Friday, September 9, 2011

... and they lived happily ever after

I'm about two months late with this post, and i honestly didn't think anyone had noticed my slacking, until i saw Martin on Monday, and he asked me what the hell happened to his wedding post.
I guess my irregular posting doesn't always go unnoticed.
But i did put up a teaser, and that's something, right? No?*

Ok, then, here's the official "Martin and Christel Got Married" post.

The ceremony took place at Assistens Cemerety in Copenhagen, and while the weather was crappy most of the day, it did stop raining for the short time we were outside... good people, good weather karma, right?

After the ceremony we went to Copenhagen Skatepark were Martin and Christel had spent hours decorating the night before

More balloons, and my head watching the happy couple open their wedding presents

The night was full of good food, speeches and surprises; here Martin is serenading his new bride with the help of our old friend Sune Grip

The bridal waltz was followed by a romantic dance, that i tried my best to capture in the dark...

I think it worked...

... with a little help from my friend photoshop, that is

... and from the instamagram (click for a much larger view)
 (1. Wrong dress because of the post office and wrong shoes because of the weather 2. Allan and Eckel clean up good 3. Saying their "I do's" 4. Just married! 5. Champagne ice cream, from you-know-where 6. Kitty berries 7. Eckel and Corey 8. Cake overload 9. Drunk on my ass, waiting on a falafel)

We had a super fun night, talking, eating and drinking, dancing with Helle and Michael and sucking helium from the balloon decorations with my mom, who stayed almost as late as we did.
Martin and Christel were showered with awesome gifts and love from their friends and families, so i think they had a pretty wonderful time too. 
It was, by far, the most spectacular wedding i've ever been to, but i'd expect nothing less from these two!
Check out Christel's blog for more wedding goodness.

*Ok, so i didn't actually have that many pictures. At least not that many good ones!


  1. Ahhhh sjov aften. Gode folk. Flot kone der er mega sød når hun sidder fuld på gulvet og tager billeder. LOVE
    Wow to comments på en dag!! Det er bare med at nyde det mens man kan!

  2. Her dress is wonderful, she looks like a little marionette! And I love that your hat matches her dress... did you know she was wearing that or was it just a coincidence?

  3. Sjoveste aften LÆNGE!!
    (Og yay for comments on!)

  4. so much wonderfulness! Christel is the cutest bride I ever did see!

  5. I knew what she was wearing, sort of, but the hat matching was a coincidence. my outfit was actually inspired by a Frida Kahlo picture, but i think i'll post that here too!

  6. Fineste billeder! Tusind tak fordi du kom den!

  7. Jeg ville ønske jeg havde haft flere gode, men jeg sender nogle til dig alligevel. Min mor har også, skulle jeg hilse at sige!