Saturday, November 13, 2010

Japanese gardening

Here's what we did on our other day off, the last one before Allan got himself into a regular tattooing marathon.

In our quest to see something we hadn't seen before (which, after this many years of visiting, can be hard even in a seemingly never ending city like Tokyo) we went to Rikugien Garden.
It was a nice, little garden and very easy to find from JR Komagome St.
It was not as big and impressive as my usual hangout, but it was a nice place to enjoy some afternoon sun.

Still in Koenji, this rules
Mmmmmmoss, on the way from the station
I do enjoy taking pictures against the sun, even though my dad thinks i shouldn't
More moss
"Today on trees that wears belts..."
Wedding pictures
Magical bridge i was not allowed to walk on
Magical bridge i was allowed to walk on
Magical path
Sorry dad
I'd bought myself a tiny piece of cake at the station
The box came with a little cooling device
Ok, it doesn't look that tiny when i hold it like that
But it really was... see?
A cousin of the plant i keep at the shop
Dinner at a local Izakaya later that day... we love renkon chips... a lot


  1. Mos er hyggeligt og virker de der bælter slankende på de træer, eller er det bare mig? Og modlysbilleder kan blive SÅ flotte!

  2. oh living vicariously through your blog....xoxo

  3. There was so much magic in those gardens!!! I wonder where the Wizards who made the gardens went to school. hmmmm...

  4. gosh I am totally loving the bridges....deep sigh! magical :)

  5. I love coxy corner and these photos are just wonderful!