Friday, October 1, 2010

Kastanje dag

Finally Friday.
This weekend i plan to clean the apartment and maybe see my family.
I was gonna participate in a flea market, but i decided that i need the time off.
It's probably just the cold clogging up my brain, but i have been feeling so uninspired since i came back from London.
I know it's probably nothing to worry about, but i usually always have a billion ideas lined up in my head, waiting to get out, and now... nothing.
It's obviously not the first time, but every time this happens, i feel certain that i'll never have another idea again!
At least i have a husband who can relate and calm me down.

Having Lucifer back means more walks along the lake, and today that wasn't a bad thing.
Sure it was cold, and i hate that, but at least the sun was out and i'd remembered to bring my camera.

Here are some ducks, but the swans are what's interesting in this lake at the moment... i'll explain why in another post
All of the majestic chestnut trees are going yellow, and have started dropping their spiky, little bombs on people's heads
See? You gotta be careful...
Chestnuts are on my list of "things-i-definitely-don't-hate"
In fact, i kinda like them so much that i sometimes pick up a few to keep in my pocket
This one landed on a bench
Others weren't so lucky
Mer and my favorite vintage cape sat for a while and enjoyed the sun
Until someone told me it was time to get going

Allan has promised to edit my photos this weekend, so i can finally get the Mori Girl hats up on etsy.
It would be nice if everything was sorted out before we went to Japan.
Oh, wait, did i not mention that we bought our tickets?
Well, we did, and the 4th of November we are out of here!
Maybe this time we'll go see some bathing snow monkeys.

Here's a picture of a tree that decided to skip ahead a few seasons and go straight to spring... it's my tree alright!


  1. Det er også så hyggeligt at gå og nulre kastanjer i lommen!

  2. we call chestnuts 'conkers' :)

    I bet Copenhagen is so pretty is autumn!