Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Danes have landed

Oh, hello blogworld, long time no see!

We are in Japan, we are alive and well, and the weather is spectacular.
That was the short version of how i'm doing.

The longer version is that we arrived yesterday morning after an uneventful, but ok flight, on which none of us got any real sleep. And i usually sleep pretty well on planes.
We got through immigration without any hassle, bought some coffee and tea at the airport and hopped on a train to Tokyo.
Allan had one appointment that just couldn't be moved, so we went straight to work.
Wait, before work we went and paid for our apartment and moved our stuff in, and while Allan was tattooing i went shopping for laundry and cleaning stuff (that's actually more difficult than it sounds, telling the difference between laundry detergent and fabric softener without actually reading Japanese takes practice!) and cleaned our filthy apartment.
Despite the fact that it was super gross, i immediately felt at home here. It's the apartment next door to the one we had in April, so everything is pretty much the same, but i like this one much better for some reason.
Anyway, it was a struggle to stay awake long enough to make it through a late night Japanese dinner with the guys, but we somehow did it.
We went to bed around midnight and got up around 8, so i'd say we're well on our way to beating the 'lag.

In the air somewhere over Siberia
Sweet potato macarron, the essence of fall in Japan
Home in Koenji
Allan working hard to tattoo without getting cross eyed from exhaustion
Hata taking pictures for Allan's Japanese portfolio
I was so tired i forgot to take any dinner pictures, but here's our dessert that we ate in bed while watching crappy TV
Mine was pumpkin flavored
I know you're not supposed to do this, but here's my gorgeous husband sleeping this morning, proving that he's totally evil even when he's not awake!
Royal milk tea
Our house
We went for some quick morning sock-shopping after breakfast and i got some pretty magical at-home socks
And this awesome set of reindeer underwear (it only came as a set, but Japanese bras do not fit me at all, so i'll spare you that part!)

Allan is already back at work, and i think i better go join him.
He left his iPod here, and if i don't bring it there fast, he'll be listening to rockabilly (*shudder*) all day.

Tomorrow we have a day off and then it's time to go see this guy.
Yeah, i'm nervous.

Ps. Since i usually don't spend all that much time by the computer when i'm in Japan, and Blogger still doesn't have an iPhone app (hint hint), go follow me on Twitter for very regular updates. Sometimes they even include pictures and stuff!
Oh, and i tweet here too.


  1. oh we miss you guys! even asleep and in your underwear.
    i saw a guy who looked just like principal skinner today. it was crazy.
    anyway tell everyone hello for lewie and i. and have an amazing time.

  2. Welcome back.

    Your new socks reminded me of something I was gonna mention to you. All those sweaters and vests with Scandinavian (or could it be northern UK!?) knitting patterns are the new trend this season. Obviously you caught on fast.

  3. Yay glad you got there safe :)

    Can't wait to see your adventures and wish you much fun and minimal pain with Shige :) x

  4. Aw how I miss Japanese コンビ food - especially the desserts!! *sigh*

  5. I wish i could go to Japan to like you guys or just other lands. Really, i wish i had your luck on this! :D

  6. Why dose Japan get all the best ice cream flavorous!?

  7. I'd love to visit Japan! Are you getting tattooed by Shige and that's why you're nervous?

  8. alice, don't you mean especially asleep and in our underwear?? No? We miss you guys too, you should come join us here in April!

    aixxx, i was surprised since that was the thing last year too. It's not like Tokyo to not come up with something new for me! At least i love this trend.

    samboy, thanks!!

    eggzakly, they are the best!

    Sheridan L., i highly recommend Japan, it's a great place to visit and not as expensive as it's reputation would have you believe.

    MinusAll, i do not know, and it is not fair!

    Vanessa, yes and yes. It's not Shige's fault though, i'm always nervous about getting tattooed.

  9. yes of course especially asleep and your underwear!
    i'm going to start shopping for airfare for april. lew is dying to get back. and we miss you!

  10. Hello! You don't know me, but I was wondering if I could ask you about your apartment building in koenji? My boyfriend and I are moving to Tokyo next week and we are finding it hard to find somewhere to live, especially short term!
    My email address is, I would be sooooo appreciative if you would help me out with some info.

  11. alice, you have to! Either Japan or Denmark, as long as we get to see you somewhere!

    Hamster, i'll get back to you in a sec!