Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Butternut chronicles, part two

I swear this is not turning in to the untitled food blog, so just consider this a sequel to yesterdays post, and after this, i promise to lay off the food talk for a while!

Yesterday, i got a lot of suggestions to make a soup out of this magical new vegetable i've been getting acquainted with, and since i had half a butternut squash left in the fridge, and the soup hater is at a punk show, i decided to go for it.
It was late when i got home, and i had a huge pile of dishes to do before i could get started, but cooking this was easy, and i actually managed to finish it before i got too cranky from hunger!

-Take one chopped onion, roast it in rapeseed oil (or any oil, i just used the last of my olive oil yesterday) in a large pan with salt, black pepper, ground coriander, cayenne pepper and garam masala (just a bit of each)
-Cook for a while on its own, then add lightly boiled potatoes, butternut squash, zucchini and a yellow beet (that was just what i had in my fridge, but some carrots would have been good too)
-Cook for like 10 or 15 minutes, then add some boiled water with vegetable stock, then cook until everything is pretty mushy
-Put the whole thing in a blender with a little water, blend until super smooth
-Put it back on the stove in a pot, taste and add salt and pepper if needed (i added some cream too, just because i had some, but i doubt it would have been necessary, really)

That was it! I wish i'd had some nice bread to eat this with (i thought i had and you should have seen my face when i found out that it was gone), and a nice parsley or coriander twig to put on top for a little bit of green would have been nice too, but other than that, this was perfect.
And although it would have been nice to have shared this with someone, i'm almost glad the soup hater wasn't home to ruin this triumph of the liquid foods for me!

Creamy perfection

 My energy level today wasn't exactly as crazy good as yesterday.
I turned off my alarm instead of snoozing it, so i overslept by a lot and it kind of messed up my day.
But not too bad, i was still able to continue on Project Backroom, and Project Current-Custom-Order-Hat (not a very catchy name, i know) and have an all around pleasant day.

Thanks for the spice suggestions in the comment section on the last post, i'm always excited when people wanna join in and share tips with me, and each other.


  1. *Licks screen again and gets electrocuted* WHEN WILL I LEARN!?

  2. Food away, Princess !!! ^^

  3. It really was the best soup i've ever made. Can't wait to try it again with different ingredients!

  4. ZAP! Apparently not anytime soon!