Friday, June 24, 2011

Surprise! Plus this week on instagram, birthday edition

On Monday it was my birthday and the next day my grandfather died.
Some week, huh?
I'm still not ready to write that post just yet, so lets start with some pictures from my bday.
Nice and easy. 

Allan had arranged a surprise party for me at the shop, along with my parents and friends.
A surprise party!
I've always secretly wanted, but never had, one of those.
And i tell you, it was every bit as magical as i'd imagined one to be.
The weather was a bit moody (much like yours truly), so everyone had helped out and made the office into the cutest indoor picnic area.
And there was food, cupcakes and oh so many wonderful presents.
Being me can be pretty amazing.

Good morning worlds bestest husband

Going to the shop, not knowing what the day would bring (the bag was a birthday present from Allan, who also got me a decorating book, some sweet flared jeans and a mini dresser)

Cake, candles and a few of my presents (herbs from Mille and champagne from Fie)

Christel sent everyone to cake heaven with these bad boys

Helle had made a spectacular banner

Squirrel plate from Corey (i wanted to take individual pictures of all the presents, but before i knew it, we were out the door and headed home to see the last episode of Game of Thrones)

Vintage plant and animal book for my collection from Young and Rasmus

After cake we barbecued, and everyone had brought something delicious to eat

Picking coriander for the ladies (picture via Helle's iPhone)

 We had to walk home due to my impressive loot (that box is all chips, by the way... oh, Eckel, you know me so well)

Click picture for a bigger view
(1.Sweet note 2. Breakfast and flowers in bed 3. Sneaky dog 4. Such pretty flowers 5. Took a part rainy, part sunny walk with Lucifer  6. Amazing strawberry and white chocolate goodness
7. Some of my presents: A box of chips and vintage porcelain jar from Eckel, amazing parrot Taschen book and socks from Martin and Christel, pizza stones, pizza cutter and a frying pan from my parents and grandpa, a fantastic book on herbs and a pretty plant from Anne and Snorre, antique forks from Helle and Michael, flowers from Suzy  8. At home, the guys modeled their luscious locks... guess which are real! 9. My new frying pan, organic and eco-friendly produced, being put to good use
10. Birthday nails 11. From our "Hot dudes on lame cars" photo shoot 12. One of my presents from Allan, all set up in my work area)

After everything that had happened, i'd so needed a day like this, and my parents had too.
I don't usually get too sentimental, but all the work and planning Allan and my wonderful friends had put into this, really was touching.
I'm so lucky to have good people like them in my life, and i hope i can return the favor some day.