Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Almost there

Just one more day. One more day and we'll hopefully, if the crazy ass weather allows us to, be driving towards the idyllic country side to relax with our family.
Not that being in Copenhagen has been bad. It's challenging, riding a bike through about 15 cm of snow, but i have to admit, i'm rather enjoying all the snow, and i'm looking forward to a real white Christmas.
I never really got into the Christmas spirit this year, and i never got around to decorating around the apartment. But the shop has been Christmas cozy as hell, and on Sunday we even had an official shop Christmas dinner.
More about that on the other blog (but a little about that here too, of course).

Christmas dinner with the bestest co-worker homies in the world
My stack of awesome pre- Christmas Christmas presents
Welcome to the family, pretty bird
My grandfathers Christmas present in progress
What every morning looks like from our window these days
The snow mouse on the way to work
Fuck style, these days it's all about staying warm and keeping the snow out of your face
It's a good thing i don't like my bike that much, otherwise i'd be feeling guilty putting it through this every day
At this exact spot we always let Lucifer out of his basket so he can run, so before we even get there, he'll stand up in his basket
Russian chocolate
The best Christmas card in the world, from my girl Helle... simply brilliant!

Ok, gotta go to work now.
And buy the last presents.
And finish making the last of my homemade presents.
And update my website.
Ok, one thing at a time; first i'm gonna put on pants and leave the house.

Oh, and i gotta go to the post office too! Wanna know why? (I'm obviously gonna tell you either way...)
I sold a hat! Or a hair comb, but whatever, one of them got sold, so yay for that.
If you haven't seen the hats, pictures or the re-opened shop yet, click here to visit.

The hedgehog is moving to France today... bon voyage, little buddy!

Ps. A question for my fellow etsy sellers: does it bother you that sold items disappear from your shop?
Personally i'd prefer if they stayed on the page, but were marked as "sold" for a while. It'd make our shops look more alive and successful, i think.
Maybe it's just me, though? What's your opinion?


  1. I swear I've seen sold items on etsy.. In fact, I saw one the other day.. I'm going to try find it again...

    Maybe I'm crazy.. That possibility is always there...

  2. For me, the way they list the number of items sold (and the fact that you can click on it and see what has sold) is enough for me. I always look at that when I'm looking at a shop.

    (If you're wondering where this is, it's right under the area where they list the number of things you have for sale in the sidebar)

  3. I know that you can see sold items on etsy, so maybe i wasn't clear.
    What bothers me is that they don't stay on the mail page along with the items for sale.
    In situations where you make a series of items that match each other, like i have at the moment, it's kind of annoying that one is missing.
    I don't know if people automatically goes to check the sold items of every seller whose page they visit, but i personally don't.
    I'm not suggesting they stay there forever, but a couple of days would be nice.
    It's probably just me though (and Allan!)

  4. Kan du ikke lægge billedet af den solgte ikke-hat op igen, og i stedet for at skrive pris under billedet, så skriv solgt? Eller sådan virker det måske ikke?

    Og p.s. Får da helt ungpigekuløren tilbage i de gamle blege kinder, når jeg er Untitled Blog material!

  5. I would love to see a full picture of your bike.