Monday, July 18, 2011

From Roskilde to Bisserup

I wasn't supposed to go to Roskilde this year, but just when i was about to come to terms with Allan going without me (and maybe even looking forward to some home alone time), Martin called with some good news.
He had an extra wristband for me, and just like that, all of our plans had changed.
Allan went Thursday, but i didn't go until Friday.
Allan's schedule was packed, but i didn't have much to see that day besides Kurt Vile, so i kind of just drifted along. It was a long day, and because some of the bands we wanted to see didn't play until 1 am, we didn't make it to Bisserup until around 4.30 in the morning.
See, Saturday was my dad's birthday, and also the 50th anniversary of the day my parents met, so they'd planned a big party and we weren't about to miss that. Luckily, Saturday was day with the least concerts Allan wanted to see, so it worked out pretty great.

The party was a success, and Roskilde wasn't bad either, but i still promised Allan i'd stay home next year.
Not because he doesn't like being with me (i hope?!), but because i'm too critical of everything, and i don't like going to shows that much anyway, whereas Allan is more... easily amused?
Still, i'm, glad i went... seeing the festival is always fun.
And i wouldn't have missed Graveyard for the world.

Here are some pictures from the weekend.
I forgot to bring my camera.

Street artist Husk Mit Navn representing

Darkness falls on the orange stage

Saturday in Bisserup, i ran into a tiny racing snail while putting up flags in the driveway

Cutest thing ever

My dad, ever the inventor, came up with this device to get the barbecue going*

I'm told my dad actually gave a little speech (that never happens) while i was out  grilling steaks for everyone, but no one bothered to come get me (yeah, still bitter about that), but at least i was there when he sang 'Sweet Lorraine' to my mom

She seemed to enjoy it (sorry for the crappyness of the photos, but it was so dark in there and, well, phone camera)

I wore a new black, maxi dress i got from eBay and this awesome headband i made a while ago, but apparently never took pictures of?! Weird...

On Sunday the weather cleared up, and it was so lovely there, i almost didn't wanna go back to Roskilde

I finally got to see the spectacular herb and vegetable garden my mom built

There's nothing quite like this place on a sunny day

Taken on me and Lucifer's morning walk

Back at the festival (i won't even go into how painfully long it took to get there and how frustrating that was) we saw the last 5-ish songs of the Bad Religion show, and Allan let his hair fly free

I honestly had kind of a bad day, but around 8 pm Graveyard played and made it all better

*It was pouring down all  night (not as bad as in Copenhagen, but still pretty bad) but the grill and buffet was safe under the carport, and the former barn easily sits 65 people.