Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Trashed treasures

As i mentioned here a few days ago, my green bike had a little... situation last week. The back tire and tube basically exploded, and since i've been wanting a new bike almost since the day i bought the green one one, i took the explosion as a sign.
I've even been saving up for a new bike for over a year, but my problem was, and is, that i don't know what bike to get.
So instead of buying a new one, which my husband keeps trying to persuade me to do, i decided to take a chance on my even older, crappier bike. If you're having trouble understanding why i'd do that, read this post from last year, i think it explains my need to not buy new crap pretty well.
Anyway, i took this old bike, that i've never actually used myself, to the bike shop around the corner on Saturday and this morning i got a text message saying that it was done.
They had to change one of the tires and give it a new chain too, so it ended up costing me a bit (although not nearly as much as a new bike would have), but now it's actually good to go.
I've only taken it for a short test ride in the backyard today, but  tomorrow, if the weather is nice, i'm going cruising.*

I spent a couple of hours working on it in the backyard today, cleaning and removing rust and installing a crappy cup-holder from the 10 kroner store

Considering how old this is, and the way it's been treated by previous owners, it's in pretty good condition

The bell was covered in rust, but i got most of it off, and oiled it up as well, so it kind of, almost works now... i never use the bell anyway, so as long as it can make a little "quack" sound for emergencies, it's all good!

I'm still planning on getting the green bike fixed eventually.
We have visitors pretty often, and it'll be good to have an extra bike for people to loan.
And i like having two bikes, even though they're two crappy, old ones!

*Under normal circumstances i'd need to ride it to work, but we're on forced vacation, as you may know.
In fact, today is the day we were supposed to leave for Japan. Insert sadface.