Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Big picture

I'm worried that my previous posts about Japan are seeming selfish, like i only care about how it's affecting me and my plans. I don't know if it seems that way, but i assure you, it ain't like that.
Whether i get to go to Japan or not obviously means shit when you think about how fucking horrifying the situation in Japan is at the moment.
But while i am constantly thinking of the millions of people affected by this disaster, and my friends in particular, i can't help but stress the fuck out about the not knowing.
Not knowing if it's safe, if it's happening or if we're just gonna stay home.
Honestly, staying or going... both options seem wrong.
We, me and Allan, talk about it several times a day, but we also try to go on with our everyday life.
Hopefully things will get better for Japan, and with that happening, we'll know what to do.

Here's me, in between fixing up the storage rooms and answering emails

 These flared jeans from Japan fit real tight when my fat ass bought them years ago, then they fit super loose for a long time, and now they're friggin tight again*
 (Black top: Uniqlo, T-shirt: some shop in Tokyo, Jeans: Vienus Jean by Edwin, Boots: Thrifted)

 Me and Lucifer taking a break in the drawing room

I know most of you have probably already donated to Japan by now, but those of you in Denmark who haven't yet, or want to give more, can donate 150 kr. via text to Danish Red Cross can text "Jordskælv" to 1231.

*I almost hashtagged that sentence... i am so Twitter damaged.


  1. Efter de seneste nyheder her til morgen synes jeg, I skal blive hjemme! Please?!

  2. Not a spec of your posts come off as selfish! We all know how much Japan is a part of your life and that you care deeply for it and the people there. Anyone who thinks otherwise can stuff it.

  3. Amalie

    You and Uncle Allan are in Bizarre this month :)

    Good article and both of you are looking fab :) xx

  4. Why don't you get both side of that coin (eat the cake and still have it)...one of you go, one of you stay home...fool proof!....na, not a good idea!

    Just heard that the radioactive cloud will sweep through Tokyo. Im glad Im not home right now, dealing with my messed up apartment and possible smashed leftover camera gear. Friends talking about having not enough food, no way of moving about by train/car(if not on a bike, ha..see!), no jobs for the freelancers etc. BUT...if I were home and knew that u 2 were about to join us I would feel much better. So from a social standpoint you HAVE to go!

    Stay safe


  5. I don't think anyone would call you selfish. it's expected for you to worry about your own safety as well. i guarantee there are very few people who would travel to japan at the moment because of the risks.

    its all just so sad :(

  6. Hella J, done.

    Corey, thanks, you're the best. And you're right of course, it really doesn't matter one anyone else thinks.

    FrEaK , thanks, i'd love to see it. I hope they'll send us a copy soon.

    -Straight edge Photography-, i'm really, really happy you're not there right now.

    samboy , it is so sad. And going there when you have nothing to contribute just seems wrong to me now.

  7. Du er jo så fin på det øverste billede - syntes jeg nok! :)