Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sakura no more

A few weeks ago we went to the Copenhagen Sakura Festival, a Japanese cherry blossom viewing and cultural event that has been happening for a few years, but that we for some reason never visited before.
Probably because we're such friggin hermits.
But this year we went, and what do you know, there were no cherry blossoms in sight!
I did think it was a little late for it, but figured the organizers knew what they were doing, but when it comes to nature, i guess it's not always easy to plan.
But we had a good time anyway.
We had some edamame, some curry and some onigiri, and ran into Young and Rasmus too.

When it was over, we swung by the statue of the little mermaid, a pretty famous tourist attraction in Copenhagen, but one Allan for some reason had never seen.
He was not impressed, by the way, much to the surprise of absolutely no one.
I like her, though.

National treasure

Our four bikes, all chained up together
 (From left to right: Corey, Allan, Eckel and me... Eckel's bike is so thin you can barely see it in the picture!)

Lucifer in the sun


  1. Haha, jeg elsker, at han aldrig har set den lille havfrue før. Altså, jeg har også kun selv set den 2 gange, det er jo egentlig ikke noget særligt, men de fleste har jo lige hilst på, du ved:)


  2. I didn't see The Little Mermaid when I visited. Only yesterday someone said how disappointed they were when they saw her, because she's so small.

    I feel like doing the whole tourist thing next time I'm over though! :)

  3. Ditte, netop, det er jo ikke fordi den er det vildeste, men man skal da se den!

    samboy, it's funny how everyone always say that. Like, what size where they expecting? She's a friggin mermaid, not godzilla!

  4. She wasn't even there when I went past last summer on a boat! There was just a video screen with a link to the World Expo in Shanghai. So weird.

  5. i like the mermaid too ! but how did you get the foto without the tourists around her !!? (haha) :)

  6. Amber, yeah, i was not a supporter of that whole visiting China deal either.

    igl, it wasn't easy!

  7. Hey hey!!! What's this about not visiting China?!?! We just needed to see the original... By this time next year everybody will have a plastic version of that mermaid at home!!! The copies will probably be a bit bigger than this one though!! It is pretty small for a National monument! Like ... 3 cm high?

  8. Jeg har boet 32 år klods op af Vor Frelsers Kirke, før jeg fik min vader på op til toppen. Jeg var dog imponeret.

  9. even my grandpa took a picture with that nice mermaid! It is so famous everywhere.. Looks like you had a really nice day. How is it possible that everyone has so cool bikes in Denmark? I want to have one like this too:!