Sunday, November 21, 2010

SWEET POTATO PIIIIEE (without the pie)

Sometime last week i took a walk to Nakano.
It's close to my town and the walk there can be quite nice and relaxing.
I was on a mission to find a Gloomy Bear for a friend at Broadway, the nerd-dirt-mall in Nakano, and possibly a vintage Booska for my collection, but i was unsuccessful.
I did however have a nice walk and an unexpected snack.

One of my favorite games to play when i wander the streets of Tokyo alone is "i live in THAT house" and the winning house that day was this old beauty in Koenji-kita
It even has a little display box out front, and two vending machines... win!
It wasn't like there weren't any Booska; it's just that they were all too expensive (as usual) or too big, like this guy
I was looking at this sign in the basement of Broadway when the proprietor of the shop starting talking to me in Japanese, and made me feel like i should be buying something... what the hell, i do like caramel source
He let me taste one of the ice creams, and i chose that without knowing that that one was actually a sweet potato ice cream... double the sweet potato? My friggin lucky day!

Today is Sunday and i have absolutely no plans, besides studying hiragana.
I feel like i should be doing something, though, but sometimes Tokyo can be a little much on Sundays.
Maybe it's ok to stay home once in a while, especially if you have two days of getting-up-early-as-shit-to-go-to-Yokohama to do, right?

Hope you all had, or are having, nice weekends wherever you are!


  1. Er der noget bedre end den slags skilte? Det er måske der, karamelkilden oprinder?

  2. It's very cold here in DK, so we are enjoying some 'hygge' this weekend. Again I am very jealous of the great flavors you are enjoying in Japan. I want sweet potato ice-cream too! :(

  3. I miss Japan soooooooooooooo much!!!! Love your blog!

  4. Hella J, ha, det kan da godt være!!

    MinusAll, i am so worried about going back, i am so not ready for that kind of cold!
    It's still a pleasant 15c here in sweet potato land!

    Old Cow, thanks!!