Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Way up high

Another day, another potential dream apartment gets sold to someone who is not me.
And this one after only 7 days!
I didn't even get a chance to go see it in person.
This one was almost realistic too, i guess that's why i'm a little extra bummed.

I guess it's kind of a blessing that i spend as much time in my own little world as i do, because in my imaginary world, i don't have silly problems like finding a new apartment.
In my imaginary world, i have been living in a tree house someplace warm for years.
If you're wondering what i do in my tree house, the answer is make art and grow food and raise a few alpacas.* And swim a lot, cause my house is near a lake.

Tree house pictures from here, here and here, interior pictures mostly via woodsmaiden.

*The alpacas stay on the ground. There are rules in my tree house.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Oh, i feel like it's monday today. Anyone else got that belated monday feeling?
Maybe it's just cause i haven't seen the sky much today. Or at all.
But yesterday we did and it was pretty and amazing, even if it was just for a little while!

As you already know, Sarah was here all weekend and it was, like, the funnest ever.
She stayed at my parents' place for the most part, but since they came in for a birthday party on Sunday, we ended up having a sleepover too, and Lucifer, who is usually glued to me or Allan all the friggin time, spent the entire night on the couch with Sarah. So cute.

Oh, and as an added bonus to having a great weekend, Sarah took home a bunch of my favorite clothes, so now i a) don't have to list it for sale and b) know they're going to a good, loving home. Win!

One of my dresses with its new Blossom-looking owner!

I rediscovered this dress that i haven't worn in a long time

 Worn with the same boots as pretty much every day

Today i am working on finishing my Frida piece, as well as doing some bookings.
Both of those things are giving me a hard time, and i'm already kind of looking forward to going home.
I am however not looking forward to Allan going to Norway by himself this weekend.
I know it doesn't sound like a big deal, but we've spent maybe 5 nights apart in the last 10 years, so 4 days is a lot for us. And i worry about him when he's not with me. I bet i'm gonna have nightmares about him falling into fjords and being eaten by trolls in sweaters all weekend! What? That's totally what Norway is about.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Little pillboxes

I am about to start pizza and Trek night with Allan and Sarah, so this is just a quick "yay, there's new stuff in the shop!" post before the food gets here.
The pictures Allan took were great, as always, so i didn't even had to edit much.
Go have a peek at the shop, if not for the hats, then for the pretty pictures!

My tattoo is feeling much better today.
I must admit, yesterdays insane purple bruising had me a little worried, but today i even walked up to a 5th floor apartment without a throbbing thigh, so i think i'm gonna be ok.

Ps: Henriette, send mig en besked hvis jeg skal reservere den med lijlerne til dig :)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fall leaves

It's Saturday and i spent my day at work, so for that reason alone, my brain is a little fried and unwilling to work with me. I don't see much email answering in my near future.
But it was ok being at work today; Allan was tattooing friends and our buddy Sarah, who you may remember from previous posts such as this one, was here working too, so i didn't mind so much. 

Yesterday was actually gonna be our day off since we had to come in today, but we went to the shop because Allan had a meeting with some German gallery people (it went well, if you're wondering) and since we were gonna be there anyway, i was supposed to get a new tattoo. 
I have a spot, or more like half of my right lower arm to be accurate, that i've been wanting to do for so long, and after going through just about a million different ideas, i had finally figured out what i wanted. And i wanted Allan to do it. And that was gonna be yesterday. But as you've probably guessed, that didn't happen so much.
My ideas weren't so easy, i guess, and he kept not being able to find the right way to go about it, so after a couple of sketches he gave up and we went to work.
I tried to act cool, but i was really disappointed cause i'd looked forward to it for such a long time, but i also found myself a tiny bit relieved that i didn't have to get tattooed. But after a quick self-analyses i realized that it was my anxiety talking, not me. My anxiety felt great about being let off the hook; it always does, but i actually wanted to get tattooed, so after Allan had finished tattooing Sarah, i asked him to work a bit on my leg instead.
He decided to color in all the leaves and it ended up taking three hours, and even though it sucked hard, i felt so proud of myself for not bailing even though it would have been super easy for me.
It's these things i gotta do now; the things i don't really wanna do.

Leaves, pretty, pretty leaves

Sarah getting her Halloween tattoo, only a little later than everyone else

After Allan was done tattooing he took a few hat pictures for me, so i think i'm gonna update the etsy shop again tomorrow.
I think this is the most items i've ever had in my shop at the same time, and right now i don't even care if anyone buys them, i'm just stoked to have a full shop!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Working? Working!

After wrestling with paypal for a couple of hours today and yesterday, i am just about ready to declare myself the winner.
Those buy it now buttons are easy enough to make, but paypal can be a bitch and so can blogger and together? Well, let's just say that they require saint-like patience, which i don't always possess.

But right now everything seems to be working well enough for me to officially open...

Those of you who read this blog in reader or bloglovin' may not have noticed, but a new tab was added a few days ago (up, look up) and if you click that, which you should in a minute when you're done reading this, you will see a bunch of clothes for sale.
Some of it is ready to puchase right here on the blog (hence the paypal issues) and some of it links to my etsy store.
Now, bear in mind that this is just the tip of the textile iceberg currently residing in my living room, and lots more will be added as soon as i can get my husband to take some more headless photos of me (by the way, i LOVE headless photos!).
Prices are negotiable for longtime blog readers, because i love you, and if you have any questions about sizes, measurements*, fabric content or whatever, just leave a comment or send me an email.
Everything i put up here will be in good condition and hand washed before shipping.

Anyway, thanks for the comments and suggestions here and on twitter about how to go about this; i decided to take your advice and sell via the blog mainly and it's been fun setting it up so far.
You're all so wise!

*Measurements are kind of a pain in the ass, that's why i decided to only provide them if needed.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Red & green

Lucifer is still doing great, in fact, he seems to have even more energy than yesterday.
I guess he feels like he has some catching up to do, and it's been as good as useless to tell him to relax.
Also, he's so cute when he's playful. Which is pretty much all the time.
Darn 7 year old puppy.

I updated the etsy shop again last night. No, it's true, i did!
Not with any of the fancy stuff from the shoot, but with the Christmas pieces i did for the Christmas market at my parents' last year. Also known as the market where i learned that older ladies from the country side hate poinsettias with a passion that matches Madonna's hate for hydrangeas. I mean, they really fucking hate them.
When i came home from the market last year it was too late to put the pieces up for sale, but this time i made it.
Now i just hope the internet doesn't loathe them too!
Also, i know my hats are usually kind of pricey (which i am not apologizing for, they take forever to make and it's hard work), but these ones aren't, and it's nice to finally put something cheap in the shop.

Power stretch

Season greetings, y'all!*

*I am so sorry, i hate even thinking about Christmas in November, but i figured i had to at least mention these if i wanted to sell them this year.
You won't hear a word from me about the upcoming holiday until December, i swear!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Listed, finally

I'm awful at taking a day off.
We originally had plans to go do stuff at the shop (my idea, i always wanna go do stuff at the shop), but that's been postponed till Monday, and now i have a bad case of the weekend guilt, even though it has barely started.
I got my workout out of the way already, and i've tried to convince Allan to help me with some clothes photos later, but in the meantime... it's so dark outside, and Lucifer isn't supposed to walk too long yet, so a good walk is out of the question. I'm behind on emails, but that stupid deep cut on my finger isn't healing well, so i'm trying not to do the typing thing too much. I suppose i could read, and i probably will, but right now, i decided to list a new item in my etsy shop instead.
Some of the pieces we photographed at the shop can't be listed yet because i still need good closeups, but i remembered that i already had closeups of this one. Not great ones, i took them myself, but they'll do.
Please go check it out, and if you know a stylish lady who's getting married, send her my way!

Lucifer update:
He's back to normal, so much so that it's hard to convince him not to jump up and down from the furniture every 5 minutes like he normally does.
He's on antibiotics, which he totally loves because i hide the pill in a chunk of paté, and he gets some painkiller drops that i honestly don't think he really even needs.
We'll see in a week if everything is ok with his knee, but i hope and think it will be.
Thanks for your comments and concern, here and on twitter and instagram.
You're all very sweet.

Friday, November 18, 2011

What matters most

Sorry for the recent lack of posts.
I feel bad for not blogging when i've been doing so well with regular posting (at least i think i have), but this time, something real got in the way.

Lucifer has been limping more than usual for a while, so a couple of weeks ago i booked a checkup appointment with the specialist who operated on his knees two years ago.
The clinic was busy, and so were we, so the appointment was actually gonna be today, but as you've probably guessed, that's not how it went down.

Late Tuesday night we noticed Lucifer licking his left knee, which had swelled up to a considerably larger size, and when we looked closer, we saw a little blood.
I went and got a cotton ball and something to clean it with, but when i cleaned it, the cotton kind of got stuck on something. We couldn't exactly see anything, but it was clear to us that a small piece of metal was sticking out of his leg....
No wonder he's been pulling his leg up!
I won't say i completely panicked, but my worrying (and Allan's snoring) kept me up for most of the night.

The next morning we called the clinic to ask if they could see him before our appointment, but of course Wednesday was the day the doctor wasn't at the clinic.
The receptionist told Allan to just make sure that Lucifer wasn't licking the spot, and to call back first thing Thursday morning to see if they could fit us in then.
So Lucifer spent the day wearing a cute little band aid on his little knee, which luckily didn't seem to bother him at all. And since the alternative would have been the cone of shame, he got off easy!
He wasn't in any pain, as far as we could tell, but we were still pretty freaked.

Allan called the clinic at 8.15 the next morning like they'd told him to, and was a little surprised when they said to come in with Lucifer at 9. The clinic is not in Copenhagen and even though we hurried, we got there a little late.
But they were nice, and the doctor decided to go ahead and operate on Lucifer right away.
We had to leave him there, in a little cage, and go back to the apartment to get our stuff and get ready for work. Ugh. I hated leaving him without being able to explain that everything was gonna be ok.

It was a long afternoon, waiting for them to call, and when they finally did, Allan turbo-wrapped his client (sorry, Joseph!) and we hurried out the door.
When Lucifer was operated on the first time, his recovery was long and hard. He was in a lot of pain, and he wasn't allowed to jump or run for two months! If you've met Lucifer you'll know that all he ever does is run and jump, so it was a hard time for all of us.
So that's pretty much what we were expecting to go through, but when we got there, the doctor told us that he'd been able to pull the pin out of Lucifer's leg through the skin. So no actual surgery had been necessary!
So the only thing we have to do is make sure he doesn't go too crazy with the jumping for the first couple of days, and give him some antibiotics (something they had to prescribe cause they gave him a much needed teeth cleaning too) and that's it.
We were so stoked. And Lucifer, who'd been awake for a long time, was stoked to see us.
He was well enough for us to go back to the shop to work some more, and other than throwing up a bit (and a rare indoor poop situation) he seems to be doing so well.

So yeah, we had a rough couple of days there, but our boy is gonna be fine!

The anesthesia had made him a little groggy, so he spent most of the night sleeping

While i waited for the clinic to call, i finished this cross stitch embroidery that i  started a year ago in Tokyo (it's a dark green fabric, by the way, if you can't tell)

I can't even begin to describe how good it felt to get Lucifer back after that whole experience.
There's nothing more frustrating and heartbreaking than having a sick little creature who doesn't understand what's going on, and who depends on you for protection.
Also, i may love my dog more than normal people do, but at least Allan is just as bad as me!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Yesterday was a good, but draining day, which is why it was so quiet on the blog.
I'd also cut my finger really bad on Sunday trying to open a bottle of nail polish with a hobby knife (feel free to judge, i do dumb shit like that all the time), so i haven't actually been able to type until today! And even now, it's not exactly easy, so i'll just keep this nice and short.

I spent most of the day yesterday working on projects in the drawing room. It's a good way to start the week.
I'd finished the head piece i'd been working on last week on Saturday, so Monday was the day the new owner, a lovely girl called Camilla, was gonna come by to pick it up.
I always worry people won't like the finished product (although that has never actually happened, but that's no reason not to fear it, right?), so i always feel a huge sense of relief when i'm done and a piece is going home with a happy client.
Yay for that!
I worked some more on my Frida piece, until i got super distracted by these Christmas hair clips i made last year, but never put for sale online.
So i redid a bunch of those and had a fun little photo session, just me and Allan's way too fancy camera.
As soon as i get the pictures back, those babies are going straight to etsy.
So while i'm a little stuck with my cleaning-out-the-closet project at home, at least i'm getting stuff done at work!

Here's what Camilla's headband looked like on instagram, i'll have a better picture for the website soon

 I am done with the embroidery, now comes the scary part...

 I added a deer to this hat because, well, Christmas hats needs deer!

I went for my first appointment with a new therapist today.
I was a little (a lot) nervous, and i don't think i sat still the whole time, but other than that, it went really well, and the guy seemed both nice and competent.
So i now have books, exercise, therapy and medication (that i haven't used) to help me cope with, and in time hopefully cure, my anxiety.
I'll do a post soon with some book recommendations, for those of you who are interested in that stuff.

Oh, and i also found mock duck at an Asian supermarket near the therapists office... Christmas is saved!! (Ok, not really, it's probably gonna suck balls, but at least i'll eat well!)

Ok, gotta get back to work. Yes, this is a are case of me blogging at the shop.
Maybe i should do that more, it's actually kind of nice.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday cleaning

Oh, weekends, aren't you just the best?

Yesterday when Allan was at a show, i got a visit from Helle.
We ordered Japanese take out, watched a nature film and talked shit through. It was nice, i don't do the girl hangout thing very often.
After she left i watched a few episodes of Star Trek Voyager. It's never gonna own my heart like Next Generation, but i'm really starting to like it a lot.

Today has been mellow, but active. Just the way i like it.
Me and Allan gave the apartment a much needed cleaning and me and Lucifer went for a nice long walk.
I noticed that most other people walking around the lakes either talked about bank loans and interest, or work/school. Me and Lucifer mostly talked about birds and outdoor pooping.

Right now (well, not right now, but when i'm not at the computer) i'm trying to take pictures of clothes i want to sell. Yup, it's time to clean out my closet.
Like i mentioned in the first post on the subject, i'm considering selling my vintage clothes on etsy and my used but newer clothes on eBay, but i've been getting suggestions from people about putting it on the blog, and i'd really like your thoughts on that.
An option would be to dedicate a tab to stuff i have for sale?
Would anyone be interested in buying just via the blog and paypal, or do you prefer the eBay/etsy formats?
I assure you, my prices would be reasonable*, i just need to clean out my closet, not make a fortune!

 I spent a good 10 minutes this morning, trying to find the right angle to photograph Lucifer and my weekly coffee using the regular camera instead of the crappier front camera... the first three were mostly boobs and one dog ear (this is the one that i ended up using)

Sunday walk in pale sunlight

*Recently i've stopped buying vintage on eBay.
Sellers almost exclusively use "buy it now" and their prices are ridiculous.
Like, 98 dollars for a ragged poncho.
Even auctions start way higher instead of the 9.99 dollars people used in the good old days.
And etsy, while still awesome for handmade goods, is almost as crazy.
You see girls charging over 100 dollars for some cheap, vintage polyester dress from the 90's that they found in a thrift shop for a fraction of the price. I don't mind paying good money for something i really like, but it feels like sellers have forgotten what they're really selling. Used clothes.

Friday, November 11, 2011

The ups and the downs

I've had a couple of good days this week. Like, really, really good ones.
Followed by a bad one.
It's to be expected, i know i still have a long way to go.
But at least now, when it hits me, i deal instead of panic.
It feels kinda good, while feeling super crappy, obviously.

Tomorrow we're going to the shop cause i need to finish a headpiece and we have a few shop renovations to take care of. The good kind, fortunately.
I was actually supposed to get tattooed, but that husband of mine keeps not drawing for it.
Maybe next weekend, if i'm lucky.

Walking Lucifer yesterday

 Where i've been all day today

Allan went to the movies, for the second night in a row.
I'm taking it easy, hanging on the couch with Lucifer and learning how to not feel guilty about that.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Butternut chronicles, part two

I swear this is not turning in to the untitled food blog, so just consider this a sequel to yesterdays post, and after this, i promise to lay off the food talk for a while!

Yesterday, i got a lot of suggestions to make a soup out of this magical new vegetable i've been getting acquainted with, and since i had half a butternut squash left in the fridge, and the soup hater is at a punk show, i decided to go for it.
It was late when i got home, and i had a huge pile of dishes to do before i could get started, but cooking this was easy, and i actually managed to finish it before i got too cranky from hunger!

-Take one chopped onion, roast it in rapeseed oil (or any oil, i just used the last of my olive oil yesterday) in a large pan with salt, black pepper, ground coriander, cayenne pepper and garam masala (just a bit of each)
-Cook for a while on its own, then add lightly boiled potatoes, butternut squash, zucchini and a yellow beet (that was just what i had in my fridge, but some carrots would have been good too)
-Cook for like 10 or 15 minutes, then add some boiled water with vegetable stock, then cook until everything is pretty mushy
-Put the whole thing in a blender with a little water, blend until super smooth
-Put it back on the stove in a pot, taste and add salt and pepper if needed (i added some cream too, just because i had some, but i doubt it would have been necessary, really)

That was it! I wish i'd had some nice bread to eat this with (i thought i had and you should have seen my face when i found out that it was gone), and a nice parsley or coriander twig to put on top for a little bit of green would have been nice too, but other than that, this was perfect.
And although it would have been nice to have shared this with someone, i'm almost glad the soup hater wasn't home to ruin this triumph of the liquid foods for me!

Creamy perfection

 My energy level today wasn't exactly as crazy good as yesterday.
I turned off my alarm instead of snoozing it, so i overslept by a lot and it kind of messed up my day.
But not too bad, i was still able to continue on Project Backroom, and Project Current-Custom-Order-Hat (not a very catchy name, i know) and have an all around pleasant day.

Thanks for the spice suggestions in the comment section on the last post, i'm always excited when people wanna join in and share tips with me, and each other.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I didn't even plan to blog right now, but i've had such an awesome day, i just couldn't help it.
You know how some days are just great, even though stuff goes wrong and nothing special happens?
Totally one of those.
By the way, you may know this already, but i have a bit of an aversion to "this-is-what-i-did-today" posts, but i feel one coming up now.
I apologize in advance, but mostly to myself.
Sorry, me.

I couldn't sleep last night, so when i woke up this morning, I fully expected sleepiness to be the theme of the day.
But i got up early-ish, made a green smoothie (something i haven't done in forever) and had a cup of herbal tea instead of my usual earl grey.
And for some reason, i haven't been tired all day. Maybe it's because i laid off the caffeine or maybe it was the raw fruit and veggie booster, but either way, it felt great to have all that energy.
Even morning Pilates didn't feel as hard as it does some mornings.

On our way to work we had a disappointing trip to some weird, out of the way post office with strange opening hours (hence the disappointment), but even with the detour and Lucifer's daily run along the lake, we nearly made it to the shop in time. 
The energy boost from the smoothie, or wherever it came from, stayed with me all through my work day, and even a sore back (i lifted some stuff i probably shouldn't have) didn't get me down.
I just enjoyed the whole work day, and even the parts that are kind of trivial seemed fun today.
I got some hat making done, did two loads of laundry in our new washing machine (i can't believe we finally have one, the shop is so close to being perfect!), did the other kind of laundry (tubes) and got started on cleaning out the messiest back room. For, like the 10th time this year. Ok, so it's more like 4, but i'm allowed to exaggerate, trust me.
Man, do we have a lot of flash and artwork begging to be organized. Good stuff too, most of it. I wish we had more walls.

Allan finished around 8 and we rushed out the door so we could go by the weird post office again on the way home, and we actually made it there in time to pick up a mystery package from a twitter follower.
More on that in a later post!

The whole way home all i could think about was what to make for dinner.
No, the planning thing didn't really stick, and although we did have stuff in the fridge, it just wasn't the stuff i was in the mood for, so i had to send Allan to the supermarket.
But he got the stuff i was craving and i ended up making up this fantastic little pasta dish that would have totally made my day if i hadn't already had such a good one.
Again with the energy; i don't usually feel like being creative in the kitchen after a long day...
Anyway, after dinner we lounged on the couch to a particularly funny episode of How I Met Your Mother, which was followed by Super 8, a movie i've really been looking forward to, and one that didn't disappoint.

A fantastic little pasta dish

This is one of those dishes i have to remember, so it's getting a recipe label for sure.

-Pasta penne, half wholegrain and half regular
-Butternut squash and zucchini slow roasted in a frying pan with some olive oil and salt and pepper
-Mushrooms, added pretty late so they didn't shrink too much
-Cream for the sauce (i would have used soy cream for cooking, but my no good supermarket don't carry that anymore... grrrr)
-A little bit of grated cheese on top

I have never cooked anything with butternut squash in my life before, and Allan looked at me like i was making it up when i told him to get one, but i've been wanting to try it for a while.
And holy shit, was that ever delicious! Such a sweet smell too... i ate a lot of it. A lot.
This was pretty much perfect as it was, but it could have used some spices...
I don't know when i ran out of everything, but i did and i so need to go spice shopping.

Any suggestions as to what kind of spice would have been good in an autumn dish like this one?

Ps. I hope you didn't have a terrible day and find this post braggy and annoying.
If you did, take comfort in the fact that i'll probably be miserable again tomorrow!

Monday, November 7, 2011

7/11 (today's date, not the overpriced kiosk)

First day back was good. Real good, actually. All over twitter i saw people complaining about the awfulness of autumn combined with a general monday gloom, but for some reason i wasn't seeing it.
Maybe because i had new projects to start, fake spiderwebs to remove from chandeliers, and rotten pumpkin vomit to clean off the sidewalk?
Yes, that last part is definitely the more glamorous side of shop ownership, in case you were wondering.

Starting from scratch... more work on this tomorrow

I've realized that even though i'd love to do more, cooking dinner and posting on the blog is as productive as i'm likely to get tonight.
Cue Star Trek, and some white chocolate that my fat ass will have to work extra hard at working off in the morning.
White Milka? Totally worth it.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The (slumber) party is over

Our staycation (which you maybe didn't even know we were having?) has almost come to an end and i am ready to get back to work.
In theory.
I miss the shop a lot, and i miss being on top of things, but i'd be ok with just going in for a few days and then taking the rest of the week off!
But i have some exciting projects to start, and a lot of practical shit that needs to be done. So it's time.

It's been good around here.
Allan spent the better part of the month finishing an album cover, but there's been time for some long walks together, nice homemade dinners, and lots of reading for me.
A billion other things too, of course, but i always forget what i've been up to as soon as i sit down to blog about it.

Taking some time off to work on overcoming my anxiety, even isolating myself a little from some of the more negative influences in my life, has been good for me.
I feel more ready for winter now, and ready for challenges ahead.
But mostly i feel sleepy.
Damn you fall, damn you for making it dark at 5 pm.

This little guy is extra sleepy too these days

Saturday, heading down to the coffee shop

My second cup of coffee since quitting 19 months ago... having just one every week is working out pretty great for me

I have no real place to sit and do stuff at home, so recently i've just been camped out on the couch in the workroom

Today we took Lucifer to the park for a Prazsky get together, but there were no Prazsky's to be found (luckily we found a large group of small to medium sized dogs, and he got to sniff some butts after all)

I was hoping to remodel the apartment while we had time off, but Allan wouldn't let me do anything too drastic (read=fun) to the place, so that plan quickly died.
It doesn't matter much anyway, once i am done with something, i am done, so i don't think prettying up the place would make much of a difference.
Of course having my grandfathers old closet in pieces in my living room since August (see the big, brown board covering my bookcase in the picture below? Yeah, that's it) is something i could do without (like, really!) but assembling it in an apartment i don't want to live in doesn't exactly make sense either.

I really thought i would have found a place by now, and spending another winter here was so not a part of my overall life-plan, but instead of whining about it (like i usually do) i have started to prepare for moving.
Step one is cleaning out my closet.
Not just the stuff in the basement, although that needs to go too, but my actual closet.
There's so much stuff there (some of it really good stuff too) that i just never wear for some reason, and while it is pretty to look at, it takes up too much room.
In short; it gots to go!
So i'll either be selling some things here on the blog (in a tab on its own maybe) or on eBay (for used) and etsy (for vintage)
I started picking out items to sell today, and tomorrow i'll have Allan do a photo setup so i can start getting pictures of things and list them online, somewhere.
If you have ideas, input, have done something similar, which i'm sure many of you have, please leave me a comment.
Whatever way i decide to do this, there will be a blog-reader discount!

 The first batch of clothes, ready for their closeup (i didn't know where to put them, so i MacGyver'ed this "belt-over-door" hanger solution... i'm awesome sometimes...)

Ps. I've gotten really bad at commenting on blogs since i started using google reader instead of the blogger dashboard, but i'm trying to change that.
It's so convenient, but i realized that reading a post without actually visiting the blog is kind of like going to a dinner party at a friends place, but staying outside their house the whole time. Eating their food and drinking their drinks, but never actually going inside.
I've been missing out on carefully planned layouts, fun little details, and links to other good blogs.
You know, the whole blog experience, and i want to have that back.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The leftovers

I really struggled with finishing the Prague film. It was like a magical film, neverending, only i didn't want it to be, so not so magical after all.
These are the last of the pictures from that film, taken on a sunny walk by the lakes sometime in September, (probably).
I love these walks with Allan and Lucifer.

(The last picture was obviously taken by the guy with the long arms who was so sure the self portrait thing wouldn't work with the Lomo)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Praha in analog part two

No, i'm not quite done with Prague yet.
I know it's mostly buildings, and if you don't like buildings, well, then i apologize.
But really, everyone who've been there will understand.
They're just so beautiful and overwhelming!
This second batch is maybe not as good as the first one, but there are still some pretty good shots here i think.
In any case, i enjoy looking at them.