Friday, September 2, 2011

That week on instagram, and also, i'm out of here

When you read this, i will be on my way to Prague.
Or in Prague, even.
The weather there looks amazing and i can't wait to do some serious walking and picture taking with my man.
I'm excited to see the hotel too. It looked cute in pictures.
I won't be bringing my laptop along this time, so no posts until i'm back.
Also, as usual, i forgot to check the internet situation there anyway.
I'm hoping for just a little wi-fi here and there.

This insta-collage is mostly from mid August when we came back from vacation and went to this party.
The next one should be more up to date.
Have a nice weekend, everyone!

(Click picture for bigger view)
(1. I forgot this guy in the Bisserup insta-post! 2. The city welcomed us with pouring rain and black skies 3. At the shop, preparing for burlesque madness 4. Party nails 5. Party lips 6. While getting ready, first layer of white powder applied 7. My boobs made it to the popular page... 8. Mille 9. Me 10. Lucifer looked on, probably confused 11. Me again 12. Sofie  13. The next day was spent on the couch with this 14. ... and these guys 15. The Conspiracy tomatoes 16. A nice little salad17. Present from Adam 18. I don't have much time to read, so i'm still on this one 19. Pooch 20. Cacti 21. Plant projects 22. Windowsill 23. We've been sucked back in 24. Gross, but pretty)