Sunday, July 17, 2011

More Hong Kong randomness, with food

This catching up thing is hard, y'all.
I keep having to go look at my blog to check if i've posted the pictures before, cause it's been so long, and some of them has been on instagram already.
But i'm enjoying these random, messy Hong Kong posts and i hope you are too!

I think this was the first night; Taiwanese shaved ice cream with mango and magic beans

Spectacular veggie restaurant right around the corner from Nick's place

The tables at secret café

I watched a whoooole lotta Animal Planet, Nat Geo and Discovery when we were at the hotel... cause that's what happens when you don't have TV at home

Pet shop posters in the staircase leading up to the shop... Nick and Rob were so bummed about these, but i obviously loved them!

Fat kitteh, fat bunneh... what's not to love?

Ben & Jerry's strawberry cheesecake milkshake... i can't believe we never thought of that (if anyone's interested in the recipe; it was milk and ice cream in a blender and it was heaven)

Brinner at the Frying Pan (get it?)

Allan, Nick and Quist (i feel like i should call Nick and verify that spelling...) later that night at the art show, the one briefly mentioned in this post

Rob and a few tubs of Poutine another night

 Last night in Hong Kong before flying out; dinner at another amazing vegetarian place (my carnivorous friends really spoiled me on this trip)

Free dessert: a bowl of nothing with little bubbles of nothing in it (additives: large amounts of E0)

We needed real dessert too, so we went to yet another crazy-ass Hong Kong dessert spot full of various puddings and jellos

I love sharing food with friends

More to come?