Tuesday, May 3, 2011

One week ago

I may or may not (note: i do) have a few mini-vacation posts left, but i wanna post some Copenhagen material too.
And most importantly, shoes! I wanna blog about my new shoes.
Ok, so a little over a week ago, Eckel's client Sandra came walking into the shop in these really fabulous shoes. Much to my surprise they were from h&m, but since it had been a few months since she bought them, i was almost 100% sure i wasn't gonna find them in stores now.
But the next day i went there anyway! I was planning to go there to check out the Swedish Hasbeens collection, and i even had an appointment with my dermatologist in that area, so i had a good excuse to be there and everything. There's always an excuse, right?
Well, i found the shoes. In two sizes. One too big and one too small.
But i liked them so much that i was prepared to buy the smaller pair and have them blocked. I was even standing in line to pay for them, when i saw a pair on display behind the counter. I asked to see them and, you guessed it; my size. Score!
I also bought a pair of the Swedish Hasbeens... and later one more.
They were really cheap and i haven't shopped in months, ok?
Seriously, can't you just let me be happy and buy some shoes for once?
Sheesh, enough with the guilt trip, you guys.

I took my new shoes for a walk by the lake the same day and they were fully awesome

There's so much junk in the lakes these days... at least the swans can find use for it

Living on the edge

Casualty of a culture that likes to mix drinking and cycling

Sandra, if you're reading, thanks for the tip.
You rock in so many ways!


  1. cute shoes :)

    I've been fancying some of the swedish hasbeens too, but need to save money for my tattoo. it'll last longer than shoes anyway :)

  2. Oh, but they're so cheap! You can get 4 pairs of the h&m collection for the price of one of their normal pairs. Crazy!


  4. Amalie you are most welcome.
    And I think you rock ;).

  5. Hasbeens are SO COMFORTABLE...but I have this weird thing about wanting to be silent when I walk, so the clop of clogs on my feet makes me feel like I lose my ninja edge.
    SUPER cute.

  6. I'm going to have to see if our H&Ms have those, I was just almost ordering the full-priced versions from Urban Outfitters. I love them, the pics online of Sarah Jessica Parker in them with skinny ankle jeans are what made me want them so bad! I have never seen them in real life. So cute <3

  7. Guns , True, they are so not stealthy! The guys laugh at me when i clonk my way around the wooden floors of the shop!

    Jennifer, the full priced versions are a little nicer, i think, but mostly because you can get them in black and brown. But for h&m they're awesome!