Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Halloween post

I just posted a ton of Halloween pictures over on my other blog, so this is just a quick little post with a few pictures of me that didn't make the other one.

For Halloween i was a... witch-goat-high-priestess-type-thing?
I was spooky, is what i was!
If you don't believe me, ask our carpenter who was so scared of me, he ended up leaving before getting tattooed.
Yup, that scary.

I had a pretty easy time with the costume, except for the fact that i started on my horns way too late, and papermaché apparently needs time to dry... who knew? I probably should have known, but in the end i got by with the help of heaters and hairdryers.
I found my dress in my closet. You've seen it before, but back then it looked like this.
Black dye, you're so handy.
The necklaces were mostly homemade from various stones and pendants found around town, on etsy and in my collection (but since you can't really see them, i guess that's not important), and the boots were from the basement.
Really, who needs to buy a costume when you never throw anything out?
Oh, there's the wig of course. Didn't have one that long lying around, so i found one on eBay, but other than that, pretty much stuff i already had.

The day went great. I was pretty busy, but had time to hang too, and most importantly; no anxiety.
So a success in every way, and i'm already planning our next walk-in day in my head.
I didn't get tattooed, of course, but i'm ok with that. I'll get one next year.

The horns ended up a little thinner than planned because of my lack of time, but they still came out pretty good, i think (they're heavy, though, and i have a bruise on my head from wearing them for a full day!)

I wish my nails had been longer, like, creepy long... that would have been awesome...

My pumpkins

I hope everyone else had a fun Halloween too!


  1. Such an awesome and creative costume!  ... and the long hair looks great on you!

  2. Thanks, i wish i could have long hair all the time!

  3. You look ace!! The horns are amazing. What are they made from?
    I may have to steal this idea and do something similar next year. I am rubbish at coming up with costume ideas!


  4. Great costume! You look so different with long hair, but it does look good.  :)

  5. How many "Amalie's horny" jokes did you hear that day?

  6. Wire covered in masking tape and papermaché, painted with acrylics and fastened to a plastic, fabric covered headband. It takes a while, but it's not too difficult!

  7. Thanks, i kinda hated taking that wig off again!

  8. Believe it or not; not a single one.