Wednesday, April 6, 2011

That '70's Blog

This blog is starting to look more like "my week in iPhone pictures" and less like the good, old untitled Blog, isn't it?
Maybe that's why i lost a follower just as i'd reached the magic 400?
I'm not sure if i love it or hate it, and since comments are still off you don't get a say, but i think i need to bring my camera with me more often. Just for some variety, you know?

Earlier today i was looking at pictures of cherry blossoms and feeling a little sorry for myself for being in chilly Denmark instead of sunny Tokyo, but generally, this being home thing ain't so bad.
There are a few thing we would have missed out on if we'd gone to japan.
One of them is being able to make prints to help out with relief work (a project that is going extremely well, by the way) and another was the tattoo convention this weekend.
Not the going there part, i could have easily lived without that, but the being here part.
You see, Seth Ciferri, who is one of Allans absolute favorite tattooers was working there this weekend, and since him and his girlfriend was in town for a few extra days, he agreed to come work at the shop and tattoo us. I know, lucky us!
So we got some sweet new tattoos and made some great new friends.
Not a bad deal.

I've been eating brunch a lot lately

Last night i got tattooed

Allan is obviously very interested in watching Seth work... Lucifer, not so much

My pretty craft bird (i'll post Allans tattoo on the shop blog as soon as it's not so... puffy... anymore)

Today, going out for the second chai of the day

Today we slept till late. Really late.
But after this busy extended weekend, we (and by "we" i mostly mean Lucifer) were in need of some serious morning snuggle time.
I love when it feels like weekend on a Wednesday. This home-vacation experiment just keeps getting better.

*In the back of my mind i always quietly call bullshit whenever i read that someone went away for a weekend and made all these awesome new friends, but yeah, sometimes you do.