Thursday, March 17, 2011

Disaster fatigue? Not quite yet...

You know that video that's been going around, the one with the Japanese dog who won't leave its injured friend?
Yeah, i can't watch that.
Animals in danger, injured animals, animals suffering... i can't watch that shit.
And while i am all about supporting the Red Cross in their efforts to save human lives, i already have and i plan to give more, we shouldn't forget all the animals that are suffering from this disaster as well.
I couldn't find any info about the WSPA doing any work specifically for the animals in Japan, but i did find these guys, and it looks like they're already in Japan, ready to help.
Looks like a good project, doesn't it?

In order for me to maybe donate more to them than i would normally be able to afford, i decided to donate the proceeds from the sale of my etsy items to World Vets, so if you by any chance were planning on buying some fancy hair stuff AND giving money to Japan, here's your chance to do both!
I don't know if i'll sell any, but it's worth a try, right?
Go to my shop if you wanna see what's for sale, and browse etsy while you're there, it looks like lots of other sellers are doing the same thing.

Our real life shop will also be selling prints for Japan, most likely for Red Cross, and maybe doing a fund raiser thing too, so check the shop blog often, i'll post about it there as soon as possible.

Japan 2008

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