Wednesday, July 27, 2011

These weeks on instagram

See what i did there? With the title?
I am not totally unaware of how long it's been, you know!

Click on the picture for a larger view (really, do it, this is tiny!)
(1. Cutting my insanely long nails made my heart ache... they were so friggin cool! 2. Pizza topping mix 3. Short, black nails 4. Old photo-booth pictures of me from the basement 5. Nyhavn 6. Pizza for one 7. A rare sunny day with ice cream at the cemetery 8. Finished wedding hat 9. Finished water color 10.  One of the most amazing things i found in my grandfathers apartment 11. Another grandfather find that now lives in the shop 12. More treasures and a very old picture of yours truly 13. Refshaleøen (you know, out by the flea market) 14. My grandfathers glass cabinet is now my craft cabinet 15. Ice cream with the besties 16. Pretty lantern from guess-where 17. Lucifer at the coffee shop 18. Tomato! 19. I just realized i already posted this, but my awesome Japanese boots deserve multiple mentions! 20. So does my bruised knee 21. Epic patch from Corey 22. Getting all emo before bedtime 23. A little craft project i'm working on 24. I'm reading Elfquest again, because old hobbies die hard 25. More patches; Wars and Trek! 26. Wedding wardrobe 27. Shitfaced on the floor much later that night 28. An epic amount of insta-followers 29. Allan and Masumi 30. Some sweet vinyl covers 31. Lucifer in his basket, waiting to go home 32. Me and Corey at a not so serious museum 33. At that same museum 34. Regular old armadillo 35. Not so regular sheep 36. A pasta dish that could have used some red)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Coming soon...

I have so many pictures from our friends' wedding on Saturday, but i figured i'd give them a chance to post them on their respective blogs before i get into it.
Also, since i've been pretty busy, not to mention epically hungover, since the party, i'm really in no hurry to sit around and edit pictures.
So yeah, boring preview post it is.

Outdoor ceremony... thank god it stopped raining for five minutes

It's too bad they're only gonna get married this once, cause they throw one hell of a wedding party.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Late Thursday night...

I haven't worn make up in a long time.
Weeks probably.
At first it was because of sheer laziness.
Then it was my newfound hay fever.
And now? Now i don't even know.
Back to laziness... or maybe i'm daring myself?
Maybe it's the same kind of dare that's responsible for the fact that i haven't tasted coffee in about 15 months?
Just to see if i can keep it up?

Whatever the case is, it's getting a little ridiculous, so it's a good thing we're doing this again soon.
It's about time i dress up all fancy, try that make up thing again, and make an effort to look, you know, pretty.
I bet my mascara is all dried up.

Oh, there's an interesting twist to the story; my intrigued husband is coming with me this time.
I'm not gonna influence his wardrobe choice in any way, i generally don't, so it should be intersesting to see what he'll come up with.
I bet he'll look dapper no matter what!

Not good, not bad, just me

My dress for the wedding still hasn't arrived, so today i brought my backup dress (i.e.: just a dress i found in my closet) to the shop and replaced its busted zipper.
So, technically i do have something to wear if it doesn't show up. But i'm still hoping.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A good start

Sunday i spent most of the day in the basement, cleaning out the last casualties of the flood.
A lot of wonderfully slutty (and mostly homemade) clothes from the early '00s were lost, but on the plus side, we do have a lot of extra basement space now.
And we have insurance, thank god.
 I also needed to get the cigar stench out of the stuff i got at my grandpa's place, so i didn't have a lot of time to just chill.

So for that reason i'm extra happy we had Monday off to do just that; chill.
Not that we did nothing all day; i went shopping for accessories for the wedding on Saturday (i'm saying "The Wedding" like you all know who's getting married, but since most of my closest people are going, it's easy to make assumptions), did some work-work on the computer, drew some pictures, and made dinner.
Allan basically did the same, minus the h&m part, obviously.
We also watched True Blood.
Isn't everyone?

The dress i'm (hopefully) wearing on Saturday was bought on eBay, and i'm starting to worry it won't make it here in time.
I have no backup dress.
Yay, me.

Monday shopping outfit (it was warm so obviously i wore giant boots... uhm...)

I bumped my knee real bad on Saturday, but thanks to a big, pink chrysanthemum, you can't see the nasty bruise!

Allan met with a client at the café for a consultation... a little strange, perhaps, but it beats going all the way to the shop

Monday, July 18, 2011

From Roskilde to Bisserup

I wasn't supposed to go to Roskilde this year, but just when i was about to come to terms with Allan going without me (and maybe even looking forward to some home alone time), Martin called with some good news.
He had an extra wristband for me, and just like that, all of our plans had changed.
Allan went Thursday, but i didn't go until Friday.
Allan's schedule was packed, but i didn't have much to see that day besides Kurt Vile, so i kind of just drifted along. It was a long day, and because some of the bands we wanted to see didn't play until 1 am, we didn't make it to Bisserup until around 4.30 in the morning.
See, Saturday was my dad's birthday, and also the 50th anniversary of the day my parents met, so they'd planned a big party and we weren't about to miss that. Luckily, Saturday was day with the least concerts Allan wanted to see, so it worked out pretty great.

The party was a success, and Roskilde wasn't bad either, but i still promised Allan i'd stay home next year.
Not because he doesn't like being with me (i hope?!), but because i'm too critical of everything, and i don't like going to shows that much anyway, whereas Allan is more... easily amused?
Still, i'm, glad i went... seeing the festival is always fun.
And i wouldn't have missed Graveyard for the world.

Here are some pictures from the weekend.
I forgot to bring my camera.

Street artist Husk Mit Navn representing

Darkness falls on the orange stage

Saturday in Bisserup, i ran into a tiny racing snail while putting up flags in the driveway

Cutest thing ever

My dad, ever the inventor, came up with this device to get the barbecue going*

I'm told my dad actually gave a little speech (that never happens) while i was out  grilling steaks for everyone, but no one bothered to come get me (yeah, still bitter about that), but at least i was there when he sang 'Sweet Lorraine' to my mom

She seemed to enjoy it (sorry for the crappyness of the photos, but it was so dark in there and, well, phone camera)

I wore a new black, maxi dress i got from eBay and this awesome headband i made a while ago, but apparently never took pictures of?! Weird...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

More Hong Kong randomness, with food

This catching up thing is hard, y'all.
I keep having to go look at my blog to check if i've posted the pictures before, cause it's been so long, and some of them has been on instagram already.
But i'm enjoying these random, messy Hong Kong posts and i hope you are too!

I think this was the first night; Taiwanese shaved ice cream with mango and magic beans

Spectacular veggie restaurant right around the corner from Nick's place

The tables at secret café

I watched a whoooole lotta Animal Planet, Nat Geo and Discovery when we were at the hotel... cause that's what happens when you don't have TV at home

Pet shop posters in the staircase leading up to the shop... Nick and Rob were so bummed about these, but i obviously loved them!

Fat kitteh, fat bunneh... what's not to love?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hong Kong randomness

"Nelsons Dance Studio"

Pacific Coffee, Nicks "morning" hangout

Shrine somewhere in the Hong Kong version of Roppongi


Friday, July 15, 2011

Chi Lin Nunnery and other Hong Kong shenanigans

My many Hong Kong posts got derailed by my dying grandfather, but i've been meaning to catch up.
Maybe there won't be as many as i'd planned, but since i actually edited pictures at the hotel every day while we were there, i feel like i at least have to post those. Right?

On our 7th day in Hong Kong we decided to get up a little earlier than the other days (still not early at all) and head out for some touristy stuff without Nick.
Rob had recommended a nunnery he'd been to with his mom, and since we knew the name of the place and the station, we figured we'd be ok without a map or a guide.
It was insanely hot that day.
We found the nunnery without any problems and it was pretty wonderful, just the kind of place we like to visit when we're in Japan, which means Nick would have absolutely hated it, so going without him was a good call.

There, of all places, we found wi-fi, so i instagrammed this picture


Cloudy, but don't let that fool you... it was hot

There was a small rain shower, kind of a refreshing change


Thursday, July 14, 2011


I hate to the the one talking about the weather, but summer here has been practically non-existent and frankly, it's making me sad.
I feel like the winter depression i never really got this year, has finally caught up with me.

We have some holiday time coming up soon, and if the weather doesn't improve, i think i'm just gonna stay home.
Actually, a stay-cation would probably turn out to be a good thing for the shop since there are so many things we need to build, and a few other things that need to be finished in order for us to move on with our grand dreams of printing our own t-shirts and developing our own photos (and we also kinda need to find new people who can do them, since our builders have completely stopped coming around... sigh).

Yesterday was day one of project "clearing out grandpa's apartment" and it went really well.
We worked hard all day, got a lot done, shared some good stories about the old guy, and i of course ended up keeping way too many of his things.
Some because i could really use them, and others just because they reminded me of him.
I've been sharing some of my finds on instagram, but i will be posting them here too.
My apartment now smells like cigar and cologne, and for the first time in my life, i don't mind one bit.

This is from... Tuesday? When the weather was nice enough for me to wear a skirt (also, i got a haircut that day, but it's hard to tell cause she flattened it with one of those hair torture devices i don't use myself)

Besides finishing the wedding hat, i almost finished a forgotten GIANT lily hairpiece, and i made a little painting too

I'm dealing with my grandfathers death pretty well, if i may say so myself, but i'm still not quite ready to write about it. The other stuff too... "stuff" being just life in general, i guess.
Soon, though. I think i need to.

Monday, July 11, 2011

... the fuck is now this...

Dear blogger, why must all your updates be complete bullshit?
Seriously, just find a design theme that works and fucking stick with it.
And if it's not too much to ask, could it not be an god-awful combination of blue, green, yellow and red?

If anyone if confused  about my newest beef, it's the "Follow" that is now called "Join this site" and has gone from hideous to somehow worse

Those colors... that design... *shudder*

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday randomness

Yesterday, after i came home from Martin's bachelor party, i so desperately wanted to blog, but couldn't because my stupid computer was broken.
Isn't it always like that though?
It's fixed now (no thanks to Dell customer support who are closed on weekends) and i owe it all to a smart twitter follower who didn't mind giving tech support via husbands and Skype on a Sunday.
The internet isn't all bad.
But of course my blogging urge has come and gone, and now i basically just wanna get back to the couch and whatever sci-fi is dvd is in the blu-ray player at the moment.
But first, random pictures.

Another one from Yonas' birthday

A finished wedding custom piece that i'll hopefully get a few decent pictures of before i ship it off to England tomorrow

I know it's hard to tell with all the iPhone-ness going on, but i swear, it's really nice

Martin's bachelor party will get an entire post after the wedding, for security reasons, but trust me when i say that awesomeness took place

 My favorite Sunday activity: family bike rides (it looks like someone else is enjoying it too)

 My feet got an awkward tan on Saturday

 Lucifer took a swim and ate some grass while me and Allan had some ice cream at the cemetery

People are throwing away all kinds of good stuff these days, since the flood forced them to clean out their basements, and today i found this only slightly damaged mirror

Don't forget to check the other blog, we're having another guest artist over next month!

Friday, July 8, 2011

This week on instagram part two

Whoa, have you guys seen the new blogger?
Or is it just the "in draft" that's had a complete makeover?
In any case, it makes me think i should be booking easy jet tickets instead of writing amusing anecdotes about my life.
I hope that's the look they were going for.

Click picture for a bigger view
(1. On Friday a week ago i had the pleasure of sitting outside waiting for this for two and a half hours 2. But i made it in, and me and my feet got our first day at Roskilde in two years 3. I found Allan's future hair twin 4. Old Orange 5. We arrived in Bisserup for my dads birthday around 4.30 am Saturday morning 6. While my mom cooked, we ate these 7. While planting birthday flags, i found this little guy 8. I wore a new, old dress and a homemade headdress 9. I love eBay 10. My moms wonderful new vegetable and herb garden that she built herself 11. Sunday we were going back to Roskilde, and i'm sure you can tell why i really didn't want to 12. Embroidered Lucifer 13. The weekend rain had been extra heard on Jean-Luc's rust, so i gave him a duct tape makeover 14. I felt sick all day, but around 8 pm when this was taken, i was watching Graveyard and feeling better 15. At home, we went into the basement to salvage things from Saturdays great flooding 16. This was my dinner 17. None of my diaries and letters were damaged, but i decided it was time to keep them in the apartment from now on anyway, you never know what the next heavy rains are gonna do to your basement 18. More childhood treasures 19. Monday was Star Wars day at the shop 20. Tuesday night we took advantage of
still being dog-free and went out for some sushi 21. Wednesday was Yonas' birthday, i got him this afro comb and a copy of The Neverending Story 22. A dress i found while rummaging around the basement 23. A finished hat project 24. A sleeping dog in the sun)

"A post may have at most 20 labels"

Erhm, since when?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

This week on instagram, part one of...

As you may have noticed, the "this week on instagram" feature is more of a biweekly thing at the moment.
Or in general.
But it's an important one, nonetheless, as i still have very little time for actual blogging, but somehow always find time for a quick insta-snapshot.

I'm still not ready to write, like, write a proper post, which is weird and stupid, because i want to and need to.
More than i have in a long time.
So much stuff has happened, not just in my life, but in the way i think and feel, and sometimes it feels like i'm gonna burst if i don't get it out, but...
I don't know what's up.
I am busy too, but that's hardly a reason to not do something you need to do, right?
But it's also hard to figure out where to start, when you're really far behind on something like this, a blog.
In other words, there's a lot of shit i haven't told you guys!
Maybe someday soon, i'll find a way to begin sharing again.

Click picture for a bigger view
(1.Huge Roman snail on Ryesgade  2. Lucifer looking out the window 3. Another great birthday (more about that on the shop blog, soon) 4. My loves 5. Tiny tomato 6. The office
7. Amazing pizza, baked on my new pizza stone 8.My grandfathers funeral 9. When me and Allan went to Inco to buy shop supplies
10. Antique store bargain 11. Home alone 12. Lucifer, again)