Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday randomness

Yesterday, after i came home from Martin's bachelor party, i so desperately wanted to blog, but couldn't because my stupid computer was broken.
Isn't it always like that though?
It's fixed now (no thanks to Dell customer support who are closed on weekends) and i owe it all to a smart twitter follower who didn't mind giving tech support via husbands and Skype on a Sunday.
The internet isn't all bad.
But of course my blogging urge has come and gone, and now i basically just wanna get back to the couch and whatever sci-fi is dvd is in the blu-ray player at the moment.
But first, random pictures.

Another one from Yonas' birthday

A finished wedding custom piece that i'll hopefully get a few decent pictures of before i ship it off to England tomorrow

I know it's hard to tell with all the iPhone-ness going on, but i swear, it's really nice

Martin's bachelor party will get an entire post after the wedding, for security reasons, but trust me when i say that awesomeness took place

 My favorite Sunday activity: family bike rides (it looks like someone else is enjoying it too)

 My feet got an awkward tan on Saturday

 Lucifer took a swim and ate some grass while me and Allan had some ice cream at the cemetery

People are throwing away all kinds of good stuff these days, since the flood forced them to clean out their basements, and today i found this only slightly damaged mirror

Don't forget to check the other blog, we're having another guest artist over next month!