Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I didn't even plan to blog right now, but i've had such an awesome day, i just couldn't help it.
You know how some days are just great, even though stuff goes wrong and nothing special happens?
Totally one of those.
By the way, you may know this already, but i have a bit of an aversion to "this-is-what-i-did-today" posts, but i feel one coming up now.
I apologize in advance, but mostly to myself.
Sorry, me.

I couldn't sleep last night, so when i woke up this morning, I fully expected sleepiness to be the theme of the day.
But i got up early-ish, made a green smoothie (something i haven't done in forever) and had a cup of herbal tea instead of my usual earl grey.
And for some reason, i haven't been tired all day. Maybe it's because i laid off the caffeine or maybe it was the raw fruit and veggie booster, but either way, it felt great to have all that energy.
Even morning Pilates didn't feel as hard as it does some mornings.

On our way to work we had a disappointing trip to some weird, out of the way post office with strange opening hours (hence the disappointment), but even with the detour and Lucifer's daily run along the lake, we nearly made it to the shop in time. 
The energy boost from the smoothie, or wherever it came from, stayed with me all through my work day, and even a sore back (i lifted some stuff i probably shouldn't have) didn't get me down.
I just enjoyed the whole work day, and even the parts that are kind of trivial seemed fun today.
I got some hat making done, did two loads of laundry in our new washing machine (i can't believe we finally have one, the shop is so close to being perfect!), did the other kind of laundry (tubes) and got started on cleaning out the messiest back room. For, like the 10th time this year. Ok, so it's more like 4, but i'm allowed to exaggerate, trust me.
Man, do we have a lot of flash and artwork begging to be organized. Good stuff too, most of it. I wish we had more walls.

Allan finished around 8 and we rushed out the door so we could go by the weird post office again on the way home, and we actually made it there in time to pick up a mystery package from a twitter follower.
More on that in a later post!

The whole way home all i could think about was what to make for dinner.
No, the planning thing didn't really stick, and although we did have stuff in the fridge, it just wasn't the stuff i was in the mood for, so i had to send Allan to the supermarket.
But he got the stuff i was craving and i ended up making up this fantastic little pasta dish that would have totally made my day if i hadn't already had such a good one.
Again with the energy; i don't usually feel like being creative in the kitchen after a long day...
Anyway, after dinner we lounged on the couch to a particularly funny episode of How I Met Your Mother, which was followed by Super 8, a movie i've really been looking forward to, and one that didn't disappoint.

A fantastic little pasta dish

This is one of those dishes i have to remember, so it's getting a recipe label for sure.

-Pasta penne, half wholegrain and half regular
-Butternut squash and zucchini slow roasted in a frying pan with some olive oil and salt and pepper
-Mushrooms, added pretty late so they didn't shrink too much
-Cream for the sauce (i would have used soy cream for cooking, but my no good supermarket don't carry that anymore... grrrr)
-A little bit of grated cheese on top

I have never cooked anything with butternut squash in my life before, and Allan looked at me like i was making it up when i told him to get one, but i've been wanting to try it for a while.
And holy shit, was that ever delicious! Such a sweet smell too... i ate a lot of it. A lot.
This was pretty much perfect as it was, but it could have used some spices...
I don't know when i ran out of everything, but i did and i so need to go spice shopping.

Any suggestions as to what kind of spice would have been good in an autumn dish like this one?

Ps. I hope you didn't have a terrible day and find this post braggy and annoying.
If you did, take comfort in the fact that i'll probably be miserable again tomorrow!


  1. Sometimes the best days are those where nothing in particular happens at all.  My day's just starting but I'm pretty sure it'll be a good one (not sure why, just a feeling I have).

  2. a dash of nutmeg always goes good with fall veggies

  3. Wow, nice. I know how precious these light, happy days are, when most of the time we have to swim in the ocean of misery:P
    As for the butternut squash - you might try ground corriander seeds and (or) little pinch of garam masala. These are dark, low spectrum spices which go nice with sweet, autumn veggies. 

  4. I will use cumin, cayenne chilli pepper or ready blend Ive been using and its great: 

    I think green shake did the job and gave you lots of energy. I was drinking them a while back and they are great :)

  5. Butternutsquash, chevre and basil is the bestest ever! I oven roast it with onion and then stir it in the pasta with chevre and fresh chopped basil :) 

  6. The pasta dish sounds and looks great! *starts to lick screen....gets electric shock

  7. That's a nice feeling :)

  8. Uh, good one, i'll have to get some!

  9. I should have thought of that, garam masala seems to the the only thing i never run out of.
    But i put it to good use today instead!

  10. Mmm, that looks like a yummy blend.

  11. I love fresh basil, good with nearly everything!