Friday, October 28, 2011

A day of sticky pumpkin fingers

We just spent the better part of our day decorating and getting the shop Halloween ready.
I'm still not sure what i'm expecting to happen on Saturday, so instead i'm just enjoying the process.*
Isn't that usually the best part anyway?
Well, either that or the worst, but thankfully, in this case, it's been fun.
The spiderwebs and pumpkin carving in particular.
Not pictured: my papermaché costume project. Which is not finished and most likely won't be until the last minute. That's how i roll. Unfortunately.

(Click for a larger view)
(1. Pumpkin express 2. My tiny sign announcing our gathering 3. The front room has never looked cozier, ehm, i mean scarier... yeah... 4. The small one is not crying... or he might be, but never mind, i'll explain him later)

*I just caught myself double tapping the space key to make a period. I'm iPhone damaged goods.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I had planned to go to the shop today, but somehow i ended up staying home.
I'm not sure, but i think that Allan and Lucifer may have had something to do with it.
They just feel so good to be around, so when they're not coming, well, it makes it that much harder to go.
So i had a relaxing day at the apartment i loathe* instead, and even though it doesn't feel like i've done much today, i did manage to do some laundry, dye some clothes, draw, stitch, shop for the Halloween party with Allan, take a nice long walk with Lucifer, listen to the new Tom Waits, do pilates and yoga, answer some emails and update stuff on the blogs... and chill and drink tea.
I may feel like a slacker, but at least i'm a productive slacker!
And if nothing else, my hair has been growing today. Granted, it does that when i'm busy too, but it struck me today; even if i did nothing all damn day, my hair would still grow. And that's doing something too.

The living room is my office these days... god, how i want to move

I am currently reading one of the anxiety books that was recently recommended to me, and holy shit, does it feel like it's been written specifically for me. Like, it's creepy how well this strange woman knows me.
I'm doing the work and using the techniques, and so far, i'm seeing some real results. Not that i'm cured, but it's just good to be doing something.
When i've finished this book and started one of the others, i'll do a little post with titles and stuff, for those who are interested.
Amalie's Anxiety Blog, much?

*Ok, loathe is a big word, but i'm still so sick of living here...

Monday, October 24, 2011

Out of character

I'm not usually much for Halloween, or any new, imposing American holiday for that matter (i'm looking at you, Valentines Day!), but we kind of decided to go all in and embrace Halloween this year.
We're doing this thing at the shop, and on Saturday we went on a cheesy Halloween-themed Tivoli date!
And much to our surprise, we liked it.
The decorations in the old amusement park were generally cute and fun, and the mood was full of autumnal goodness.
And that place always smells of sugar and popcorn, so you know, bonus right there!

While we were walking around, we got to talking about why we rarely go to Tivoli around Christmas time where they have a similar thing going on, and we decided that the difference is guilt. Halloween is guilt free for us.
It's not even a real holiday, no one is expecting you to do anything or buy anything, and it doesn't lead up to anything bigger than a party, at the most.
Whereas Christmas is the mother of all holidays, and therefor, basically fueled by guilt.
Christmas is several months of hype and consumer madness, of stressing over buying friends and family juuust the right piece of whatever junk they probably don't want or need, and of doing things exactly the way your supposed to because "that's tradition".
And it all starts so very soon, always sooner than you'd like it to.
So it was nice to enjoy something holiday like, but way less... pressure-y.

 Uuuuhh, scary (but not really)

Pumpkins everywhere

So much like Christmas, only... not

We didn't go on any rides (although i may have begged and pleaded until i saw the price of an individual ticket to the roller-coaster, and goddamn!) but we did go eat some pretty good pseudo-Japanese food at Wagamama.

Almost like on a real date.*

*Another concept i personally can't stand, but that's a rant for another day.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


For now.
I still have lots of stuff i wanna add and change*, some of it too advanced for my little brain to deal with right now, but for now, i'm calling it done.
I've been working on this for days, and i feel like i can barely see straight, so it's time for a break, at least.
All the new pictures Allan shot the other day are up, which is what i'd been looking most forward to, and i hope y'all like them.

Anyway, please go check it out, the address is the same as before (or the same redirect as before);

*The ads are going asap, like maybe tomorrow or the next day.
I know it's the price you pay for a free website, but i think i've reached a point where i'd rather pay the price of actual money than the price of ugly.

Update: i made a mobile version of the site last night, so now there's a (smaller, not as fancy) version for those kinds of devices too.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Little green turtle

Sometimes it takes Allan a while to give me pictures that are on his memory card, and sometimes it takes me a while to edit them once i have them on my computer.
Such was the case with the turtle fascinator, and that's why it hasn't been on the blog before.
The turtle fascinator was a custom order i got from my regular (i can say that if she owns more that one of my pieces, right?) Henriette who had this tiny little turtle that she didn't really know what to do with.
So she gave it to me and asked me to come up with something. And so i did.
I made the fascinator pretty small, so the turtle wouldn't drown, and i think it turned out really cute and delicate.
The green fabric and the feathers are from Japan... god, i miss craft shopping in Tokyo.
And everything else there too!

I little lighter than in real life, to enhance details

Now, it didn't take him nearly as long to give me the pictures we shot with Jacqueline at the shop the other day.
Maybe because they're his pictures and he was looking forward to editing them?
Or maybe because i nagged, who knows.
In any case, i got them and they're magnificent!
Like, way better than my hats are, so i really don't deserve these pretty, pretty pictures... but i'll take them!

The etsy shop haven't been updated with new pieces (but this current listing did get a couple of new pictures) cause i still need a few close ups of some of the hats, but the new website is being built and updated and cursed at... and yeah. I'm still working on it, but it'll be up real soon.

One of my favorites from the other day

Alright, time to go make some dinner.
Or anything that doesn't involve working on that *%¤#!?^ website.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cheat pizza

I've been pretty bad at posting recipes lately, but since I was kind of in the food neighborhood already with my post from yesterday, it seemed natural to stay there.
I think I mentioned that most of the stuff I cook is improvised. Both because it's fun and I like it, but also because I'm pretty horrible at following instructions.
So this post is for me, more than it is for you, because I need to remember how I made these delicious little suckers I ate for dinner tonight, so i can make them again some other time!

They take no time, because I have very little patience, and they taste so good.
And you can make them with pretty much anything, as long as you have the tortillas, so it's the perfect "use-the-stuff-in-the-fridge-before-it-goes-bad" food.*
They're surprisingly filling too; me and Allan ate one and a half each, but we could have probably stopped at one.

In order of appearances:
-Organic multigrain tortilla (mine are from Santa Maria, i think)
-Tomato sauce
-Grated cheese
-Dried oregano
-Smoked tofu in thin slices, marinated with olive oil and fresh thyme for a little while before cooking
-Spring onions
-Vegan sausages (or whatever kind of sausages, or no sausages at all))
-Feta cheese
-Thinly sliced cabbage
-Blanched and chopped sugar snaps

Put in the oven for about 15 minutes on 200c, preferably on a grill setting if yours have that.
Careful they don't get burnt, they easily can cause the tortilla is already dry and thin.
I drizzled it with a bit of olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper, and some fresh parsley.
Mmmm, parsley.

Anyway, that's it for me tonight, i've been working on a new website all friggin day, cause i kinda hate the old one, so i think i need to step away from the computer.
Watching a movie is better that sitting in front of a computer, right?
(... just say yes... )

Crappy phone picture, but you get the idea... this would be good with fresh avocados and cherry tomato too...

*Right, Sam?

Monday, October 17, 2011

Chop chop

At my house (and by house i mean the apartment i almost can't stand anymore), we have a bad habit.
Whether we're working till past 10 pm, like on Saturday, or have the whole day off like we did yesterday, we'll ask each other the same question every night: "sooo, what are we gonna eat?"
And by the time we ask each other this (it varies who asks it first), the supermarkets and restaurants are either closed, or pretty damn close to being closed.
We're good at many things, but planning just isn't one of them.
So on many nights we'll settle for some crappy takeout from the kebab place on the corner, the only kind of place that's open after 10 (their falafel is actually ok, as long as you don't make the mistake of watching them prepare it) or i'll whip together some pasta dish that usually contains leftovers and artichoke pesto.

But today i decided to try and do something that resembles planning ahead. I can't make a food schedule, cause that's just not in me, and since i improvise most meals, it wouldn't make much sense anyway, but i went to the supermarket and bought a crapload of vegetables, so at least there's stuff in the fridge for the rest of the week.
And, because i didn't have anything else to do today really (i even vacuumed just because i didn't know what to do with myself), i peeled, rinsed and chopped everything too. I even blanched the sugar snaps, which is something i always remember at the very last minute, and then i have to eat them warm.

Anyway, that whole rant was actually just an excuse to post this picture of the pretty colors in my sink.
Some days, i think i should just have a tumblr instead of this having to write something just to post a picture.
But then, if i didn't ramble on, it wouldn't be my blog.

Pretty fall colors, even indoors

Even though i just spent a good hour and a half (at least) on Project Easy Vegetable, i think Allan might actually be doing the cooking tonight.
It's never been his thing, and in all our years together, i've always been the cook, but he has a few dishes that he's getting really good at.
Fake-meat lasagna is one of them and i think (hope) we're having that tonight!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A walk in the woods

You're not gonna believe this (ok, you might, but i almost didn't): today i left the house with my Canon.
Not just my iPhone, no, an actual camera.
I don't think i've done that since August!
I feel guilty for not bringing it along more often, mostly because i feel it's lazy to just use my phone, but i feel bad for my camera too. It's a good camera, it's served me well. In case you're wondering, yes, i do have a tendency to anthropomorphize... ok, more than a tendency, but whatever, it's probably the reason i have cool stuff, so i'd say it's working pretty well for me!

Anyway, it's Sunday, and since we had a long and busy work day yesterday, i felt like having a real day off today. So i suggested a roadtrip. The idea was not well received by my other half, but he went along with it anyway.
We drove up to Dyrehaven with our trusty sidekick (who i didn't take ant pictures of for some reason...?) and a couple of slices of last nights crappy pizza. When we got there i had only just said to Allan: "i hope we'll get to see some deer" when we saw the first one. They're beautiful, and not too afraid of humans. Not Nara tame either, but you can get close. And they look so great with the autumn foliage.
Me and my man held hands and shared popcorn, Lucifer sniffed some upper-class-mutt-butts, and Jean-Luc didn't break down once.


Moss and mushrooms... pretty much my favorites

This little cutie-pie was just lying there on its own

Lunch spot

Amalie's Guide to Taking a Great Picture: 
1. Find reluctant subject who has a mouth full of pizza 2. Have a leash in your hand and an annoying dog pulling at it at the other end 3.Try to somehow get your own shadow in the frame 4. Fire away! 
(You're welcome!)

Like it said, we've been having the best weather lately

Slowly crossing the road, not paying much attention to people or dogs

I quit drinking chai.
I know, i'm just quitting stuff left and right, but all that warm milk every single day was getting to be too much for my poor stomach.
But i've decided that i can have a few on weekends, so i had one when we came back to the city, and i drank it in the living room while editing these pictures and listening to vinyl.
I think "Mission: Great Day Off" is a success.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Shining so bright

It's so cold now, but we're having a pretty spectacular week here in Copenhagen anyway.
As long as it's not raining, the cold ain't so bad.
This won't last, of course, so i'm trying to enjoy it.

We've entered the work part of our staycation, but that's ok, the shop needed us.
It's been good to get shit done, and it's been good to get out of the house.
Being idle is not what i need right now, so i don't even mind having to work tomorrow. On a weekend.
So unlike me.
Maybe i'll bring a book.

Today by the lakes

My rather limited view of the beautiful night sky from the shop kitchen

I'm not gonna rant about this, but i gotta say; i need to move.
It's getting worse, so much worse than ever.
It's pretty much all i can think about... when i'm not busy over-analyzing my mental health, that is.
I think my apartments obsession might actually be the better of those options!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Photo fun day

As i mentioned in my brag-post from last night, me and Allan did a hat photo shoot with Jacqueline at the shop today.
We also went and looked at an apartment and bought Halloween decorations for the shop, but that's another story (or two).

We met up at the shop to take pictures of both old and new pieces. Some that have been in the shop before and some that i've never even posted pictures of online.
I've only seen small previews, but Allan is getting so good at portraits, Jacqueline is such a good model, and we all work so good together, so i'm fully confident that the pictures are gonna come out great.
We did have to get by without our stylist who's on her honeymoon (i know, pretty lame excuse for not coming, right?), but it was a pretty simple, indoor shoot (not like last time) so we managed just fine.

Hopefully Allan will have time to transfer and edit the results soon, so i can update my website and etsy shop.
And post them here too, of course!

I'm glad this afternoon was so easy and efficient, cause right now i'm experiencing some pretty epic gadget failures (laptop is slow, apple is being extra difficult, and my phone... oh my fucking god, don't even get me started on that thing... so, yeah), and it feels like nothing is working the way it should.
Win some, lose some.

Hats and taxidermy

Behind the scenes... or more like right in the scenes

Total, actual, natural beauty

Allan is watching Battle: LA, and boy, is that ever a flaming pile of turds!
I think i might even prefer dealing with failing iPhone updates, it's that bad.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


So, Lucifer is all better (yay, so relieved!) but i've been on the couch with some awful stomach thing all day.
Lucky for me, i'd planned to spend my day off on the couch anyway, so HA! Take that, sickness.
Yeah, not feeling much like a winner, but you take what you can get, right?
Anyway, i didn't come here to blog about my shitty health, because, well, boring.
No, i came because i apparently had a crap ton of activity on my etsy shop earlier today, and i just found out where it came from.
Turns out, one of the recent treasuries i've been in made the front page!
My first time for that (i assume), so yay!
And it was a Mori Girl themed treasury, which is so nice to see because it means that non-Japanese girls are finally getting into this style too.
Ok, back to the front page; i was a little bummed that i'd missed it by about 6 hours (they change it all the time) but after the quickest google search ever, i found a page, this one, that takes screen shots of all the featured treasuries.
Can i say "yay" again or have i used up my quota for the day? You know what, don't answer that.

Oh, who cares... screen shot, YAY!

Tomorrow me and Allan are meeting up with Jacqueline to take some new hat pictures, so expect new items in the shop very soon.
Oh, and this was the piece that made the front page. I still like that one a lot.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sad mouse

Lucifer has been sick for two days. He shakes all the time, has his tail between his legs and he hasn't even looked at his toy basket today.
I hate it. Hate, hate, hate it.
Me and him are going to Bisserup with my parents tonight, cause Allan is going for a metal-countryside-sleepover type thing, and i'm hoping his favorite fields and some fresh air will cheer him up.

Feel better, baby... please

On a completely different topic; you never really know how much pent-up rage you have in you until someone let's you rant non-stop for about an hour.
I feel a little bad for unloading on Helle and Michael yesterday, but i think both me and Allan felt better afterwards!
And we had a nice, relaxed night of talking and eating take out sushi in spite of me going on about stuff that's pissing me off!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Small victories

First of all, i'm really touched and grateful for all the sweet and supportive comments on my last post.
It's a pretty common human mistake to assume that we're the only ones dealing with whatever issues we happen to be dealing with, but we never are. But because nobody wants others to see their flaws and their weaknesses, we all walk around in our little bubbles, thinking we're the only ones.
And we look at each other thinking "that girl, she could never feel what i'm feeling, she looks so cool and together and her life is probably perfect" and well, that's just never true.

Now, i'm in no way happy that so many of you knows what it's like to suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, but i'm happy that you chose to tell me about your experiences. You made me feel less alone.
And i'm especially relieved that so many seem to have overcome their anxiety completely, something i actually never knew was possible.
It gives me hope!

I've had a good week.
After the stress London kind of faded (working hard, like physically hard, on the darkroom helped me move on) i started feeling more like myself.
After so many bad experiences lately (London and Prague in particular) i was starting to think i'd never be able to do normal, but challenging stuff again, so it was kind of a huge deal when, a few days ago, me and Allan decided to work on on my leg. Getting tattooed, especially the longer sessions in Japan, has been a trigger for panic for me for a long time, and i was getting seriously worried that i had reached a point where a simple, short session in my own studio was too much for me.
So i told Allan "maybe", just so i wouldn't get too worked up during the day, and that seemed to do the trick.
The first 15 minutes were kind of awful (but then again, they always are) and i could feel the panic emerging, but i focused on my breathing, and on telling myself it'd get better, and it did.
Not the pain, because holy shit, but the pain was never what scared me.
Feeling unwell, being nauseous, not being in control, and ultimately feeling less than sane, is what scares me. And for some reason, the idea of passing out, even though i've never even come close to that in real life. Weird.
It was a short session, cause Allan had a meeting about a photography gig to get to, but it was a successful one, and i don't think i can explain how much i needed that.
I needed a win. I needed to do something on my "trigger list" without having an episode. And i did, and i've been riding that feeling ever since.
The only thing that bothers me right now is my leg being too sore to work out. But i'm ok to do yoga still, and that's something that's becoming increasingly important to me.

Sorry for the rant.
I guess i decided to share.
Here's hoping that doesn't turn into over-sharing!

My sweet and patient husband

Our trusty sidekick, being bored out of his mind

There's still a long ways to go on this one, but it was great just getting started again

The next day

Today i'm gonna search eBay for wigs, dresses and other things that will eventually make up a Halloween costume.
It's funny, but with Halloween being kind of a new thing in Denmark, not even a tradition yet, i've never been a Halloween person. But now, with the shop plans i just posted about on the other blog, i kind of have to be.
And i must admit, i'm getting into it!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The short version

Ok, so i already did the official "we went to London" post on the other blog, so i figured i can slack a bit on this one.
It's not that i don't wanna blog here, although i know it may sometimes seem like it, it's just that so much is going on with me, that i feel like i can't write about anything without somehow getting into things that require a deeper explanation. And like most bloggers, i'm always struggling with "too-personal-not-personal-enough" balance.
But in short; i've been having a lot of anxiety this year.
I've been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks for years, but this year it's just gotten so much worse. Sometimes it's so bad that i wonder if my life will ever be normal and fear-free again, and then other days i can hardly remember feeling that way.
The last kind have been few and far between lately.

So to someone like me, an event like a tattoo convention, and even the days leading up to one, can be a complete nightmare, and that's pretty much what i expected London to be.
And in some ways, it didn't disappoint (although i obviously wish it had).
Friday was the worst. I had a day-long panic attach, the longest i've ever experienced, and having to deal with clients and work the booth at the same time was, to put it mildly, extremely uncomfortable.
But Saturday and Sunday got a little better, and i ended up having moments of actual enjoyment. And for me, that's about as good as it gets these days.

Although that was pretty vague and brief, i hope that explains the few pictures, and my not wanting to get into things too much.
Maybe i'll try to write more about the stuff i'm dealing with at another time, i hope i will because writing helps me deal, but i still need to decide what the right amount of personal is.
So for now, this is as much as i feel like sharing about that weekend.

And we're back

Convention family part one

Convention family part two

Allan working and getting interviewed at the same time... there was a lot of that going on this year!

Fucking awesome

Kate took this!

A break by the water

Bringing only one pair of pants will sometimes lead to having to borrow your husbands far too large jeans (also, my belly looks really fat in this picture... i'm hoping it's because i just ate!)

It finally happened!

Walked by here on the way to the airport

As awful as the weekend was for me at times, there was good stuff too.
It was a successful weekend for the shop, as we had one of the busiest booths of the show, and for once we had stickers and business cards too!
We met up with some really great friends, and made some new acquaintances too, which is always nice.
But i am hoping that next year will be easier for me on a personal level. It sure as hell can't get much harder.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Can we pretend i wrote this in September?

Oops. It happened again didn't it?
Whatever, you're used to it by now, right?
And i have actually been super busy. And in London. Some of the time at least.
But i'm back now, and i'm having my first genuinely great day in a long time.
More about that, and London, some other time, right now i just wanna post some pictures and maybe take a nap.
Oh, to have a day off. Isn't it just the best?

Today the weather broke a heat record from October 1978.
About friggin time, i say.

Morning coffee with my handsome boys

 Lucifer's favorite park... possibly mine too

More chai and a politically incorrect bracelet

 That dog and that dress

Trying to make him dance for the camera... doesn't always work (but sometimes it does)

Ps. I didn't take a nap after all, but i did read a few chapters of my book and eat some snacks. Just as good.