Friday, September 16, 2011

Some weeks on instagram and some words from right now

I am totally beginning to catch up on the instagram posts, aren't i?
If i keep this up, maybe the weekly feature will become, well, weekly again soon.

My getting back in shape (or just in shape, depending on how you look at it) is going pretty well.
I ordered a couple more dvd's on amazon cause they're really cheap and it's good to have some variety when you're as easily bored and distracted as me.
I'm not tired of the "6 week Six-pack" yet, though, in fact i'm only just getting to the point where i can get through the whole routine without pausing for almost-fainting and almost-puking.
And i'm still on level 1.
I also got a Danish yoga dvd with nighttime exercises, so i have something to do in the evening on days when i don't have time for the morning workout.
I tried it once, and while it was a little too focused on relaxation (i have a hard time turning my brain off) it did provide for some serious stretching that i could feel the next day. 
I'm also eating less crap, or at least trying to, and the crap i do eat is healthier than the crap i used to eat.
Like, making homemade organic popcorn with olive oil instead of eating a can of Pringles.
Yeah, i still snack, i gots to!
So yeah, baby steps, i certainly don't look different, but on the days i exercise before work, i'm filled with energy, and that alone is reason to keep this going.

Thanks or the support and suggestions on this post, if you have other good ideas for getting fit and healthy, please do share!

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(1. The almost obligatory pizza shot 2. Darth memory-stick, another cool present from Adam 3. Gary! 4. Bob! 5. First of the Conspiracy grown tomatoes 6. Before i cut my hair, but after i dyed it 7. Amazing Arcade Fire 8. Flowers for a funeral 9. Viva Buffy! 10. Magical M. Ward  11. These books have stolen my soul 12. 105 Yen shoes and some frilly socks 13. Mucha bookmark 14. Allan rode me to work while i was sick 15. I like this picture cause my hair looks pretty and you can't see my face 16. This face i like 17. Deer skull from Bisserup being cleaned at the shop 18. Cacti in pretty pots at home 19. Vesterbro 20. Lazy feet 21. Reading in the park on a sunny day 22. Shonen Knife! 23. Bored 24. Stressed 25. Love 26. Best homemade burger 27. Goodnight 28. Future projects)


  1. Yeah, there's no 'not snacking' allowed in my life. It doesn't always have to be potato chips or whatever but I need my between meal stuff to survive. Right now I'm really into carrots and mustard, which sounds gross, but I love mustard so much that the carrots are really just a vehicle for it.

  2. I need to try yoga, I'm so stiff. I'm having to see a chiropractor because of all the muscle and joint damage I have :(

  3. I like carrots as a vehicle for dip too.

  4. I bet yoga could help with that. I'll let you know about that second dvd when it gets here (the one in Danish probably wouldn't do much good!)