Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dream boots found, dream apartment still missing

What have i been up to?
Oh, you know, just looking at apartments. Every day.
Looking at apartments, all of the apartments, hoping "the one" will show up soon.
I've got a few potentials, but nothing... perfect.
But perfect doesn't exist, we all know that.
Maybe when we come back from London, i'll make some calls and arrange to see some of these potentials in person.
Maybe if i pretend i've found something, the right one will present itself? You know, that old trick?
If not, i'm leaving the country.
I am not spending another winter here.

 A few days ago i got the strangest urge to wear these shoes that haven't seen the light of day since i put them in the basement in 2004... imagine if i'd thrown them out!? But of course i wouldn't...

Me and Allan had a very successful shopping trip today; i found my dream boots plus a sweet vintage denim vest and a very soft, used t-shirt and Allan got himself (another) denim jacket... a really nice one

All this looking for a home with no success is pretty depressing, but on the plus side, i'm getting very good at street names, and i pretty much know exactly what an apartment is supposed to cost in various neighborhoods.
So that's something.

Not much socializing going on these days. Not even with each other.
Allan is busy painting flash for London, and i'm just doing my best to be out of his way.
It's a drag, but it's temporary, and i'm very proud of him for all the progress he's making.
I'm supportive-wife.
Hey, maybe London will be fun this year?*

*Hopeful, naive font.


  1. hurrah for the boots!

    you should all move to the uk! Barely any tourists outside of London, it's pretty damn cheap to live here, the winters are milder and we're all too fat and lazy to go jogging :)

  2. i LOVE/NEED/WANT those boots!! so cute!

  3. Awesome supportive wife!! LOVE!!! Snart færdig!!

  4. And you have houses. People like us can live in houses.

  5. I got them here, so if you're ever in Copenhagen :)

  6. Det er løgn, du bliver aldrig færdig! (Men jeg elsker dig alligevel)

  7. Bring some coloring books or something to London so you have something to do. And if you see any ridiculous holes cut in people's clothing to show off their sick tats, please take a photo for me. Thanks!