Sunday, March 20, 2011

Feels like... spring?

The best days are the ones that seem like they're gonna be kind of bleh, and then they surprise you by being amazing.
Todays amazingness included sunshine (oh, sweet sunshine!), kissing on bicycles, brunch, talking too loud, laughing too hard and a rare and thorough house cleaning.
We haven't done that in a very long time, and i am liking our apartment much more right now, so maybe we should. Clean our home more often, that is.
In a few minutes we're meeting up with Eckel at the movies where we're gonna watch a horror movie and have popcorn for dinner.
Sunday, you rock!

I love Sundays and i love him

The kids downstairs took Lucifer for a long walk, and we took advantage and went out for brunch

So many things are happening in April that we would have missed by going to Japan, and it's starting to feel like we're getting a nice little consolation prize for staying home.
Now we just need spring to come to Copenhagen and stay here. Actually, i think everyone needs that.


  1. Åh, det lyder som noget nær en perfekt søndag!!


  2. Yay for gode dage uden for mange irritationsmomenter! Det er dig vel undt!

  3. just saw you guys in bizarre while grocery shopping and my boy complemented you on your amazing hair and i totally agree! loved the article, well done!

  4. Karla- Ja, hvis vi dog bare havde taget i Empire og ikke Palads havde den været helt perfekt!

    Hella J- Eh, ikke helt uden...

    kirsty- Damn, i haven't even seen that yet! They're supposed to send us test shots and a magazine, but i haven't gotten either. Time for an email reminder i think!

  5. i agree, days like that are the best. it makes you appreciate the wonderfulness all the more b/c you weren't expecting it i think :)

  6. Øv, Amalie - sikke et fjols! Jeg er vildt dårlig til at få kommenteret herinde (måske skulle jeg øve mig), men jeg er vild med din blog og kigger forbi dagligt for at se om der skulle være nyt fra din verden. Fine ord, smukke billeder...