Saturday, June 11, 2011

That first night

We arrived in Hong Kong around three in the afternoon.
Nick wasn't there.
If you know him, i'm sure you understand how hilarious it is that he was late for picking us up.
But he did eventually come, and after about a million hugs and a couple of Lucky Strikes (Nick's, not ours) we got on the bus to the city.

On the top floor of the double decker bus from the airport

Impressive, right? I was impressed!

At our hotel, we sat in the fancy room, had some complimentary wine and crackers and got a quick "what's what" briefing

We took a walk around Mong Kok

Nick's street

At Nick's new place, which he hasn't moved in to yet, we found out where the citizens of Hong Kong puts their mail boxes!

The table at secret café

We met up with Nic who knew a delicious vegetarian restaurant just down the street from our hotel

And across from the restaurant; a Taiwanese (i think?) dessert place whose specialty was shaved ice cream with magic beans... and mango

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I've had a rough couple of days, as have my whole family.
Last night was particularly tough. And today had its moments too.
My grandfather is still with us, we went to see him again today, but no one really knows what's gonna happen.
It's worse than i thought, that's for sure.
But whatever will happen, his life has been so long and good already, and that's something to be thankful for.
Another thing to be thankful for is friends who'll allow you to bolt in the middle of Game of Thrones to attend to family stuff, and who don't panic when you return with red, puffy eyes and a runny nose.
No spoilers, by the way, we still haven't finished the last episode!


  1. hong kong looks amazing!

    i want some of that green asparagus bean roll with vegetarian beef! yum!

  2. thx for sharing your photos from hong kong. i have been reading you lately, coming along your blog for the japan-related things (love japan so much).
    still being unknown to you, i anyhow wish the best and most of strength for you and your family - and friends are the best in that matter.

  3. i love you amalie. best wishes to you and your family. GIANT HUGS from across the world.

  4. Sounds like you're focusing on the important...we all eventually have to go, and what matters is that you lived a good and full life.

    I never thought I'd want to go to Hong Kong but I believe you succeeded in making it look cool and not scary.