Thursday, January 6, 2011

Crappy crafts

Another day, another client calls in sick. Luckily we got the message in time, so we could just take a day off and stay at home. We've had a lot of half days and off days lately, but i must admit that i needed another one after just one day back at the office.

Today we took a nice walk down to the lakes where we fed the ducks, coots, and the damn seagulls too. Those things are like hummingbirds... big, white hummingbirds that can catch food in midair. Pretty cool when you think about it, but nearly impossible to photograph (especially if you have an iphone/mitten situation going on, like i usually do).

 A little bit of food will make you very popular with these guys

Today i also dusted off my sewing machine (i mean that literally, i haven't used it in ages) and made a temporary iphone pouch.
I haven't decided if i want a case for it yet, but i can't leave it in my bag with all my crap, and worst of all; keys, so i made this... thing.
I think i managed to take a picture that hides its flaws and accentuates its only cool feature: the deer patch.
I'm not even fishing for compliments here, technically it's a piece of crap, the worst thing i've made in years, but it's practical and it'll do for now.

It's lined with a soft, purple corduroy fabric because only the best is good enough for my phone

If i blog tomorrow, and i probably will, i promise it won't be the least bit iphone related.


  1. the pouch looks super and that's a genuine complement so take it!! good job!

  2. yay deer patch!
    i've got the 4g and really feel like it needs a case. i've only dropped it twice compared with the million times i dropped the 3g but the glass on both sides is tricky. gotta hardcandy case that i dont mind. there's my two cents.

  3. see, now I like the case! if I had an iphone, I'd want one just like it!

  4. don't be silly, that pouch/case is perfect! ive been thinking of making one for mine but i'm just too damn lazy. this is good inspiration though, so thank you.

  5. Hey A

    Nice pouch

    I keep my 3G in a cut down old sock (yeah, I know, I'm Hi tech) it spends all day been groped around in my pockets and it's still like new 1 year down the road.

    All my phones have been kept in home made pouches (yeah I'm a psycho) and they've always stayed in super condition, so I'm sure yours will be fine.

    Plus added bonus is that by keeping it in a seperate purse thingy you actually have protection + the pleasure of using it without it being stuck in a rubber/plastic P.O.S. that kinda fucks up the experience when fitted.


  6. Hey, do you have a foot controller for your sewing machine? I'm thinking a lot about getting a sewing machine for real this time and wondering if one can do without a foot controller.

  7. How would you control the machine without ? Both hands are needed to sew, your foot is required for the drive pedal. ;)

  8. kirsty, yeah, from afar it looks fine, but trust me, it's crap.

    alice, the deer patch saves it!

    samboy, that could totally happen.

    spiderwolf eehh, perfect it is not, trust me, but it's practical for sure.

    Joseph, an old sock? What do you do for a living again? :)

    aixxx, yeah, what Joseph said (below). I only know the foot controller kind, so i would have to say yes, you need one of those.

  9. ok, thanks. i asked because we have ones without foot pedals in japan (you control speed with the button on the machine). i guess those aren't so widespread.

  10. Ah, no, at least i don't think we have those here.
    In any case i'd recommend the foot pedal as you really do need both hands to sew and controlling the speed with your foot is definitely better than having to pause and adjust it by hand.
    Let me know what you end up getting!