Saturday, September 10, 2011

This, that and a bad haircut

I've been struggling with that whole comments on/comments off dilemma for a long time now.
You may have noticed.
Comments-off was actually working pretty well for me for a while, but i could tell that the blog was a more interesting place to visit back when people could share their thought with me and with other readers, and according to my stats, ahem, others felt that way too.
But what to do; i hate the way you can't reply to individual comments in Blogger, and i wasn't about to switch to Wordpress just because of that.
But still, i was too lazy to sit around and copy/paste people's names every time i wanted to reply to a comment, and if i didn't, well, then it got confusing.
There where other reasons too, for the comments-off months, and i think i mentioned them here before, but while i can't do anything about those, i could do something about the comment section itself.
See, i noticed that my blog buddy Nova had a fancy comment section on her blog, even though she's on Blogger too, so i decided to give that a go.

So far, i like it ok, although there seems to be one huge con; i can't switch comments off at all.
And i would like to have some posts comment free, just once in a while.
But it doesn't look like that's an option here, which is too bad, but since i went through all the trouble of setting this up (note: it took, like, 10 minutes, but i wasn't in the mood for it, so it's a big deal now), i guess i'll give it a chance anyway.
So, comment away if you like, even the closed posts of the past many months are now wide open to whatever input or pun or snappy comeback you may have had in your system at the time you read them!

In other news, i am home alone, reading a book that's making me super sad.
In other, other news, i got a haircut that i hate, and i'll putting my hair in a (now ridiculously small) ponytail until that shit grows back out, thankyouverymuch!

It started out ok, then it got really flat and started to look like a helmet, and then i noticed just how much had been cut off.... months wasted...

The camouflage hair-do, complete with homemade headband

Oh, i already don't like having comments back on...
I was feeling so safe and comfortable, and now i feel all vulnerable again.
Be nice, ok?


  1. See, that was a nice comment! Makes me less scared about having them back one. Thanks!

  2. see i like the new hair, but i've told you that already. the camouflage looks cute too!

    glad to have the comments back on, I love a good comments snoop :) (need to get out more)

  3. Love the hair. Love the wife. Love the headband (I'm the president of the headband fan club) and I love that the comments are back! Looove

  4. I was going to write something horrible just to be silly but then was all like "that's stupid" so I didn't. I think your haircut looks good. Just so's you know.

  5. Your new haircut is more then fine:) I read you for a while and I was dissipointed that there was no comment section, so happy now that you changed it. Interactions are good things, and when you don't like a comment, you can just trash it to the bin.

  6. I'm glad you're happy to see comments back on!

  7. LOVE right back at ya, svigermor!

  8. See, I happen to like your hair as well - both the new cut, and your attempt to camouflage it! So there! ... I also love the fact, that my son loves you, and that he's not shy of letting everybody know it! And I love that you're my beautiful, intelligent, charming, talented daughter-in-law! So lots of love and hugs from me!

  9. I did miss being able to comment, I liked being able to tell you how much I adore you & reading about your happenings!

    I'm living each day in some form of a pony tail as well, grow hair grow! But I like your bangs & your headband AND your hair color is beautiful. So, BOOYAH! you're awesome!

  10. First time commenting on a blog ever !
    I saw you were reading a Song of Ice and Fire, and i wanted to share your frustration...
    I'm on the fifth book, and every time I think it's finally gonna be ok, it gets fucking worse. I'm having a break cause I'm fed up with favorite characters being all manhandled right now, and the apprehension of having to wait a couple of years before knowing what comes next... But that's still awesome !!! Fan-attitude feels so good !

    (By the way, you look like the girl from "Sing yesterday for me" with this haircut, cute !)

  11. What the...I could have sworn I commented here a day or so ago! Anyway I think I said I like your haircut and you're awesome or something. So here it is again.

  12. I think your hair looked kind of cute in the first pic.... but then again I am a man and if it was not for my wife I would like like 'captain caveman', so what do I know. Haha Great to have comments backs! :)

  13. Ehhh, i still really hate it.
    but maybe i'd hate it less if i saw it as a doodle?

    Miss you toooooo!!!

  14. Whoa, awesome, i'm happy you felt like commenting then!
    Those books are so damn good, but yeah, it's almost too frustrating at time!
    I took a break yesterday too.

    (I had to google that, but yeah, that does kind of look like my hair... after the whole straightening iron treatment, that is)

  15. I think you did too, but the disqus thing was a little wonky at first. But i think it's ok now!?

  16. Men, what ever would you do without us!?

  17. Actually I remembered having posted some comments on another blog several years ago, but it was someone I knew in real life, absolutly not the same !
    Anyway your blog is always a delight to read and may be that's the begining of a commentator-call for me !