Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Danish summer, or Life Isn't Fair as we like to call it around here

It seems we were lucky to get a few days of actual summer in Sweden, cause the rest of our vacation is being kind of a dick.
The weather was ok when we arrived on Friday, and since my parents had invited the whole town over for a free concert, that was pretty lucky, but it has gotten colder and wetter ever since.
Saturday and Sunday were ok actually, it's just hard to settle for ok when what you really want to do is go swimming.
But oh, how we long for "ok" now that it's all rain and thunderstorms and at least 5 degrees colder than just a few days ago.
Whatever, i get to read and sleep a lot. So at least i'll be well rested when i go back to work!
And even though i'm still haunted by work emails every now and then, just being away from the city feels damn good.

Friday night, taken from the car

Waking up to this view never gets old

Neither does this one (not to me and my family at least)

Lucifer enjoyed an afternoon of lying in the sun by my feet while i drank tea and read a book

Sunday night we invited my mom over for pizza, cause my dad was off playing a festival (the pizza was mom-approved)

Cutest calf, no taller than a Great Dane

Weather getting sketchy

Post sketchy weather walk

My little troll, crossing a little bridge

It rained again ten minutes later

I have no words for this in English, and no patience for google either

My plan for this week was to go swimming, read, embroider, eat healthy, go for walks, and find a place to hang the hammock i bought last week.
It would seem that only a few of these goals will be reached.
But i did actually find a spot for the hammock, i just doubt the weather will allow me to even hang it.