Sunday, February 27, 2011

White wedding

It's Sunday and i'm having one of those days mentioned in the last post.
I have done the things i'd planned to do around here, and now i'd like to paint, but as usual, all my stuff is at the shop. And since i already spent my whole Saturday working there, i don't feel like doing that again today. I just wanna pop in, get a little work done, and go home. But i'm not going to.
Some of you, or all, may think that a 20 minute bike ride in -1°C weather isn't that big of a deal, and i'm just being lazy, but honestly, i don't really give a fuck about that.
Knowing that someone else has is harder doesn't make my day any easier, and i am so over feeling guilty for knowing my own limitations and knowing what works for me.
So yeah, i might be a lazy person, but i'm also a person who hates freezing and there's no way in hell i'm going to the shop right now.

So instead i think i'll do some ebaying and try to find a dress for Izumi's wedding (any tips on appropriate wedding attire is appreciated, i don't go to many weddings), i'll do some practical stuff around the apartment, i'll play with Lucifer and i'll do some picture editing and updating of my website.

And i'll probably look at apartments too, and dream of a day when i can take a stroll down the street to do some Sunday afternoon crafting like it's no big deal.

I hadn't gotten around to taking pictures of some of my newer pieces until last week, so this is one is going on the website today

Thursday, February 24, 2011

All i want is more... no, less... no, more...

I am obsessed with moving.
It's been all i've been able to think about for weeks now.
I've been wanting to egt a new place for a while now, preferably one with some light and *sigh* a balcony.
They do exist, you know.
And while the icy cold winds blowing though Copenhagen these days are making most sane people dream of tropical vacations, they're just making me focus even more on eliminating the 15-20 minute bike ride home from my life.
I know, it doesn't sound like much, 15 minutes, and it probably isn't to most people, but for me it can be such a huge inconvenience, especially concerning our eating habits.
We work so late most days that even the late supermarkets and takeout places are closed by then, and even if i could make there it in time, i'm almost always accompanied by a furry little gentlemen (Lucifer, people, Lucifer) who's not allowed in those places.
So i'll usually go shopping for groceries while i'm at work in one neighborhood, transport them to the shop where i'm likely to forget about half, and then transport the other half home to a different neighborhood on my bike.*
And then, around the time when most people start thinking about getting ready for bed, i'll make dinner.
And when i'm too tired for that, we'll eat some crap from one of the kebab places that are open at all hours.
It's not a very healthy lifestyle, but it's a tough one to break when the only way to do it is to leave work super early even though there's still work to be done, and preferably sans dog.

Oh, but if i lived by the shop...
I'd go shopping during the slow part of the day and bring my groceries directly to my home instead of the shop.
I could even start preparing dinner while dropping them off, and then go back to work until it was dinner time.
We could leave Lucifer at home on busy days, instead of having to bring him to work every single day, and i could just pick him up and take him for walks during the day instead.
On weekends, when i start to get bored at home because we have no tv and the internet is boring and all my craft stuff is at the shop, i could just go there for a little while and work on something fun. If i suddenly had a good idea for something, i could just go around the corner and work on it for a bit, no planning required. Getting there and back wouldn't take forever, and i wouldn't feel bad for wasting time going there if my day didn't turn out super productive.
And if i lived by the shop i wouldn't have to spend the better part of an hour every night trying to regain the feeling in my frozen toes.

And in the summer, we'd have our morning coffee on the balcony, and it would be just our little personal space that we wouldn't have to share with anyone
Somewhere on this map, near the red dot, please

I feel weird wanting something this bad, especially since i've been really into ridding my life of stuff for the past couple of years now.
But a new home isn't stuff, and it's not just a place to put your stuff either. It's life, somehow, and i want a better one. Always.

*If i didn't know me i'd suggest making a food schedule and buying in bulk or something like that, but i loathe planning and i eat organic produce almost exclusively, and that shit doesn't last long in the fridge. So yeah, that won't work.

Monday, February 21, 2011


Todays post was supposed to be this very long rant i wrote yesterday about comment etiquette on blogs, my own in particular.
It was a nice rant and i enjoyed writing it and getting it all out of my system, but today, when i though about posting it, i realized that i was completely over it.
The things that bothered me so much that i had to write it out, all of a sudden didn't bother me anymore.
I know i could have posted it anyway, but just thinking about it made me feel like a fake.
Like yelling "that's an outrage!" while secretly chuckling on the inside.
I'll keep it in draft and hope that maybe someday, someone else's comment will piss me off so bad that i'll need to give them a good old righteous lecture.
Until then, you'll just have to guess what my words of infinite wisdom might have been!

Instead of my righteous anger, you get a picture of... just... pure awesome, i guess you could call it.
The kind you just don't see every day.
We saw this yesterday on the way to the coffee shop.
There's a goodwill-type donation container on the corner, and on weekends it tends to overflow somewhat.
It doesn't help that people raid it and don't put the unwanted stuff back in, but that story would lead to a whole other outrage post that i'm not really in the mood for either.

There it was, in a pile of trash, pure awesomeness in a glorious early 90's frame

We went around the block with Lucifer, went in for a coffee and when we came back out, someone had taken it... can you blame them?

Lately i've been spending all of my computer time (which hasn't been all that much, for some reason) looking for a new apartment.
It's probably mostly the cold making me desperate to live closer, much closer, to the shop, but i really do want to move.
Life would be easier if the shop was just a short walk away instead of a 15 minute bike ride in the rain.
Well, 20 on a busted old bike like mine.
It's funny, but i was thinking this when we were riding home from work today: my apartment is everything i wanted three and a half years ago.
Yeah, it's time.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


It's Saturday night, I am home alone (correction, we are, sorry Lucifer), and what am I doing?
I'm watching Star Trek NG and testing out new iphone apps.
And that's how this happened.
A new blogger app and this is the test.
So far I'm not super impressed, so I guess I'll still have to occasionally turn on my laptop and blog from there. *Sigh*

Ok, blogging about blogging is no fun, so here's a few pictures of some new friends I made today on a trip to the suburbs.

Allan's brothers cats

Looking at Lucifer

Oh crap, looks like commander Data has been taken over by some strange alien entity... again.
Better give this my full attention.

Sorry if this experiment looks like crap, I'll do some regular posting tomorrow.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Boudoir Bizarre

You guys, thanks for all the love on my previous post, i'm so glad you like the costume and Allan's pictures.
I already joined the party mailing list, and i can't wait to dress up again!

Ok, so our Saturday night, the one mentioned here and here in case you forgot (like i'd let you), started out with champagne at Dorthe's place on Vesterbro.
Allan was nice enough to give me a ride there on his bike, so i didn't have to walk there all of my burlesque-y spectalularness, and i was very grateful for that.
We spent almost two hours getting ready and taking pictures before heading to the actual party.
The event was sold out, and i gotta say, it warmed my heart to know that there are at least 300 people in this city who like to play dress up and get a little nuts.*
I honestly wasn't expecting that.
There was even a dude at the door screening peoples clothes, so no casuals could slip by.

The event space was gorgeous, an old theater basement, and the entertainment, although we didn't see all of it, was great (i could have done without the 1001 versions of "My Heart Belongs To Daddy" but that's probably just me).
There were so many cool costumes and fun people to look at; it was a true mecca for people watchers like myself.
All in all, a great event that i wouldn't mind going to again.
But my favorite part of the evening?
I haven't danced in so long, and it felt liberating to just go crazy on the dance floor (and at one point, a stage!) without worrying about etiquette or appearances.
It felt like a judgment free environment, where people actually look at each others outfits with curiosity and appreciation, and even in a supposedly open minded city like this, you don't come across many of those.
Oh, and i almost got me a gay sailor husband too! Not too bad.

Mille was wearing a vintage top hat (even the hat box was exquisite), h&m bustier (no, seriously, h&m), layered skirts and black pumps

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Prima ballerina

On Saturday when i was going with Mille and her friends to the costume party, i was late as always.
I had all day to get ready, but time always sneaks up on me and catches me by surprise, so around 8 pm i was all of a sudden in one hell of a hurry to get my ass out the door.
But since i don't dress up like this every day, or even every year for that matter, we needed pictures.
Of course most of Allan's precious equipment was at the shop, so we had to make due with just the basics, and since we didn't have much time we only took a few, but i think they actually turned out pretty great, all things considered.
I do wish we could get a backdrop of some kind, like we have at the shop, but that might be overdoing it.
Anyway, here are the pictures of me,me,me!
The pictures of the party and the other three ladies are getting a post of their own.
What, i don't have much blogging material or time these days, so i gotta spread it out a bit!

(Hat: made by me, obviously, Dress: cheap satin lbd bought on sale at Rude, Sheer seamed stockings with a Cuban heel: from somewhere in Copenhagen, Black petticoat: on loan from Christel, Shoes: Topshop, Vintage gloves: from the forum flea market)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I assure you, pictures from the party on Saturday are still happening.
At some point in the very near future.

In the meantime, here's Lucifer and a fox!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Xtra short

So, i finally got a hair cut.
I can't remember the last time i looked forward to getting a hair cut that much, so i guess i must have really needed one.
All of a sudden i don't feel so self conscious about being photographed* (or, you know, looked at) anymore.
I feel like i look like myself again and sometimes that's not such a bad thing.

It's amazing how just the tiniest change, like getting a hair cut or working out can make you feel so much more confident and comfortable, isn't it?
Even though i haven't lost any weight, and my hair barely looks any different to anyone but me, i feel different.
I've even started digging my way out of the winter-uniform slump.
Nothing spring like or fancy just yet, but i definitely look less frumpy.

Oh, and speaking of working out; if you're wondering whether or not i stuck with the work out thing, the answer is yes, i did stick with it.
I admit, i had to take a break after the first, horrifying session due to extreme muscle pain, but as soon as it got better i started again.
I worked out this morning and i'm hoping to keep it up, and maybe even mix it up with some at home Pilates too at some point.

Yesterday at work, after my hair appointment
Ok, and here's one where you can actually see my hair!
You know spring is around the corner when you start wearing footwear that doesn't go down to minus one million degrees
We had a late night so i cooked some quick dinner at work 
One of the reasons we had a long day; photo shoot for an article about Allan

In craftier news, i finished the black hat i've been working on for what seems like forever.
I am pretty stoked on how it turned out, and hopefully i'll get around to posting some pictures of it Saturday.
Why Saturday?
Because that's when i'm going to the party that i actually made it for.
My friend Mille (you remember Mille, right?) talked me into going to this burlesque-type costume party thing, and even though getting all dressed up and going to a party with a bunch of strangers makes me just a little bit anxious, i am excited about the costume part.
Yesterday i finally found a dress to go with my hat, and all i need now is to borrow a crinoline and pick some shoes.
So, Saturday, you not only get to see the finished hat, but also me, trying to pull off a... different, let's say different, look!
Should be interesting!

New project, still in the base-making stage

Tonight we're going to a show.

Busy, busy, but the good kind.

*A feeling that came at a particularly convenient time, you'll see why on the other blog soon enough.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day one

I did it today.
I worked out. In the living room, just as i'd planned.
Due to Xbox issues it took forever to get started, but once i did it was pretty great.
Great meaning excruciatingly painful, of course, but that was what i had hoped for.
It feels good to get started again, and i am hoping to be able to keep this up a couple of times a week, at least.
I'll keep you updated.

As you may or may not know Copenhagen Fashion Week is this week..
Now, fashion week usually has little to absolutely no affect on my life whatsoever, but this time around we actually both acknowledged it's existence and participated in an event.
Christel had invited us to come see her company's show, and i was pretty stoked to see a real life runway show.
It was pretty much exactly like i'd imagined: a bunch of hard working people whose efforts were mostly ignored by the very hip guests and pompous press who were too busy enjoying the free bar and looking at themselves to notice that there was a show going on.
So they looked at each other, and me and Allan looked at... everybody!
Apart from the fact that we were soaking wet from the rain, it was fun!

I'm guesstimating that there was an average of 15 non-smokers in the whole building

These boots have been packed away for about 10 years, but recently i sent them to the shoe repair shop for some new soles and a thorough cleaning to get rid of the basement moldiness... extreme basement shopping rules!
This guy tortured me for a whole hour today... it's some kitchy shit, but it sure works!

My parents are going on vacation tomorrow, the lucky bastards, so tonight we're going out for dinner with them.
New Orleans and St. Croix.
I'm not jealous at all.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Ready to start

I've been wanting to do a "real" blog post for a while.
An honest rant-y one like the ones i used to write all the time, but i haven't had the time or the motivation.
Well, i think i finally found both.

A couple of days ago i decided that it was time to go back to the start of my blog and re-size my photos.*
All of them.
The size they have now doesn't really work with the new template, and bigger photos just look nicer.
I realize that it'd be much easier to just let past posts be in the past and start from the next post instead, but sadly, that's not how i work.
For me, that'd be like changing the font in the middle of a post, another thing i'll never do, and that only leaves the hard way.
It's probably gonna take forever, but i'm not rushing it, in fact, i'm enjoying this little forced trip down memory lane quite a bit. It almost feels like i'm reconnecting with the person who just couldn't wait to get home and blog about her day, the person who loved writing long, honest, rant-y posts, and although i still enjoy blogging very much, it's been a while since i've been that excited about it. I wanna be that person again.

I've been noticing lots of weird and wonderful things while going through the 2008 posts, but two things really got to me.
One positive and one slightly negative, and i wanna rant about those.

The negative:
Oh my god, how and when did i get so fat?!**
Ok, i wasn't all that surprised, but seeing the photographic evidence still gave me quite a shock.
I have of course noticed baggy pants turn into skinny jeans lately, so it's not a complete surprise, but seriously, it was like looking at before/after pictures, and right now i'm a before.
I was so skinny back then, and seeing as how i'm always much happier when i'm slim, i desperately wanna get back to looking and feeling like that.
I've been thinking of solutions for some time now, but seeing those pictures have made me feel like i need to speed things up a bit.
I live a pretty healthy life, but my problem is that i loathe exercising*** and i can't stand going to the gym.
For a while i actually thought i'd found my "thing" with Pilates, but as with all the other "things" i've tried, it didn't last.
I enjoyed the exercises so much, and the trainer was amazing, but i just can't stand making plans, having to be somewhere at a certain time, and i can't stand working out in a room full of strangers.
But the first thing mostly.
Having to go out, ride my bike somewhere at a certain time even though i may not feel like it, will completely kill my enthusiasm.

So, as you can probably guess, i've been feeling pretty bummed about not being able to find something that works for me (and believe me, i've considered some crazy shit) and then it hit me.
I've been going about it all wrong.
I didn't go to a gym in 2008, which must mean that i already have my thing.
I work out at home. Always have, and that's the only exercise regime i've ever been able to stick with, and the only one that's ever worked for me. So why did i ever stop doing that, and why did i start looking for someplace to go do what i can so easily do in my living room?
I don't know, but my best guess is that it's a misguided attempt at being "normal", and doing the normal thing that i imagine normal people do.
As stupid as that sounds, i do this sometimes. I get insecure and want to be like everyone else, want to not be socially awkward and uncomfortable, and to prove that i can do that, i'll start doing something i don't really enjoy doing, just to prove to myself that i can.
Silly, but we all do stupid things from time to time.
So, after realizing that i was going about it all wrong, i've started working out at home again, and although i'm starting slow with some very simple exercises (seriously, i am so out of shape), i'm feeling better already. Sore, but better. And relieved.

Now to the positive:
Both my writing and picture taking skills have improved dramatically since the beginning of this blog.
And so has my picture editing and photoshop skills, come to think of it.
Granted, my camera equipment has improved quite a bit as well, but seriously, my pictures are so much nicer now than in the beginning, and my sentences generally make a lot more sense.
I almost get a little embarrassed looking at older post with their grainy and blurry shots en masse and dumb observations and typos, but i'm trying to turn my initial shame into something a little more positive and constructive. Something resembling pride.
I like how my pictures and my blog looks now, so who cares how i got here, right?
And it's nice to once again see that blogging isn't just a narcissistic waste of time and space, it's actually quite rewarding and educational too.

Since i have done nothing much besides cuddling with my boys all day, the picture of the day will have to be from a few days ago (cause you know i can't stand a post with no pictures)

Sorry if the wordiness of this post got a little too much. I won't be the least bit offended if i lost you somewhere in the middle!

*This would also explain any ghost-posts that may turn up in your feed every now and then.
So fear not, i didn't actually leave my phone at the shop!

**Please don't overreact to this, i know i'm not fat-fat, but i am bigger than i should be, in all the wrong places. Trust me, i see me naked way more than you do.

*** Also, i love cake. And chips. That just might be a factor too.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Green eyes

I met a cat this morning on my way to work.
And on a day where i didn't have Lucifer with me.
Talk about luck!

What a beauty!
Cute, playful and a good poser; all you can really ask for in a cat model

Now, in this picture he/she was a bit too fast for my Canon, but i think you'll understand why i needed to post in anyway, right?

I have been neglecting my Canon S90 a bit (a lot) since i got the new iPhone.
But i've missed it too, missed taking real pictures, so maybe i'll try to get better at bringing it along with me on a daily basis.

We had an early-ish day today, and we have a work at home day tomorrow, so for me it's basically weekend now.
I have to think of something fun to do, though, last time we had a long weekend i nearly got cabin fever.
Suggestions are welcome, as long as they don't include too much outdoor activity.