Thursday, September 8, 2011

Another app, another test...

Remember back when I used to try and blog from my phone and it looked like crap, so I had to go back on the computer and edit it and then what's the point, so I stopped doing that?
That might be happening again.
Or maybe not.
This app might be different.
Because this is the official Blogger app, the one whose non-existence I've been complaining about often and loudly for years.
Taking that into consideration, you'd think my expectations would be pretty high, but I've been burned before.
But I'm hopeful. Maybe it too little, (way) too late, but maybe not?
I'll know in a few hours (or tomorrow) when I check on my computer.
Until then, if you're on Blogger too, the app is out and it's free, so why not join me?

Update: Already a little disappointed with the lack of posting options, like comments on/off... but on the plus side, blog looks pretty normal!


  1. I think it will be fun but most of all I'm just gonna enjoy the comment box while it's here and say: you rule! Awesome hot wife! There! Done! Love you!

  2. i couldn't agree more.
    i've paid for 3 other ones, only to be super disappointed each time.
    but i tried it last night with my dead bird blog,
    and it worked out pretty ok.
    the photo didn't size down exactly right,
    but it's free and better than all of the others, already.

  3. I hate that i can't caption my pictures like i normally do, and also that you have to type in labels (who can remember all their labels? Auto finish, at least!), but other than that, SO much better than the others.