time, just takes a little while.

  9. I agree with that for sure.

  10. Thanks, it was awesome in person too!
    I feel that even shitty times are good for something. I'm learning a lot about myself that i otherwise wouldn't have. So at least there's that!

  11. Hej Amalie. I've just got my hands on this book: Overcoming Anxiety for Dummies. It's written by two cognitive therapists and it's really good. It offers lots of exercices and information, giving almost instant relief:)
    Amazon sells it very cheap.
    No worries, we will beat that shit:P

  12. That sounds great, i'll be sure to check that out!