Friday, July 8, 2011

This week on instagram part two

Whoa, have you guys seen the new blogger?
Or is it just the "in draft" that's had a complete makeover?
In any case, it makes me think i should be booking easy jet tickets instead of writing amusing anecdotes about my life.
I hope that's the look they were going for.

Click picture for a bigger view
(1. On Friday a week ago i had the pleasure of sitting outside waiting for this for two and a half hours 2. But i made it in, and me and my feet got our first day at Roskilde in two years 3. I found Allan's future hair twin 4. Old Orange 5. We arrived in Bisserup for my dads birthday around 4.30 am Saturday morning 6. While my mom cooked, we ate these 7. While planting birthday flags, i found this little guy 8. I wore a new, old dress and a homemade headdress 9. I love eBay 10. My moms wonderful new vegetable and herb garden that she built herself 11. Sunday we were going back to Roskilde, and i'm sure you can tell why i really didn't want to 12. Embroidered Lucifer 13. The weekend rain had been extra heard on Jean-Luc's rust, so i gave him a duct tape makeover 14. I felt sick all day, but around 8 pm when this was taken, i was watching Graveyard and feeling better 15. At home, we went into the basement to salvage things from Saturdays great flooding 16. This was my dinner 17. None of my diaries and letters were damaged, but i decided it was time to keep them in the apartment from now on anyway, you never know what the next heavy rains are gonna do to your basement 18. More childhood treasures 19. Monday was Star Wars day at the shop 20. Tuesday night we took advantage of
still being dog-free and went out for some sushi 21. Wednesday was Yonas' birthday, i got him this afro comb and a copy of The Neverending Story 22. A dress i found while rummaging around the basement 23. A finished hat project 24. A sleeping dog in the sun)

"A post may have at most 20 labels"

Erhm, since when?