Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday cleaning

Oh, weekends, aren't you just the best?

Yesterday when Allan was at a show, i got a visit from Helle.
We ordered Japanese take out, watched a nature film and talked shit through. It was nice, i don't do the girl hangout thing very often.
After she left i watched a few episodes of Star Trek Voyager. It's never gonna own my heart like Next Generation, but i'm really starting to like it a lot.

Today has been mellow, but active. Just the way i like it.
Me and Allan gave the apartment a much needed cleaning and me and Lucifer went for a nice long walk.
I noticed that most other people walking around the lakes either talked about bank loans and interest, or work/school. Me and Lucifer mostly talked about birds and outdoor pooping.

Right now (well, not right now, but when i'm not at the computer) i'm trying to take pictures of clothes i want to sell. Yup, it's time to clean out my closet.
Like i mentioned in the first post on the subject, i'm considering selling my vintage clothes on etsy and my used but newer clothes on eBay, but i've been getting suggestions from people about putting it on the blog, and i'd really like your thoughts on that.
An option would be to dedicate a tab to stuff i have for sale?
Would anyone be interested in buying just via the blog and paypal, or do you prefer the eBay/etsy formats?
I assure you, my prices would be reasonable*, i just need to clean out my closet, not make a fortune!

 I spent a good 10 minutes this morning, trying to find the right angle to photograph Lucifer and my weekly coffee using the regular camera instead of the crappier front camera... the first three were mostly boobs and one dog ear (this is the one that i ended up using)

Sunday walk in pale sunlight

*Recently i've stopped buying vintage on eBay.
Sellers almost exclusively use "buy it now" and their prices are ridiculous.
Like, 98 dollars for a ragged poncho.
Even auctions start way higher instead of the 9.99 dollars people used in the good old days.
And etsy, while still awesome for handmade goods, is almost as crazy.
You see girls charging over 100 dollars for some cheap, vintage polyester dress from the 90's that they found in a thrift shop for a fraction of the price. I don't mind paying good money for something i really like, but it feels like sellers have forgotten what they're really selling. Used clothes.


  1. i love that top picture! tattoos, coffee, blankets, and dogs are all my favorite things! have a great (rest of the) weekend!!

  2. You're right, those are the good things in life right there!
    You have a nice Sunday too!

  3. Talking shit through and boob shot ftw!

  4. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now. Keep it up!

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  5. Haha, i'm glad we're all in agreement about the important things in life!

  6. And the boobs! Don't forget (the awesome!) boobs! :)

  7. Good ol' boobs. That's all I really took away from this post.

  8. i agree! that's why i sell my vintage clothing the way i would want to buy it. people have forgotten whats it means to find a treasure. they are on the "vintage is in" bandwagon.

  9. Totally. I don't mind paying a little more for a really special item, but seeing some cheap poly slip from the 80's that was obviously found in some sales bin being for sale for about 50 times what it's worth, makes me a little angry.