Wednesday, June 29, 2011


My head is all messed up today.
Maybe it's the allergies i never suspected i had until a few weeks ago, maybe it's the massive head cold that makes my spew out snot by the liter, maybe it's lack-of-summer sadness. Maybe it's the funeral tomorrow.
Whatever the reason, i'm just not in a writing mood.

But i do have my guys, and they do make me happy.
Especially when they fall asleep on the couch holding hands (paws?) and refuse to let go, even when i try to wake them up.

Sunday night, someone looks like a silly dog (yes, he's actually sleeping)

Yup, holding hands

Sweetest boys ever

They shifted positions, but didn't let go

Oh, and here's me and my boy, on our Monday morning walk to the coffee shop

Today i found out that i'll be joining Allan, and a bunch of friends, at Roskilde festival this weekend.
I wasn't planning on going, but getting a free ticket is always a nice surprise.
We're also going to Bisserup on Saturday to celebrate my dad's birthday, as well as the 50th anniversary of the day my parents met.
Life seems so... huge sometimes, doesn't it?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Surprise! Plus this week on instagram, birthday edition

On Monday it was my birthday and the next day my grandfather died.
Some week, huh?
I'm still not ready to write that post just yet, so lets start with some pictures from my bday.
Nice and easy. 

Allan had arranged a surprise party for me at the shop, along with my parents and friends.
A surprise party!
I've always secretly wanted, but never had, one of those.
And i tell you, it was every bit as magical as i'd imagined one to be.
The weather was a bit moody (much like yours truly), so everyone had helped out and made the office into the cutest indoor picnic area.
And there was food, cupcakes and oh so many wonderful presents.
Being me can be pretty amazing.

Good morning worlds bestest husband

Going to the shop, not knowing what the day would bring (the bag was a birthday present from Allan, who also got me a decorating book, some sweet flared jeans and a mini dresser)

Cake, candles and a few of my presents (herbs from Mille and champagne from Fie)

Christel sent everyone to cake heaven with these bad boys

Helle had made a spectacular banner

Squirrel plate from Corey (i wanted to take individual pictures of all the presents, but before i knew it, we were out the door and headed home to see the last episode of Game of Thrones)

Vintage plant and animal book for my collection from Young and Rasmus

After cake we barbecued, and everyone had brought something delicious to eat

Picking coriander for the ladies (picture via Helle's iPhone)

 We had to walk home due to my impressive loot (that box is all chips, by the way... oh, Eckel, you know me so well)

Click picture for a bigger view
(1.Sweet note 2. Breakfast and flowers in bed 3. Sneaky dog 4. Such pretty flowers 5. Took a part rainy, part sunny walk with Lucifer  6. Amazing strawberry and white chocolate goodness
7. Some of my presents: A box of chips and vintage porcelain jar from Eckel, amazing parrot Taschen book and socks from Martin and Christel, pizza stones, pizza cutter and a frying pan from my parents and grandpa, a fantastic book on herbs and a pretty plant from Anne and Snorre, antique forks from Helle and Michael, flowers from Suzy  8. At home, the guys modeled their luscious locks... guess which are real! 9. My new frying pan, organic and eco-friendly produced, being put to good use
10. Birthday nails 11. From our "Hot dudes on lame cars" photo shoot 12. One of my presents from Allan, all set up in my work area)

After everything that had happened, i'd so needed a day like this, and my parents had too.
I don't usually get too sentimental, but all the work and planning Allan and my wonderful friends had put into this, really was touching.
I'm so lucky to have good people like them in my life, and i hope i can return the favor some day.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Waiting for closure

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but this is the first time i have even looked at my computer in days.
My grandfather is still at the hospital, and that's where me and my family have been too.
Our lives have hit the "pause" button for now, and there's no telling when we'll get back to normal.
I do hope it'll be soon, for our sake, but mostly for my grandfather who, after almost 94 good years on this planet, deserves some rest.
I'll probably write more about this whole experience later, when i am not actually in it, but right now, i can't even bear putting my feeling into words.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pajama party

A blurry look at a jumpsuit i bought at the Lowrys Farm in Hong Kong.
I really should get myself a new mirror... or a husband who doesn't do an impressive simultaneous grunt-and-sigh when i ask him to take my picture.


I can't help it, i love a soft, comfy jumpsuit.
And with this pattern, no one will notice if when i spill on myself.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


These pictures was from day one too, i think?
Yeah, they were, and i believe i already told you some of what happened that day.
But i didn't tell you that we went up the worlds longest covered outdoor escalators, did i?
Well, we did.
Some of the way, anyway.

I was trying to take a picture of these guys...

But first, this happened

Buildings so tall, skies so blue

We could use about a thousand of these in Copenhagen (but really, just one would be nice)

I didn't ask him to look like a tard, i swear!

Hong Kong, city of interesting desserts

I think maybe this type was from Macau?

Giant straw!

Another thing i failed to mention is that i kept an iPhone journal while i was in Hong Kong.
With no internet, and therefore no blogging, i knew i'd forget everything if i didn't do something, so i wrote down little keywords every day to remember.

I wasn't really planning on posting anything from the journal here, but i just decided that i wanna share a few excerpts once in a while when i post about Hong Kong.
This one is from that day, obviously translated from Danish, but otherwise not edited:

"I took a taxi back to the hotel, relaxed, but got even more sad and anxious from being alone. I cried when i watched a show about elephants, where a baby elephant panicked and the whole herd gathered around it to comfort and protect. I wanted to be that elephant and have that kind of protection and safety.
Took taxi back to Star ferry, watched a bit of the light show. After that mister softie, taxi to Jordan, met up with the other Nic and ate good food. Walked to temple street market. Bought magnets, postcards, patches. Nice walk, i felt better.
Went to sleep really late."

Monday, June 13, 2011

This week on instagram (actually, more like "the past two and a half weeks on instagram")

It's been a while since my last insta-post here and even though i didn't have a lot of internet access while in Hong Kong, and therefore couldn't update it much, i still have a lot of catching up to do.
Or actually, you do, i was there for the whole thing.
Anyway, here are the insta-highlights from the last two weeks or so.

Click picture for a bigger view
(1. Moomin cup at Helsinki airport on our way to Hong Kong 2. My legs and me watching Animal Planet in our hotel room 3. Nick, Allan, me and Rob in Hong Kong 4. The view of Mong Kok from our room 5. Turtles in a pond in Kowloon Park 6. Amalie the Tourist in the Chi Lin nunnery
7. Mango jelly with condensed milk 8. Milk tea at 2 am. 9. My crazy long nails
10. Airplane snacks for the trip home 11. More moomin action in Helsinki 12. Lucifer, back in daddy's arms 13. At the hospital 14. Reunited with the posse 15. Panda socks 16. Allan, Liam and Marika at Kalaset 17. Me in my Hasbeens 18. A sweet present for my office 19. Barbecue night 20. Kitty snacks 21. At the shop on Sunday 22. Allan drinks a giant coke 23. Hong Kong souvenirs 24. Lucifer in his basket)

Oh hi

Look who i found in Hong Kong, far away from home?
Yup, my favorite Japanese shop.

Pictures of my floral jumpsuit coming soon.
Nope, not kidding.

How i've missed you....

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hong Kong Kitteh

We were on our way to an art show somewhere in the city, up a brutal hill, of course, when we saw this pretty kitty lounging on a car.
Allan took a ton of pictures that are possibly (read= definitely) much nicer than mine, but until he posts them, you get these.

Just chillin


Super close

We saw this guy on the way back... he's meowing, by the way, now hissing

Prince Edward Station


Saturday, June 11, 2011

That first night

We arrived in Hong Kong around three in the afternoon.
Nick wasn't there.
If you know him, i'm sure you understand how hilarious it is that he was late for picking us up.
But he did eventually come, and after about a million hugs and a couple of Lucky Strikes (Nick's, not ours) we got on the bus to the city.

On the top floor of the double decker bus from the airport

Impressive, right? I was impressed!

At our hotel, we sat in the fancy room, had some complimentary wine and crackers and got a quick "what's what" briefing

We took a walk around Mong Kok

Nick's street

At Nick's new place, which he hasn't moved in to yet, we found out where the citizens of Hong Kong puts their mail boxes!

The table at secret café

We met up with Nic who knew a delicious vegetarian restaurant just down the street from our hotel

And across from the restaurant; a Taiwanese (i think?) dessert place whose specialty was shaved ice cream with magic beans... and mango

Sharing is caring!

I've had a rough couple of days, as have my whole family.
Last night was particularly tough. And today had its moments too.
My grandfather is still with us, we went to see him again today, but no one really knows what's gonna happen.
It's worse than i thought, that's for sure.
But whatever will happen, his life has been so long and good already, and that's something to be thankful for.
Another thing to be thankful for is friends who'll allow you to bolt in the middle of Game of Thrones to attend to family stuff, and who don't panic when you return with red, puffy eyes and a runny nose.
No spoilers, by the way, we still haven't finished the last episode!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Star ferry

Our first full day in Hong Kong was... interesting.
Not all in a good way.
The heat was intense. It would get way hotter later that week, but on that first day i was just not prepared for it.

After breakfast at the hotel, and morning coffee at Nicks regular hangout, we took the mtr to Tsim Sha Tsui, from where we got on the ferry to Central.
The ferry was lovely, even for someone with absolutely no sea legs like me, but at that point i was already feeling woozy and dizzy from the jetlag, and i was definitely not drinking enough water.
We walked around, and in Hong Kong walking around often mean walking up a hill, and the more we walked, the worse i felt. Even Allan was feeling it a little, and got all pale a few times.
It really hit me when we went inside a cool, air conditioned café and i almost fained in the bathroom.
I won't get too much into it, but let me just say that jetlag + dehydration + power walking + anxiety =  me hurrying the fuck back to the hotel room for a nap and a panic attack.

After a few hours at the hotel, i met up with Allan, Nick, the other Nic and Rob by the harbor (more about those guys later), and i felt better for sure, but the feeling of not being in control stuck with me for a few days.
I hate not feeling normal, and feeling like my body is keeping me from doing the things i wanna do, but on the other hand, there's a lot to be said for knowing your own limitations , and for the rest of the trip we adapted to our hosts irregular sleep pattern and stayed the hell out of the midday sun.

Our sweet ride

Nick and his beloved mister Softie ice cream

The wardrobe that day

Seriously, that gangway is not messing around

Yesterday was far better than our first day back.
We hung out with Liam and Marika on Vesterbro all day.
We went to brunch (which was oh so good), ate ice cream (even better), hung out at the dog park, had pizza (ok, so the day was mostly about us eating, i guess), and got the two newcomers caught up on Game of Thrones, so we can watch the two episodes we missed while in Hong Kong tonight.
This morning the Canadians (sorry, Corey, the other Canadians) moved their stuff from the hotel to our place, so  we can hang out 24-7.
I'm predicting a weekend of silly-youtube-video-watching!

My grandfather is still alive, by the way, and still doing ok.
We're trying to spread out the visits, so we don't all come wear him out on the same day, and my brother went to see him yesterday.
According to Tobias he was in a goo mood, had been sitting up, and also hallucinating quite a bit from the morphine!
Don't feel sorry for him because of that, though, he's told me on several occasions that he rather enjoys that part!
I'll go see him on Sunday, and hopefully there'll be more good news then.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Coming home yesterday morning was a bit of a mixed experience.
My parents called us to say that they were in town with Lucifer. A pleasant surprise, or so i thought, since we weren't supposed to see them and the dog until the 11th.
But the reason they were in town was not a good one. My grandfather was in the hospital after falling in his apartment and breaking both his hip and shoulder.
He's been falling a lot recently, but until now he'd been lucky to not break anything.
It was a shock, but truthfully, i was just happy he was alive.
Him dying while i'm off somewhere getting my travel on continues to be one of my worst nightmares.

We took a nap with Lucifer, who was so happy to see us, before meeting up with my mom and going to the hospital in Jean-Luc.
The weather was amazing and the hospital somehow seemed a little less depressing than usual, and my grandfather was in good spirits, considering the circumstances.
He looked so frail, though, frail and bruised, but that's to be expected when you're almost 94 and keep hitting the ground like a sack of potatoes (his words, not mine).
We hung out for a few hours, gave him flowers and souvenirs, and tried to cheer him up.
It's difficult to predict what's gonna happen to my grandfather, but we're all gonna try and stay positive and encourage him through what will no doubt be a difficult rehabilitation.

After we dropped off the car at home, me and Allan went to the shop, me riding in front of his bike with Lucifer and two tomato plants my mom got for me. We were still so jetlagged, in fact i hadn't stopped having vertigo since to flight to Hong Kong, but it was still great being out, and especially seeing Lucifer in such a great mood.
I had to tend to my plants in the shop, and we'd made plans to meet up with Marika and Liam, who'd just arrived in Denmark too.
They came soon after us, and after hanging at the shop for a bit, we went to dinner at Kalaset.
The weather took a turn for the worse while we were walking there, and we were all soaking wet when we got to the café, but we got a table and some good food, and had a really nice night with our friends.

We ended our day on the couch with Corey and Eckel, eating Swedish cheese poofs and watching the first episode of Whale Wars season 4.
It was a great way to end a really strange and emotional day.

The stupid fucking hospital
The awesome fucking dog (and tomato plants... yes, people stare)

 Marika and Liam brought amazing presents from Stan and themselves and this one was obviously for me

 Spooky trio at dinner

 Reunited with the besties

More blogging tomorrow, or later, depending on how well my brain works after pizza and old episodes of Game of Thrones.*
I believe i owe y'all some Hong Kong posts, right?

*I haven't watched the last two ones yet, so no spoilers!