Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The next five days or so... of Christmas, that is

So! I've had a pretty great Wednesday so far.
I had to stay home from work because of a mid-day doctors appointment, but this allowed me to finally get some shit done around the house.
In no way does it look great, and i think i'm gonna save the vacuuming for tomorrow, but i did finally get to unpack, tidy up, and do some laundry and the worlds third largest stack of dishes (i'm leaving room for the possibility that bigger stacks exist).
It feels good to be able to see the floor again, i tell you.

The appointment went fine, and when i stopped by my hair salon on the way home to book an appointment, she actually had a hole right then and there, so i got my bangs cut.
I still hate how short my hair is (next time i ask my husband to shave part of my head, he better say no!) but the shorter bangs make it look just a little bit longer. If you're wondering why i haven't added pictures of my hair, the explanation is this: the light bulb in the bathroom died late last night, so i've had to put on make up by candle light today. It ain't pretty, people.
But i do have pictures, pictures of things that are more interesting than hair anyway...

Day 11: We haven't had a chance to watch this yet, but i am excited

Day 12: If you don't know him yet, you're missing out
The fancy ghetto wrapping continues
Day 13: We watched it already, and it was glorious (except for Bob Fossil... I hate Bob Fossil)
It's a super fancy edition too
Day 14: More wonderful tights in wonderful colors (i know you can't tell, but you'll have to trust me; that sea-green is the best color ever)
Day 15: OhmygodbestthingEVEEEER!! I might be a little too excited about this...

I wish i was watching Caprica tonight, but tonight is game night, so it'll have to wait a little longer.
But i'll manage; game night isn't so bad either.



    Game night rocks!!
    Short hair rocks too !!
    Oh and that Caprica busyness looks like it could rock too... I mean... If I was in to such geeky things which I'm not at all! Just saying ... If I was a geek... I might maybe enjoy it maybe... But I'll never find out cuz I'm most definitely not one of those people! Yeah!

  2. i request an exact count of how many pairs of tights you have..

  3. Scott Pilgrim vs. the world
    is so awesome!

  4. I loved Scott Pilgrim!
    I wrote a review on my blog, but unfortunately it's in german, so it probably won't help you ;). Just watch it!

  5. didnt they cancel caprica...? :(

  6. how can you hate bob fossil?!!? in his tiny blue pants!?!

  7. ELECTRIC PICK, Go Team Awesome!!

    Corey, ok, i'll get back to you in a few months then!

    Elisabeth, i LOVED it!

    Ninia LaGrande, dang, i would have loved to read that, but my German isn't *that* great i'm afraid.

    sarita, sadly, yes.

    samboy, ugh, HATE him.