Monday, March 7, 2011


You know, there's a great way to avoid getting hit by The Mondays, and it's called "staying home".
And since i had no less than three Mondays last week, staying home was probably a smart idea.
Allan had a drawing-at-home day (which by the looks of it has morphed into a napping-on-couch day), and i've had myself a nice day of doing laundry and random stuff around the house.
Oh, and Pilates!
Yes, like i promised myself way back in February, i've put some Pilates into my workout routine, just because you can't boot camp every day, you know? Or some maybe some people can, but i'm not one of them.
The one i tried today wasn't awesome. The teacher had the most annoying accent and it wasn't very challenging, even for a beginner like me. So i'm just gonna try out different ones, until i find one that works for me.

I am using this sports top i bought at Muji a few years ago... so comfy and keeps everything in place

Work out socks!

Working out again has been great, so it's not that i'm disappointed, it's just that i'd hoped to be able to see a bit of difference in my appearance by now, but i really don't.
I never weigh myself, so i don't know if my weight has changed at all, but i don't think it has.
At least i feel different, healthier and stronger.
It used to be so easy for my to get in shape, and now it feels so hard. Maybe if i followed a diet too, but i've chosen to just eat healthy and try only to snack on weekends instead.
I hope i never allow myself to get this out of shape ever again. Getting back into it is just too much work.


  1. yay tillykke med at vaere kommet tilbage i bevaegelses mode.
    Og fine stroemper

  2. Du har de mest nuttede tæer! Og jeg hader ellers tæer!

  3. Totally the same way! It takes an hour to gain weight but months to get rid of it. So frustrating! It took me about 2 months of trying to work out and eat better before I saw any difference and its still slow going but you'll get there!

  4. Anne, tak, det føles underlig godt at være øm hele tiden igen!

    Hella J, der er mange tå-hadere derude, det har altid undret mig!

    Anonymous, thanks, glad to know it will happen eventually!

  5. Hello Flora ! Have a nice day ! :-)