Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blogger issues?

My blogger dashboard is doing this thing where i can only see the latest, like, ten posts of the blogs i'm following.
I'm pretty bad at keeping up with my favorite blogs as it is, so when i finally do check up, i need it all to be there.
I'm sure i'm missing pure gold.
I know Allan is having that problem too... anyone else?

Today it's our new shops one year anniversary and we've just been out celebrating.
Our idea of celebrating these days? Now working too late, and having dinner before 10.

Lucifer taking a nap in the drawing room the other day

A cold walk by the lakes

I fixed up an old frame for Allan yesterday, and this beauty found itself homeless...

... so i made it into a mat for my laptop (without one it scratches my pretty desk, and up until now i've been using a piece of plastic)

Honestly, i worked my ass off today, and i am beat.
I don't even know if i have the energy to play COD with the guys, but i should give it a try.

Ps. The dress i'm coveting on ebay, the one for Izumi's wedding, is at 61 dollars now, and there are still two days to go.
I am officially worried.


  1. yup, I'm having the same problem. We're missing blogging gold!

  2. i had quite the same problem, but since i started to use bloglovin i never miss a thing! i thought it was crap for so long but when i gave it another go i don't now know how i could live without it! it took me a while to get a hang of it, but when i did, i fell totally in love. all your fav blogs in one place, and easy to scroll through.

    ...nu lät jag som värsta reklambruden för bloglovin vilket inte alls var meningen, men va fan, bloglovin är så sjukt bra, så kan inte låta bli.
    love k

  3. Yeah, you should use bloglovin'. I just switched and love it so much more.

  4. samboy, i know, it's kinda killing me!

    Karolina Pettersson+nova , i tried bloglovin a long time ago, but didn't really love it. And since the dashboard is where i post from, i wanna have it there, all in one place. But if they keep this shit up much longer, i guess i'll have to give other options a try.

  5. I never really liked Bloglovin' much (I've heard good things about it but... maybe I was just doing it wrong?) but I've used Google Reader for years and I still love it.

    Clever laptop/table protector! I still need to find a laptop case. My screen is 15" so it's not as easy to find them. I've looked on Etsy but... that place is bullshit any more. I can't justify blowing $80 on something I know I could make for five.

  6. Tillykke med butikkens fødselsdag! Hurra hurra hurra!


  7. Fawn and Flower, i'm back to google reader for now, or at least until blogger fixes this. It's just dumb, i've never had issues with them before.
    I'm with you on etsy being pricy. Granted, the stuff i sell there isn't cheap, but it also can't be made by anyone with a sewing machine and a digital camera. The vintage prices are what pisses me off the most these days though.

    Karla og Ditte, 1000 tak, jeg kan ikke fatte at vores baby allerede er et år!