Thursday, May 5, 2011

Over it

This day. This day is just the worst.
I've been sick with a cold for a little over a week now.
That part i almost can't complain about since the rest of the country seems to have been sick with all kinds of crazy flu's, and all i've gotten so far is a one week snot attack.
But today, a work day of course, i am feeling just miserable.
Weak in my body, my head hurts, and all i wanna do is sleep.
And of course this is the day that decides to be busy and full of surprises.
As in, surprise! Our carpenters, who have been MIA for a couple of months chooses today to send a guy to start working on the back room.
The back room that was full of crap, that i had to move since he's starting tomorrow.
It's dusty already.
I fucking hate dust.

Allan is having a crap day too, so we moved his number two appointment till Monday.
We never do that.
Tonight i just wanna curl up on the couch and think about the fact that it's almost weekend, and the weather might be turning awesome again soon.
Like it was last week.

Saturday we went to Jærgersborggade to say hi to Young who was selling off her stuff at the street fair

Going through the lovely Assistens Cemetery on our way to the shop where we took Eckel out for ice cream

We ate our ice cream and hung out by the lake

After hanging on Nørrebro we went by Phillips shop to see about a raven, and look at some of his crazy taxidermy art

Yeah, i want this

This one too

At night we made epic burgers, served with a side of Burger King fries... winning combo!

Corey has already celebrated her one week anniversary as a Dane, and so our little gang of three has become a gang of four*

*Ok, five if you include the dog, which i'm sure he'd insist i do if he could talk.


  1. Haha, av, jeg gad gerne have de udstoppede dyr!

    - Anne

  2. am i knitting with my eyes closed? whats even happening there??

    oh ya.. yay for danish family!! <3

  3. Oh my gosh, where exactly can I find this Phillips shop? Taxidermy is one of my biggest hobbies! :)
    /Rebecka, Sweden

  4. Rebecka, it's in a little street called Schacksgade in Copenhagen. There are no opening hours, but he's almost always there during the day.