Saturday, June 4, 2011

Greetings from Hong Kong, better late than never edition

This is gonna be a quick one, i'm afraid.
We don't have internet at the hotel, so we've so far only been able to go online about four times, and two of them were at the tattoo shop.
But i don't mind.
Really, i don't.
If we'd had internet at the hotel, i wouldn't have had a vacation at all, so i'm grateful.
And checking the phone for twitter/instgram/news/emails every 5 minutes probably isn't all that good for you anyways.

But like i said, quick!
We're doing good, feeling hot, eating well, and hanging out with Nick and his buddies.
Our hotel is amazing and very (very!) reasonably priced, and i have actually made it to the pool.

Ok, gots to go again, but expect a ton of pictures, and many a few tales from the exotic east when i come home in a few days.

The view of Mong Kok from our hotel room on the b17th floor


  1. Looking forward to see more pics! I want to go to Hong Kong at some point too :)


  2. Bonjour,

    I hope you don't mind my comment. It's my first time posting here. I love your blog, though. and this photo of HK oddly reminds me of NYC. Can't wait to see more. Have an amazing weekend and week ahead.