Saturday, October 30, 2010

Not a halloween post

It's been a while since i had a wardrobe post here, and since it's Saturday night and my man is out, and i have nothing better to do, i might as well post one.

For some reason i always feel i have to dress up more, and wear more make up, when my hair is really short.
Like i feel under dressed without it.
So i wore heels on Friday.
Even though it makes Eckel complain about my height.

(Long sleeved t-shirt: Uniqlo, Cardigan: w closet in Tokyo, Pants: WoodWood, Boots: Bianco)

I have absolutely no plans, halloween related or otherwise, but right now i'm feeling very ok with spending a quiet evening home alone.
Being bored is a luxury, you know.
We've only had one visit from local trick or treaters, and although i was totally unprepared for it, i did manage to find some Hello Kitty candy from Japan that impressed the hell out of them.
Lucky break, but if more of them come around i'll have nothing to give.
Maybe i'll give them cash, or maybe i'll just pretend not to be home.


  1. And now listen to me in turn. You have touched me more profoundly than I thought even you could have touched me - my heart was full when you came here today. Henceforward I am yours for everything....


  2. OOOOH...the height...AAAAAAAAARGH........

  3. Aha, i see i'm not the only one who's sad and pathet... ahem, i mean home alone on a Saturday night!

  4. hahahaha!yes i am,and i have the windows closed because people wont shut up outside!!!!rantrantrant....

  5. I knew it!
    At least all is quiet on vesterbrizzle.

  6. is LOUD on studieshizzle...

  7. Just one more month... hang in there!

  8. Ej, hvor er den cardigan altså fin! Og så kan jeg så se, at det på ingen måde er én, man sådan liiige kan få fat i. Øv for mig.


  9. oh I totally know thath feeling "boyish" when having short hair.... but a little lipstick will make it alle better :) have a nive week!

  10. Ditte, den er desværre fra sidste sæson, så jeg kan ikke engang tilbyde at ligge efter en til dig i Japan.

    Lilly Panic, i don't pull off lipstick so well, but maybe i should give it another go? It would make things easier!