Friday, October 28, 2011

A day of sticky pumpkin fingers

We just spent the better part of our day decorating and getting the shop Halloween ready.
I'm still not sure what i'm expecting to happen on Saturday, so instead i'm just enjoying the process.*
Isn't that usually the best part anyway?
Well, either that or the worst, but thankfully, in this case, it's been fun.
The spiderwebs and pumpkin carving in particular.
Not pictured: my papermaché costume project. Which is not finished and most likely won't be until the last minute. That's how i roll. Unfortunately.

(Click for a larger view)
(1. Pumpkin express 2. My tiny sign announcing our gathering 3. The front room has never looked cozier, ehm, i mean scarier... yeah... 4. The small one is not crying... or he might be, but never mind, i'll explain him later)

*I just caught myself double tapping the space key to make a period. I'm iPhone damaged goods.


  1. Woo spoooooky! haha. I like that one pumpkin with the scary teeth!

  2. Yay, we scared you!! (right?)

  3. Um...yeeeeaaahhh...I am terrified....

  4. Those pumpkins are amazing!