Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Instaprague, praguestagram and pictures from my phone

I still. Haven't finished. That. Damn. Film.
It's on 36 now, and everytime i take a picture, it's still on 36.
And there's nothing worth taking a picture of in this town.
It's filthy, for one thing.
The lakes are full of green goo and vintage trash from the fall of 2010, there's dog poop and busted up, badly parked bicycles on every sidewalk, construction is so out of control that it has become a permanent part of the cityscape, and to top it all off, every lamppost in the city has about 3-10 ugly ass election posters on them. I can't even begin to tell you how sick i am of their phony politician faces staring down at me when i ride home from work in the rain.
Yeah, it's raining too.

It's kinda the opposite of Prague, one might say.
I had a mixed trip, i think i said that already, illness and anxiety are always working against me, but i wasn't too far gone to appreciate the beauty of this place, and how much effort they must put into making it the clean and friendly tourist mecca that is.
And i certainly appreciated the romantic alone time with my love as well.
We couldn't have picked a better spot to celebrate our 10 years as husband and wife.
Until the real pictures get here (if they're any good, that is), i'm gonna settle and post a few from the iPhone.

Out walking that first night, met a lonely book on a trashcan


 Best weather imaginable... almost too good


Their language is cooler than ours

We found owls! Huge owls! I can't wait to see Allan's pictures of these guys

 All buildings were beautiful

View from the top

 Karlův Most


If i'd been able to eat at all, i would have bought one of these

View from the second Mucha exhibit in one day

 As usual, click to go bigger
(1. Traveling light 2. Czech Airlines 3. Our room at the lovely Mucha hotel 4. Pretty inside too, kind of important 5. Night time walk 6. September 3rd 2001 7. We didn't go there, but their posters where awesome 8. That view 9. That bridge 10. Those churches 11. The police did this... in Copenhagen they're more likely to beat up your dog 12. Souvenir)


  1. Aaaaarrgggh det er nu 3. gang jeg prøver at skrive en kommentar.. ;)Og den bliver slettet hvergang ;)

    Jeg elsker Prag har været der 1000 gange dog er det længe siden sidst.
    Den har de bedste tegnebutikker, det sejeste Tim Burton-ish kunst og byen ligner en blanding af Gorham
    City og prinsesseland.
    Jeg elsker den eventyrlige stemning den frembringer.
    Er meget misundelig på jeres tur.
    (håber ikke denne kommentar bliver slettet)

  2. Den klarede sig.. Sorry for brok... ;)

  3. i like your fotos !

  4. Great shots!.... now I want a doughnut. :\

  5. Ok, der er åbenbart stadig start vanskeligheder med det nye comment system, men Fia, jeg så godt de sidste to kommentarer! Aner ikke hvorfor eller hvordan de er blevet slettet, når jeg har fået email notification på dem!?

  6. those are some serious donuts!

  7. I don't think our language is better, it's just harder to understand I guess haha

  8. I don't think our language is better, it's just harder to understand I guess haha.

  9. It's so much prettier, even looking at the words is better. Much more elegant than clumsy old Danish!

  10. so have you enjoyed our capital city?.) I used to study there and I guess that in czech republic it is the best place to live.. Its so unusual to see a little bit of czech language on your blog.. I hope you have seen all the beautiful sightseeings here. I honestly hate Karluv most for being so full of tourists all the time. I was there because of that like 2 times, haha.)

  11. It's definitely full of tourists, but for some reason i find them easier to tolerate in other countries than i do here! Weird.
    But i did enjoy the city very much.