Thursday, March 3, 2011


Searching for a dress* is making me obsessed with looking at pretty evening wear, so the Oscars came at the best, or possibly worst, time for me.
Now, i didn't actually watch it myself. In part because of the time difference, but also because because i had a feeling it was gonna suck in a big way, which apparently it did, so i guess i didn't miss out on much... if anything.
But even when i don't watch the show, i always look forward to reading what my favorite gossip columnists have to say about the dresses the next day.
In my opinion, most of the A-listers seemed to play it safe, and it came off very dull and very meh, but a few stood out.
These were my favorites:

-My girl crush, Scarlett Johansson, wasn't exactly the best dressed, but she didn't exactly disappoint either.
She was wearing a tight lace dress that i actually liked, but then for some reason she'd decided to do her own hair and make up, and let's just say that wasn't her best idea ever. Still, she could be wearing a brown paper bag and UGGs and i'd still think she was hot.
-Also so very pretty was one of my newer girl crushes, Mila Kunis. Nothing bad to say about her or her dress. Although, i am a little sad that she dumped Macaulay Culkin, but that shouldn't affect how i feel about her look... right?
-Helen friggin Mirren. Always dresses her age without ever looking dull. What a classy broad.
-And my ultimate favorite of the night? Cate Blanchett. Say what you will about her dress (i say it's crazy awesome) but dull it ain't, and even in something as wacky as that, she still looks all kinds of glamorous.

 (Pictures from Go Fug Yourself)

Honorable mentions go out to Marisa Tomei for having such a gorgeous face, Annette Benning for being a graceful loser, and  Joan Collins for wearing a dress so tight she had to be hospitalized. That's something else.
Oh, and the worst?
I don't really feel that there were any horribly embarrassing fashion fails (unless of course you count the Vanity Fair party... in which case, plenty of fail!) and that's too bad cause i love those.
but i will say that Reese Witherspoon's dress looked sort of cheap, Jennifer Hudson's boobs looked weird... oh, and Our Lady of Smugness? Pretty and smug. As usual.

What were your favorites?

*Dream dress is at 71 dollars now. I am so not gonna win.


  1. Natalie Portman minder mig om Keira Knightley. Sisters of smugness.

  2. Keiras smugness slår alt! Men hun ser også bare smug ud per definition pga det der "synes du ikke bare jeg er SÅ cute og LÆKKER"-pouty lips. Meh.

    Hellen Mirren er næsten altid min yndlings for hun er den smukkeste dame jeg har set i levende live. Så mega classy.
    En anden der var meget age-appropriate var hende pigen fra True Grit. Virkelig fin kjole og god længde. De yngre stjerner har det med at klæde sig for gammelt, men hun var perfekt, synes jeg.

    OK, what up!

  3. Hella J, Ha, ja!

    young, Har du set The Dame i virkeligheden? Misundelig! Og ja, hende pigen jeg aldrig kan huske hvad hedder (noget med Seinfeld eller Steinfeld?) var også rigtig fin og ikke for gammel overhovedet. Men heller ikke tuttenuttet. Godt gået af hende.

  4. See, I think Scarlett's hair and makeup looked hot! She is also one of my girl crushes, and I think she pulled it off!

    I think she had my favourite dress to, it was very 'her'

  5. Yeah, i'm still a little meh on the hair and make up, but she's still so damn hot, so who cares, right?

  6. i actually enjoyed the oscars this year. i like james franco and anne hathaway. they are dorky and fun.
    my favorite dresses where mila's and cate's too.
    great minds think alike.

  7. I'm glad to hear someone enjoyed the show! And that we agree on dresses. I don't even normally like those colors, so they must be that good.