Sunday, March 27, 2011

Actions, reactions

Thanks you guys.
I wasn't expecting that many reactions on my last post, and all of them were so supportive and helpful.
It's really nice to know that some of you are struggling with the same issues about blogging as i am from time to time (it is hard work, dammit!) and it's also really nice to know that this blog would be missed if i gave up on it.
Which i am not going to do anytime soon.
But i am gonna continue to work on ways to make blogging more easy and enjoyable, and your suggestions on how to do that are still very much appreciated.

One idea that a few of you suggested was switching to tumblr, and although the easy upload from the iphone and the easy syncing with twitter makes it really tempting, tumblr is just not my cup of tea.
The way people are blogging has changed a lot since tumblr came along and speaking as a person dealing with original artwork and photography, it hasn't always been in a good way.
The reblogging of other peoples pictures is such an easy, and important tumblr feature, and more often than not, the information on where the photo originally came from gets lost along the way.
I know a lot of tattooers who have issues with the way their work gets distributed via this site (often by people who likes to remove links and watermarks) and i myself have had to contact the tumblr team to get uncredited pictures taken down*. I know not everyone sees this as a big deal, but giving credit is an issue that i have always cared deeply about, and nothing pisses me off like seeing one of Allan's or my own pictures floating around the web without a link back to us.
Another thing that bugs me about tumblr is that good blogging all of a sudden seems to be about what you like, and not what you do. Does that make sense? Almost like posting cool pictures will automatically make you cool as well, you know? But it still doesn't in my book.
There's nothing wrong with posting pictures of things you think are pretty, but having good taste is not a talent in itself. It is? I like to read the blogs of the people who's work i admire, not the blogs of other people who admire them. Or something like that...
I don't know, this is a longer rant and i have to go walk the dog before Allan and Eckel comes back from their snack run.

Another idea (thanks, Nova!) was to plan my posts better and auto post, and since transferring pictures is one of the things i hate most about blogging (editing i like, for some reason) doing it all at once seems like a good plan.
I did it last year when i was in the hospital, and i do it sometimes when i travel too, so i should start doing that again.

I have also been considering turning off comments, for all posts.
Would that be crazy? I just think i'd feel more relaxed about blogging is i didn't have to worry about feedback, or in some cases, the lack of it.
If you have any thoughts on that, let me know (while you still can)!

Sunday has been wonderful, even more so than usual since i don't have to go to work tomorrow!
We visited my grandfather, and even persuaded him to venture outside of his apartment for a walk in the sun.
Afterwards he was exhausted, but happy.
Being old is hard, and being that old is super hard, but he's doing well.
After we came home, i started watching a rather scary lecture on ustream about the situation at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Not to sound like a total pessimist or conspiracy nut, but the situation may be worse than it seems. If you're interested you can check out the three part lecture here, here and here.
It's long and, if you're a stupidhead like me, complicated, but also interesting.

 Grandpa in the park (Lucifer in the background)

Lucifer took a little nap in my grandpas chair before we headed back home

Time for snacks and mindless action movies with the guys!
Have a great Sunday everyone!

*I have to say, they are super quick and helpful.


  1. It goes without saying that I'd be sad if you stopped blogging!

    I hardly ever blog compared to a year ago. I'm the same, I want to blog but can't be bothered. Twitter is just so much easier!

    Have a great evening with the boys! :)

  2. I have only very recently found your blog, so I don't know what the mean commenter said (what a jerk!) but I do know that I really enjoy your blog, both the photos and the written content. I agree with you completely about enjoying reading about the person I find interesting, not looking at posts by someone else who also finds them interesting.
    As for turning comments off, that's a tough one. For me the comment section is about connecting. Sometimes I don't do it as often as I'd like, because sometimes I only have time to read. I guess I'll average a comment for every five posts I read. Yikes. I guess all of this is to say, commenting is another great way to connect. But, it's your blog. You should absolutely do what makes you feel happy about blogging. I'll keep reading, even if I can't comment. :)

  3. Auto posting is great - I do it too whenever I upload pictures all at once and feel much more accomplished knowing I have X number of posts lined up! It probably cuts down on the time you spend blogging too if you upload/edit pictures at one time and sit down for an hour or so to put together your posts.

  4. Hm, really good point about tumblr and all the reblogging. I've been rather suspicious about people who seem to have all this creative content coming out with their tumblr page cited as the original source. AND I did see an Eckel tattoo (the bat armpit) on there quite recently with no attribution.

    So lame. The internet is a scary place for artists. I hardly ever put any photos online that I care about because I'm afraid people will steal them.

  5. Altså jeg kender aaalt for godt til folk, der ikke kommenterer (ahrem!), og ja det er lidt ambivalent, for man skriver jo blog for sig selv, men ikke til sig selv. Man ved jo godt hvad man selv render og laver. Håber folk kommer lidt op i gear, så du ikke lukker the UB!!!

  6. samboy- damn that twitter for being so fun!

    Jo, thanks so much for reading and taking the time to offer some input on this. I always felt like the comment section here was almost like a forum, and my readers could use it to connect with each other too. But then when there's a period of little to no comments, especially if the post is concerning something personal that's hard for me to share, i get really sad when there's no feedback. I guess i should just relax more and know that people are still reading, and that no comments doesn't necessarily mean that people all of a sudden hate my work!

    Vanessa- true, i will try to do that more often.

    nova- it really is, and sometimes i don't feel like sharing at all. Very few of my own tattoos are on the internet cause i'd be so fucking disappointed if someone copied them. I'm trying to remember to watermark the guys' pictures, but if you see any of them on tumblr without a link back to us, please send me the link so i can get them to take it down.

  7. Hella J, jeg lukker ikke, i hvert fald ikke lige nu. Overvejede bare om det måske ville være federe at slå comments helt fra?

  8. Neeej, ikke slå comments fra! Det er da super fedt med respons på det man skriver, og der er heldigvis langt mellem douche'ene. Tror måske de færre kommentarer, er fordi du blogger sjældnere? Så når du finder ud af noget med iPhone blogging, skal der nok komme gang i festen igen. Måske ku du også lave kortere indlæg, så du stadig blogger, men at det ikke er så stor en tidsrøver? Uanset hvad du finder på, slipper du i hvert fald ikke af med mig! Jeg kommenterer dine indlæg på Twitter så! Ha!

  9. I completely agree with you about tumblr, many of my friends use it but I find it much more interesting to read well written blogs with original pictures (i.e yours) than seeing endless streams of re-posted pictures! I've been reading your blog for about a year now, ashamed to say I've only commented once before now (I'm sorry I'm such a lurker :(!) but your blog is honestly one of the best I've seen :) x

  10. Sådan som du har det med kommentar feltet har jeg det med min telefon. Nogle gange slukker jeg for den, for så er det MIG der bestemmer at der ikke er nogen der ringer. Det føles bare bedre. Men så ender jeg jo med at tænde dyret igen.

    Du kunne måske bare for at prøve det af annoncere en måned uden kommentarer, og se hvordan det føles? Måske kommer du til at savne dit feedback, eller måske finder du svaret der. Ellers kan du lave en fast kommentar dag om måneden, hvor du åbner (kan man det?) så kan folk spare op og give den gas der. Og slet alt hvad der er sårende og idiotisk, uden opmærksomhed går de i sig selv (ligesom dårlig hud, haha).

  11. Hey, posted a sort of reaction to this post on my blog. Nothing major, just mentioned your name and the problem you've been having with the whole situation. I have to agree, even though I only faced this problem on my bands old blog and not the one I have currently.

  12. I also enjoy reading your blog and I hope you wont stop blogging here. All the best :)
    Greetings from UK!

  13. I really like your blog, though I rarely comment, so it's the best news you aren't going to stop blogging. :oD

  14. There are some really unkind people out there I have no idea what the bad comments were as I never read blog comments and very rarely go to a blogs URL as I follow all my blogs in A reader, But I felt inclined to say you shouldn't worry about a lack of comments as there will be lots of people like me who follow regularly but have read only access, and still adore your blog-age! Ignore the cyber nasty nonsense and do what you do best!... I also agree about the generic trendies posting other peoples work and showing you what is allegedly 'cool'... Rant over! ;)

  15. Grace- Don't worry about it, lurkers are very welcome here too!

    Sandra-Jeg tror godt man kan skrifte og åbne/lukke kommentar feltet som det passer en. Jeg ville bare ønske at man kunne lave en slags generel feedback forum, så kontakten til læserne stadig var der, men det ikke handlede om en bestemt post.

    leehamhuntuh- i will go comment over there then!

    Anonymous- thanks, i will!

    Nokkonen- Thanks for making a rare appearance then, it's much appreciated!

    Tils and Wig...Because their worth it- Thanks for the rant, and for coming out from the reader to comment, i really appreciate that!