Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cold, wet

The weather in Copenhagen is absolutely vile these days. Vile i tell you.
Rainy, gray and foggy too.
And cold, of course. Let's not forget cold.
I've been feeling sad and uninspired and i blame the weather entirely.
It's hard to explain to people who come from areas without seasons, but not seeing the sky and the sun for a few weeks does things to a person.

Yesterday we went to the shop to draw, hang out and make hats.
We took an extra heater and an ipod dock into the drawing room, made some coffee and tea, and had ourselves a pretty decent little work day while Nick tattooed in the next room.
Candles, tea, cuddles. You gotta do whatever you can to get through the Scandinavian winter.

Lucifer is not a huge fan of winter either
I re-upholstered this old mirror, so now i won't have to go to the toilet to check size and placement while i work
 I started on some new projects
 I made a big old mess
And i took pictures of myself using the magic of the reversible camera (i still can't get over how awesome that is!)

Today, Sunday, we had to go to IKEA. And the weather wasn't any better than the previous days.
But we needed to buy rugs for ourselves, and for my grandfather in particular.
So to the land of cheap Swedish furniture and bored, screaming kids we went.
And we got our rugs, four of them.
Lucifer practically hasn't stopped swimming on them for more than 5 minutes since we got home.
I've seriously never seen him this happy.

We bought some cinnamon buns that we ate at my grandfathers
He seemed happy with the purchase, less happy with the bills in his mailbox
I haven't owned one of these in years, but due to my new no-iphone-in-bed rule, i had to go old school
Lucifer takes a short break

Tonight is game night with the guys, something we've all been looking forward to since last time, when we finally figured out how to play co-op against a shit ton of enemies and not each other.
Why must they make it so hard?
(Answer: so people will use xbox live instead).


  1. aaah, sweet sweet dog!! :)

  2. I har jo slet ikke brug for det mørkekammer, når I har arbejdsrummet, muahahah ;)

    Og det sidste billede af Lucifer; kunne han ligne en hvalp mere? Cute overload!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Anika, he's the sweetest!

    Hella J, Allan har fået de samme comments fra den der dude, så nu har jeg meldt hans blog som spam. Det er ikke første gang han her været her, som du nok ved!

  5. It's the same here, winter is just gray skies for weeks. And lots of damp clothing and wind.

    It's weird how lack of sun can make a person so uninspired. I feel like I can only be creative if I don't look out the windows, haha.

  6. Reading about Lucifer swimming just made my day!! We need a video of that some day..

  7. Man kan ikke skrive nok om hvor latterligt og ondt vores vejr er. Det hjælper at høre at andre har det på samme måde med det. Dit nye blog layout er iøvrigt meget appetitligt, og vild luksus at der er små billeder på bloglisten.

  8. Aw my dog does the same thing on rugs/carpet! He's either swimming or wiggles on his back.

    I could really go for a cinnamon roll right now :)

  9. My dog does the same thing as Lucifer! We have wooden floors in our new house so when we visit people who have carpets or rugs, he goes crazy, doing figure-of-8's on his back.
    I simply love the photo of your grandfather. X

  10. As a result, with the climate issues where you are, I believe that the scandinavians are much much better than the rest of the world at having fun indoors :)

    Hows it gonna be in a month ? gotta brace myself !

  11. I bought the same cute alarm clock from IKEA, but its ticking kept me awake, so I can't remember what happened to it. I hope yours isn't too loud =)

  12. They must have changed it, cause i assure you, this one doesn't make a sound! I can't stand ticking, so i would have sent it right back if it made just the tiniest sound!